A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 22

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Part of this chapter was inspired by my boy Austin, who actually did the shopping scene in real life. You’re a good boy Austin.

I hated sleeping on the floor at the foot of Chris’s bed. It was hard, cold and of course I was naked. And it reminded me of what he had done to me. Waking I didn’t get to stretch or doze, I had to get up and suck Chris’ cock until I got ordered to ride him. Bouncing on his dick, I was ordered to repeat track 2 “I’m your stupid slave Master, I’m a fuck toy and your plaything. I’m your pet and absolute slave, who will do anything you wish as soon as you say it. I’m a fucking idiot who needs to be told what to do since I’m such a dumb bitch. I exist only for your amusement, whatever you want me to do, I do. I am just a stupid toy for my Master, and Master’s property to do whatever Master wants. I have no will and no brain since I’m a stupid dumb fuck.” I said it over and over again until Chris came in me and ordered me to make him breakfast.

I was under the table licking Chris’s feet while he had the nice breakfast I had made for him. When he finished, Chris pushed back the chair and looked at me. “Timmy is coming over to take you out shopping. You will pay for everything, I’ve left a credit card in your wallet. You will be enthusiastic about what he does for you, no matter what it is.”

“Yes, Master.” This was going to be terrible, I knew it.

Chris looked at the clock on the stove. “Go get dressed. I left what you’ll be wearing in the guest room.” He waved his hand at me, got up and headed to his bedroom. I crawled to the guest room. A polo and khakis. No underwear. Just flip flops for my feet. At least it wasn’t something odd. The doorbell rang. Dressed, I got to walk towards the door and opened it.

It was Timmy. “Got a kiss for Daddy?”

“Always Daddy.” Excitedly, I pulled him into a hug and kissed him on the lips with our tongues licked each other. His hands reached down to my ass, squeezing.

“Bye Chris!” Timmy shouted around me, grabbed my hand and let me to my car. Before we got in he ordered me to give him my shirt. I then drove under his direction to a store, Timmy reaching over to feel up my bare chest some. The other times, his hand was on my thigh and crotch. He could tell I wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Nice.” Timmy said cupping my cock and balls. I followed his instructions to a clothing store. Timmy jumped out of the car and I needed a breath. I followed him in. Timmy headed to the men’s section and started looking for shirts. I usually got fairly standard colors, I had some brighter shirts for when I went to the clubs (how long had it been since I did that?)

A few minutes in the store a male clerk came up to me and said “You will have to put on a shirt or leave.”

Timmy answered him “Well that’s what we are here for. To try on shirts.” The man eyed me up and down but was firm that I had to put my own shirt on or leave. So Timmy told me to go to the car and get my shirt but whispered to me to bring the shirt in my hand. I did and when the clerk came back up to me Timmy nodded and I put on my shirt. Other customers were silent as they watched. I thought it so unnecessary because Timmy knew this would happen and he did. The little shit was smirking.

Timmy picked out a handful of shirts and led me to the changing rooms. I was ordered to go in and change and model each one for him. Alone in the little closet-like room, I sighed at the mirror as I removed my shirt. Timmy was going to use me later, I knew that was coming. Timmy liked to show me off, so there would be an audience. The new shirt was tight. It clung to me. Good thing I was built, and one of Chris’s orders was to keep working out at the gym. It was so I was a better looking fucktoy for him. I headed out to show Timmy.

“Looks good on you. I’m chubbing.” Timmy said. I blushed and saw the look the clerk gave us.

“Here are some pants to try on too.” I turned around to see Bastion smirking at me and holding out several pants. Fuck, Bastion. Both of them, this was going to be horrible.

“Yes, Sir.” I took the pants with a smile on my face. I had been ordered to look like I was enjoying it, so I had to. I went back to try on a pair of pants and a different shirt. The pants were so tight I had to sit to get them on. Standing up, you could easily see where my cock and balls pressed through the fabric. It was going to be so humiliating walking out like this. No choice, I went out to them, big smile on my face.

