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Welcome readers, I’m having a talk with Zach today, a cute doggo from the UK. So Zach, who or what exactly made you a kinky pup? How did you get into this?

Hi! Well I’ve been interested in ‘general’ kink for a long time, and have actually only recently (within the last 4 months!) really got into pup play.

I did actually try it a few years back when I first discovered it and found the idea interesting, but I don’t think I tried it with the right people, and I didn’t have the right ‘gear’ (which is a big help for me), and at the time, I just couldn’t really ‘get my head around it’. So I kind of drifted away from the idea, and just kind of assumed it ‘wasn’t for me’?

Though then last year, I went to visit a kink friend of mine down in London for the weekend (who happens to be a keen photographer), and before we started playing, he suggested we take a few shots in my rubber, and then lent me a pup hood to wear to hide my face, and a couple of other bits to wear. And then just as soon as I put that hood on (that was different, and more restrictive than the one style I’d worn before), something just suddenly clicked, and I kind of just ‘got it’, in a weird, enjoyable epiphanic way!

I think it was a combination of the different style of hood, being tighter and more restrictive (which is one of the reasons I enjoy rubber, so I felt *very* comfortable in it), and having a good friend there who was a firm guiding hand for me that day that was what I needed to have that switch flipped.

Since then, I’ve been to a few events (as pup) and met loads of new pup friends who have all been *so* welcoming and helpful, and I’ve really been able to embrace it and enjoy it even more!

“General Kink”? 😉 Interesting term. What do you see that as? And why do you think of and define pup play differently?

Haha yeah, I guess I use that term to describe a more ‘standard’ set of kinks! Like bondage and rubber etc.

I guess in my head, currently I still see pup play as less ‘general’ and more ‘alternative’, like, the kinks of the kink world, almost.

It’s probably because it’s still something new to me that I don’t see it as standard yet? I guess when I first started getting into other things such as WS and electro etc. that I personally considered those as variants from my self defined ‘general’ set of kinks, and I now consider those as ‘general kink’, so I guess over time, I’ll come to feel that pup is just going to become another one of the norms.

Probably just me ascribing my own set of self defined labels on to things. Maybe as a way for me to organise my kink life like I like to organise my physical belongings xD

XD We probably all do that labeling to some level. And I think as long as we still accept other people with their kinks without bias or judgemental negativity, it’s also perfectly fine. It’s human to organize things in your head. I just hope that your room is not a huge mess when you said that right now 😉

When you say this though, do you see pup play kinda as the “Hipster” thing of the fetish world atm?

Oh yeah, for sure. I definitely don’t mean it in an unaccepting way towards others when I refer to things not as ‘general kink’. Just something that I use to help externalise how I feel about things personally 🙂 (and my room is pristine thank you very much xD)

And no I don’t think I see pup as Hipster rn. Personally I think it used to be a few years back, however I think it’s gone a long way to become quite popular these days, and loads of people (even non-kink people) are aware and accepting of it these days, which is super cool.

You already got some personal experience like that with non-kinksters that you say that? And why do you think that its accepted?

Yeah, a few of my friends know about what I’m into. They’ve been really cool about it. Though I have had to be pretty careful with who I tell. There’ve been instances where some of my other friends have knee-jerk reacted poorly to other people being into kink/pup stuff, which makes it pretty awkward to bring up my stuff with them. Though I’ve always been a pretty private kinkster in the past, so I’m kind of used to keeping things to myself anyway.

Though having said that, I’ve felt a lot more outgoing with my pup side in general than I ever did with my other kinks, like wearing my chain/tag in public, and some clothing choices that give things away. I guess at the end of the day, most people probably don’t really care?

I think public knowledge has changed loads in the last few years, especially with there being TV shows about pup play etc., it’s got a lot more day-to-day visibility.

Even if people react to it dismissively initially, it’s probably just because it’s something new and unknown to them, and we do naturally do that a lot as people don’t we, react poorly sometimes to things that are new and unusual. So hopefully just with more exposure, people will become even more accepting.

Well it’s kinda a bit part of what we try to do 🙂 And we hope it has some effect. You say you’ve been a kinkster before and a pup player for a little bit now. Did you notice any changes for yourself when playing and having kink fun / sessions compared to before?

Yeah, since getting into pup, I’ve been a lot more outgoing, in things like going to events, meeting other pups/kinksters, I feel like it’s given me a whole new level of confidence? I think it’s cause some of the elements of it can pass for normal a little more than other kinks, like, I feel loads more comfortable wearing a chain and tag out with my puppy t-shirt for a few drinks in town than I would wearing a rubber vest. Or maybe even my pup hood for a nice walk through the countryside. I feel a lot less like I’m ‘pushing my kinks on others’ with the pup gear than I do with other kink stuff.

It’s kind of freeing that I’m able to do those things now, whereas before I felt I definitely needed to keep them totally private (and again, that’s a personal preference I think). Oh and when it comes to sessions, I’m finding I’m choosing to adopt/integrate more puppy elements of play and gear into all my sessions, rather than just pup play sessions.

For example I choose to wear my hood at almost any given kink opportunity now xD I’ve always been a very naturally submissive kinkster, and I feel that this new pup angle really helps me bring that out even further as well, considering it opens up a whole new level of ‘pack dynamics’ etc.

Well, just to say, there are quite a few roles/positions in general kinks where you can be very submissive too 🙂 That’s not a criticism though. But it makes me wanna ask: Why do you feel those pup dynamics got something more alluring than the others for you?

Yeah I get that, and I always used to lay heavily on the submissive end of those scales.
I’d say the allure of the pup dynamics were that they seem (to me at least) so much more clean cut and orderly.

Like, the submissive to Dominant scale is so wide and it’s such a spectrum (like, being 17% submissive or 62% Dominant or whatever), and for me that’s really only something that comes up in a sexual situation?

Whereas with pup, there’s a much simpler pecking order through the Alpha/Beta/omega style ‘labels’ etc., which helps me understand roles easier and I’m able to clearly understand and express where I feel I am and would like to be treated in any kind of pup encounter, be that social or sexual.

XD Thats very funny, because most “general” kinksters I talk to always see it the other way around. They look at theirs as the orderly one and the pup dynamics as in confusion and disorderly. Seems like a thing of perspective too.

So you think of yourself as very submissive. Does that mean you wish to join/create a pack as a gamma or omega at some point? Or what do you feel/see yourself as likely?

Oh yeah definitely, I have a few pup friends who are talking about starting a pack, as we all get on really well and have complimentary roles. Actually hoping to bottom (no pun intended) that out this weekend whilst were all together for Animalz! And I absolutely identify as an omega in that dynamic.

It was a bit of a learning curve when I very first started getting into it, as I had only heard about Alphas and Betas before, so once I’d had things pupsplained to me, I immediately felt a connection to the Omega role and felt really comfortable and happy that I had an easy way to both internally and externally identify.

Well maybe that’s something for a future interview once? 🙂 Think that could make an interesting topic in itself as well. In any case thank you for your time Zach. It was a really fun talk, and I wish you great luck with your pack-building!

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