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G’day readers, today I’m talking to a french pup. Buday, you actually come from another community, right? How exactly did you discover pup play? And what made you wanna try it out first?

Hey! Exactly, I’ve been in the furry community since 2012. I discovered it with my ex bf and loved it because of the art, the way to identify yourself as an animal, and of course the fursuits/murrsuits, i’ve always loved big plushies.

Also, the possibility to meet fursuiters and artists in conventions attracted me a lot, that’s why I tried it. It allowed me to discover the naughty part of the Fandom.

During a roomparty (a social party when you can interact with others, drink, and also play sometimes), i’ve met a guy in puppy gear fucking a murrsuiter at the middle of the room.

It was a big turn on for me and I just fell in love about the gear, the anonymous aspect, the dominant one too (in this situation).

So I’ve chatted with him and learned a lot of things about the puppy fandom.

Few times after I’ve bought my own gear and i’m just starting to be active in the community.

So how was it when you first started wearing the hood and be on all fours? 🙂 Most find it kind of weird at first to get into that role.

I felt like it allowed me to discover myself, exploring my naughty /fetish side.
My first time being a puppy wasn’t that weird, I was a bit shy at first, but also free because you don’t even think if what you are doing is normal or not, you are just enjoying the moment, stop thinking about who you are, your job, what people can think about you.

Life can be very stressful and it’s always enjoyable to break this routine by showing to others who you really are and not getting judged for what you are doing since you are sharing it with open-minded people. For me, puppy play helped me feeling myself and helped me getting confident.

Do you also see those changes when you’re out of puppy mode?

Like if I feel more confident on myself in my life after discovering the puppy community?

I mean, I know myself better because of the puppy community so I feel more confident when I’m out of puppy mode. It’s also funny when you meet other pups, the difference between on/off puppy mode :p

I’m working as an Emergency Room Nurse (ER Nurse), it can be very stressful and you have to control yourself because of the situation sometimes. I guess it helps me because I know who I am and I always forget my work when I’m in puppy mode. The gym also helped in a different way (to control myself and also in puppy play because I feel even more dominant haha :p)

Hehe 🙂 has getting into pup play also made you more curious about trying out other things?

Of course, i was reluctant at first since i was a vanilla pup. But I discovered so many differents ways to have fun, the more i see, the more i want to try. I love meeting pups, being friends, try different things with them. It’s all about trusting relationship.
I would like to visit more pups but the distance doesn’t help 🙁

What is something you you’d really love to try out once but haven’t had the chance yet?

I didn’t already a lot of pups yet and they haven’t all the possible gear. I guess i would love learning some bondage art, getting edged in different ways or edging pups. Playing in rubber (I’ve ordered mine recently and i can’t wait to try it 😇), things like electro play, titties play, maybe trying a VAC bed.

And so much more… I could also try sounding people or attach them with segufix since I’m pretty good at it with my job :p I didn’t expect my job to be useful in fetish play haha

Seems like you broke through a barrier there and opened the floodgates ;)) and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of “patients” who are willing to let you do that to them.

Already ordered your rubber? What made you wanna try it out so quickly?

Exactly! I’ve heard that a lot of people like it, but idk if i’ll enjoy it as a playtime though ^^ I guess that it feels different if I’m in a trusting relationship 😊

I’ve seen a lot of pups in full rubber gear and i loved it so much. At first because of the look, you look very anonymous and helpless.

Then i wore a surfsuit one, then a catsuit, and i fell in love with the feeling when you are wearing it, it’s like a second skin.

And also when someone is touching/rubbing you, sensations are such intenses. It’s hard to describe it. Rubber has been a turn on for me.

Hehe I know what you mean. Its quite unique. Thanks for your time, buday, and talk to you again soon.

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