“Oh, that’s fucking perfect. We have got to get that.” Bastion shook Timmy’s arm.

“He sure does look hot in it.” Timmy replied.

“Glad you like it Daddy.” I didn’t want to say it, but I did. The clerk had a look of shock.

“Turn around.” Timmy grinned.

“Sure Daddy.” I did.

“Great ass.” Bastion.  “Love fucking it.”

“Me too.” Timmy said. They looked at each other and broke out laughing.

The attendant’s face moved to disgust but he couldn’t help from staring. That look didn’t go away the entire time I marched in and out as they gave me a variety of clothes to try on, pulling out ones they decided they didn’t want and making a pile of the ones they wanted.

After the first couple outfits I tried on, Timmy stood by the dressing room door holding it open as I was changing while he talked to Bastian next to him as if it was no big deal. While taking off a pair of pants Bastian motioned for the clerk to come over and when he did Bastian asked him to find the same pair I was taking off one size smaller. But it happened just as I was taking off the pants and the clerk saw my naked cock. Then the clerk was transfixed in standing by Timmy and Bastian while I was naked in the dressing room as they all watched me struggle to put on the smaller sized pair the clerk returned with. As soon as I got them on Timmy reached over and put two fingers down the waistband of the pants and said “Oh yes, these fit nicely.” He looked at the clerk and said “Put these in the pile he will buy.”

When the clerk went back out into the store, Bastian ordered me to stand in the dressing room and jack off and cum into the inside of a pair of pants I was not going to buy. My heart sank but immediately I blurted out to Timmy and Bastian “Yes Sir and Daddy, I will jackoff now gladly as ordered Sir and Daddy.” To myself I cursed Chris for this horrible programming.

As I was getting ready to start masturbating Timmy and Bastian still stood there holding the door open watching. It had been a long time since I had been allowed to cum and so I got hard instantly when I started to stroke and then I ejaculated inside a pair of jeans as ordered. As soon as I did Bastian took them from me, folded them nicely and put them in the pile of clothes they didn’t want. Great, so my DNA was inside a pair of pants being left for someone else to buy. 

I had to carry all the clothes to the till, then pay for it all. The clerk never heard me say a word about what I liked or wanted. Timmy and Bastian were making decisions. The cashier could also tell something was up, and I felt like everyone in the store was watching me. Timmy had me put the bags in the car as they both got in, Bastion in the back so I could drive. Timmy had me take my shirt off again.

Our next stop was for swimwear. We passed anything I’d want, trunks were out of the question. I was soon shown a thong that was more air than cloth. The twinks giggled as they sent me into the changing room. It was terrible looking in the mirror. Nothing I had was really obscured. I was growing to hate mirrors.

I walked out, blushing, but with an expression of joy on my face.

“Someone is straining it, got so much in there.” Timmy said.

“Almost a pity it doesn’t get much use.” Bastion came up and grabbed my junk, jiggling it.

“My dick and balls don’t need use, so long as you get what you want.” Damn, my programming.

They both belted out laughter, that drew attention from around us. I grew even redder.

“Turn around.” Timmy circled his finger. It was cut so low all my pubes were showing.

“Yes Daddy.” One of the sales clerks heard me and gave us a look. Great, I was exposed to yet another normal guy.

“I do like tapping that ass.” Bastion said, and I was sure there was a grin on his face. I could see the salesclerk who had overheard keeping busy so he could continue to watch. The next tiny swimsuit was a glittery gold. “I like how it sparkles.” Bastion waived his hands around. “Oh, I know, we could cover him in gold glitter.”

“Easy girl.” Timmy said, then paused. “Actually, that’s a good idea. We’ll have to tell Chris.” 

“Anything you want. So you’re happy.” I wiggled my butt. I could see the salesclerk quickly hid a look of shock.

I was sent back to get into my new outfit, tight pink shorts that ended just over my knees with a purple, glittery tank top, and paid an exorbitant price for the for the wisps of fabric purporting to be bathing suits. 

I was told to buy a gold laime thong, a very brief sheer white pair with no built in jock, a pair in the brightest pink possible with white sparkles in lines on the rear, and a black g-string with gold metal holding together the sides. In all of them my tackle was completely obvious and I knew that especially when the white pair was wet it would be translucent showing everything.  And like the previous store, I was allowed no input and that was clear to the salesclerk. Of course I was smiling as I paid but inside I was screaming “This is all those two fags, not me!”

We hit a couple more stores, racking up charges on my card. I would not have bought a single thing we got on my own. The twinks were having a great time. I was seemingly too. They decided we would have lunch. They picked the place. We got seated, and the waiter came over. Both twinks perked up at his approach. He was in good shape. As soon as he got our drink orders Bastion looked and said “I would so bend over for him.”

“Me too.” Timmy agreed.

“I’ll bend over for both of you.” I added.

“Again.” Bastion said, causing them both to laugh.

The waiter returned, and Bastion ordered a t-bone steak, giving the man a big smile. Then Timmy ordered a steak as well, finishing up with. “My boy here will have a salad, no dressing.” The waiter’s eyes shot up, and he looked at me.

“Daddy knows what’s best for me.” I smiled at him. The waiter froze for a moment, then headed away, shaking his head. The twinks loved it. I gave that impression.

The waiter eventually brought our food. When he put down the last plate, Timmy said. “He’ll blow you as part of your tip, if you want.” Timmy indicated me.

The waiter flushed, “Nah, that’s OK.” He swallowed and left us. But a minute later he came back and asked Timmy for a number in case he changed his mind. 

Bastion leaned to one side to watch the waiter’s ass as it walked away. “Damn fine ass.”

I ate with them talking. The food filled me, but I couldn’t taste it. Though I was still starving for more real people food. So Timmy scrapped what he didn’t eat from his plate to mine and then Bastian followed suit. I sat there and ate the rest of their leftovers right in front of everyone. And at the end I had to pay for it all.

Bastion got in the front seat and gave directions to his apartment. I was fucked. They were going to fuck me now. As we got out of the car, Bastion came up behind me. “Carry me up.”

“Yes Sir.” Bastion got on my back, his touch still felt repulsive. I don’t know what it was, it made my skin crawl. I carried him up the steps, a couple of flights until he had to get down to unlock the door.

As he pulled his keys out, Bastion orders “Start taking your clothes off.”

“Yes Sir.” I started unbuttoning my shirt.

The door opened, they went in. I started to move but Bastion held his hand up. “Nope. Strip out there.”

“Yes Sir.” I still had the chipper attitude I was putting on. I got the rest of my clothes off, not that there was much of it, no matter how much I spent on new clothes today. My dick was out, my ass was out, in this open air. Bastion let me in. He took my clothes and tossed them to the side.

Bastion’s apartment was a mess. I hoped I wasn’t going to be made to clean it up, as it would be a long task.

“We need to get you hard.” Timmy grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. My cock had started to harden again because he had said he wanted it. Timmy’s hand was not gentle, so it hurt, but I groaned in pleasure anyway. “See, he likes it.”

“You do have a talented hand. And ass.” Bastion said, coming up and kneading my butt. “I need to fuck this bitch.” Bastion’s touch was still creepy.

“He’s ready for a fucking. Aren’t you bitch?” Timmy squeezed and twisted my cock.

“I sure am. I’ve needed a fucking all day.” I tried to grind my body up against both of them at the same time, which did not work very well, but made them both giggle. What sort of man giggled this much?

“Didn’t Chris fuck you this morning?” Bastion ran his finger over my hole.

“Yeah I rode his dick good. But I need more. Will you both fuck me, please?” I had to say that sort of thing.

“You’ll have to be good for Daddy.” Timmy was jacking me roughly.

“I’ll be a good boy, I’ll be a very good boy.” I gave a groan as they felt me up.

“Good boys suck Daddy.” Timmy gave me an evil grin.

“Daddy can I suck your dick Daddy pretty please?” I quivered a little. Damn had Chris screwed me up.

“Get on your knees and suck Daddy off.”

“Thank you Daddy.” I tried to get down, but Bastion stuck his fingers in my ass and kept me up.

“Not so fast slut. I didn’t say you could get down.” Bastion was making it difficult for me.

“But I want to suck Daddy’s dick.” I sounded desperate. Bastion wiggled his fingers. I kept trying to get down on the floor.

“You don’t want it bad enough.” Bastion jammed his fingers deeper.

“I do, I do want it bad. I need to suck Daddy’s dick.” I was basically bouncing up and down trying to kneel. Plus his fingers still made my skin crawl.

“You need to really want it.” Timmy pulled off his shirt and was getting his dick out, interrupting to grab his package.

“I really, really want Daddy’s dick in me.” I can’t believe I was acting this horny in front of these twinks. Timmy dropped his pants and shorts, backing up. I moved forward with Bastion keeping his fingers in my ass, forcing me to walk on tip toes. I reached my hands out, the gesture bringing more laughs from my tormentors. Timmy backed up with me following until he flopped down on a sofa.

“I need your cock, I need it Daddy!” I sounded like a whore.

“Come and get it boy.” Timmy wagged his dick and Bastion finally let me get down between Timmy’s legs. My mouth rocketed to impale myself on the prick. I choked as it hit the back of my throat, but that did not stop me from going further. I had to get it in my mouth, deep in my throat.

“Look at him go. Such a skanky slut.” Bastion was stripping behind me and it didn’t take him long to get his dick in me. As bad as it was to have him touching me, having his dick in me was worse. It was like bugs inside of my ass.

They used me as a cock receptacle for a bit, then started moving me back and forth, sliding me over their dicks. I was used to being a fucktoy, this made me feel even more like one. My mouth and ass providing holes for the cocks of these twinks. I was the warmth, suction, and muscular male body they used to get off. Their hands forced me back and forth, my skin folding up as they worked together to manipulate me like a double headed fleshlight.

There was no concern for me, Timmy’s cock shoved into me, and Bastion pounded his dick into me like he wanted to force his cock out of my mouth. I was hacking and gagging as Timmy’s forced down deeper and deeper. I know it wasn’t true, but it seemed like both of their dicks were getting longer. They were not in a rush, they could use me as much as they wanted, and be as rough to me as they wanted. And I had to seem like I was enjoying it.

I think the only thing that wrapped this up was they were tired of moving my body. They got off and fell back breathing deep. I wanted to stay in place and catch my breath. But my programming kicked in and I started crawling to clean Timmy off. Timmy laughed and lightly slapped my face while I worked. They got to relax and enjoy all of this, I had to work and service them.

I finished Timmy and turned around to clean off Bastion. Uggh. I hated Bastion’s dick. Pale and big, even deflated it was good sized, but the feeling was so creepy. Bastion eased on his elbows and widened his legs so I could get to his junk. That he could do so, a twink as my muscled body bent to his will. I felt my humiliating submission but I had to seem to be enjoying it.

I pulled off and started to back away, which was such a relief when Timmy said to me “Suckle on that dick boy, like a baby on a bottle.” Both twinks laughed at that.

“Yes, Daddy.” I sounded happy, in reality I was anything but. I went back to Bastion’s dick and lay all the way down pulling his cock into my mouth.

I was left like that for a bit before Timmy got up and went rooting around in some drawer. He pulled something out and showed it to Bastion “This is fucked up dude.”

“Yeah, I get into some fucked up shit. Try it on him.”

“Fuck yeah.” Timmy got behind me again, and I could hear that too-familiar sound of lube going on something. My ass was in for it, another toy for them.

“Get ready sex toy.” Timmy started to shove something into my hole. I groaned. It felt weird. I’d been fucked by dildos, but something about this was different. It was shaped differently, there were bulges and ridges that shouldn’t be there. What was this twink putting in my ass. I groaned in panic and discomfort. My ass moved around in discomfort.

The twinks laughed at me, watching me wiggle my ass in discomfort as I kept my mouth on Bastion’s dick. Bastion looked down at me to see the puzzlement on my face and gave out a guffaw. “It’s a Dragon Dick. All fantasy but it does feel wicked in there doesn’t it? Show him what’s in his ass Tim.”

The object came out of my ass, and Bastion moved my head so I could still suck him but see the dildo. It was a deep purple and looked vaguely like a penis, in that it was long and pointed, but there were ridges over it as well as a wider part in the middle. They both laughed as my eyes got big. Timmy pulled it back and put it back in my ass.

“I use it when I want to feel like some demon is fucking me.” At the thought this was one of his sex toys in me, I couldn’t repress the shudder that went through my body. Bastian is a demon to me. Timmy moved my leg so he could shove in and out better. How did I get into this mess?

Bastion got up, making me try to move to keep his dick in my mouth. “Stay put slag.” Bastion kicked my side and moved around. “Get him on his back.”

“You heard the man.” Timmy moved my body to the side, and I rolled over to my back, following Timmy’s handling of my legs to bring them up so he could keep fucking me with that oddly shaped dildo.

Bastion came back and ordered me to close my eyes. I felt him drawing on my face, and filling things in. I had to moan under the fucking I was getting. The twinks were still laughing at me. Timmy stopped when Bastion finished and I could tell he came up to laugh at the finished product.

“Wait, keep your eyes closed.” Bastion bounced up and I heard him moving around. “Now open your eyes.” I did.

“Thank you Sir.” I grinned as I looked in horror. More laughter. Bastion has marked me up like a clown, one eye surrounded in white, the other green, orange around my lips.

Timmy grabbed one of the grease pencils, putting orange around my tits. At least he wasn’t fucking me with the weird dildo anymore. Bastion joined in, marking up my body, making me turn over so they could draw over every inch of my naked form. I was reminded how helpless I was in their hands, how I had no choice but to please them, to be used by them.

“Up, up.” They pulled me to my feet, backed to flop on the sofa and Timmy ordered me to pose.

So I did, flexing my muscles and showing off my body. I could see their dicks getting hard as I performed. They were going to fuck me again, I knew it.

“Wait, wait. Freeze slut.” Bastion jumped up and rushed after something, returning to put nipple clamps on me. He dropped down on the sofa, and stared at me.

“Shit, you told him to freeze, and he’s staying frozen!” Timmy grabbed his sides in laughter. “Chris sure has trained him well. Hasn’t he bitch?”

“Yes, Daddy, Master has trained me very well.”

Then Bastian said there was too much stubble on my balls and my pubes needed to be trimmed. He had a wicked grin and said lay down here and stay right there. The twinks went into  another room to get something and I could hear them talking and laughing.

Suddenly I felt something very, very hot coat the right side of my ball sack. But it cooled quickly. Then in one motion Bastian ripped it from under my balls right up to my dick. He had put hot hair removal wax on my balls! And FUCK was it intense when he ripped the hair out all at once. Then he started to coat the left side of my ball sack with hot wax. I wanted to scream, punch him and run for my life but instead I blurted out “Thank you Bastian Sir for making my balls so perfectly smooth for you Sir. I appreciate it so much.”

Then Bastian took an electric razor and started on my pubes. Only he didn’t move to trim them or shave them all off. I’ve got a pretty thick bush. I looked down and he had started to cut rows of the hair down to the skin while leaving rows of longer pubes. I looked like a freak. I thought what would the guys at the gym think now. If only that was the end of it.

Then he took out a paint brush and put liquid on the rows of pubes. After I laid there until it dried he told me to shower quickly to wash my pubes. The fucker had colored my pube rows of hair different colors for each row! Fucking shit I could never let anyone see this! Every time I was brought to new depths I thought that was as low as things can get. But they kept finding new ways to bring me lower into ultimate humiliation.

Fuck fuck fuck, then Bastian snapped a couple pics of my new multi-colored pubes on his phone. Inside I wanted to yank the phone from him and delete the pictures but of course I thanked him profusely. The twinks roared with laughter at the job they did on my balls and pubes. I was only a fucking idiot to be used and abused.

“Get over here on my dick, I need to fuck you.”

“I need a fucking Daddy.” I moved to climb over him and lined my ass up to his hard prick. Timmy reached up and shoved me down on his dick. I couldn’t resist, and had to take it quick and fast. I shouted out in the shock. They both laughed.

I started riding Timmy’s dick, and he took it a few strokes before reaching up and grabbing the chain between the clamps on my nipples. He used that to control my bounces, sending me up and down slowly.

It’s hard enough to fuck yourself on a dick. Especially for me since I had no desire for it. But going slow meant I had to strain my muscles to keep to his pace. The effort was tremendous, not the least because I had been fucked a little while ago. Looking at Timmy’s eyes I could tell he was making it more difficult for me because he could. These twinks were bottoms for everyone except for me. So they could lord it over me. And lord over me they did.

Bastion stood on the sofa and got over Timmy, putting one leg on either side. This was so he could guide my head onto his cock. I took it in without resistance, since that was part of my orders.

Now the twinks played a new game, moving my body to pleasure themselves at different rates,they twisted me and used me.

Timmy pulled me up and down by the tits while Bastion pulled my head and shoved his cock in my mouth. They laughed at my troubles. This is not how fucking was supposed to be, I didn’t laugh at the women I fucked, at least not when I was in bed with them. Now I was some stupid fucktoy.

This was so much fun for them, but not for me. I looked like I was having the time of my life. It was humiliating for me, and they were enjoying it. Their dicks proved it, having a bigger man like me as their plaything was such a turn on. I was naked except for the markings they had put on me along shaving rows of my pubes and coloring the rows with hair. I looked like a fool, not only because of that but how they were using me. But this happened over and over again.

Timmy started to rabbit-fuck me, letting go of my chain to grab my hips. His dick rammed into me and made my pecs dance. I was bound to make them enjoy it. Based on the sounds they were making and the expressions on their faces, I was not going to be in trouble, this was the best thing that ever happened to them. Timmy came in my ass and let go of my hips, leaving Bastion to abuse my face. It didn’t take long before he held me deep in his pelvis so he could unload in my throat. When he let me go, I licked his cock and balls to clean him off. He got down and collapsed into a chair as I got to work cleaning Timmy.

“Dude, I’m hungry.” Timmy said as he ran his hands through my hair.

“Yeah, me too. I ordered something.” Bastion put his phone down, “Slut, get on your back.”

“Yes Sir.” I rolled onto my back while Bastion went digging through his place for something. He came back and attached a wide ring to my balls, cuffed my hands together, and put a collar and leash on me. I looked up and smiled.

“Better. Now lay there with your legs spread.” Bastion flopped down next to Timmy. They used their feet to play with my balls, giving them some entertainment.

They talked and played with my balls as I inwardly dreaded the doorbell ringing as it would be some new humiliation for me. Sure enough, the bell rang. Bastion got up, slipped on some shorts and grabbed the leash to lead me to the door. “Sit like a dog.” He kicked me in the leg.

“Yes Sir.” I put my butt on the floor.

“Bark you dumbass.”

“Woof.” I replied. Both of them laughed.

Bastion opened the door to see a delivery guy standing there. His eyes widened when he saw me at the end of the leash. “Do you like my pet?” Bastion asked him. I had all the grease pencil make-up on me, I looked so stupid. And my colored pubes, fuck how humiliating.

“It’s not what I expected.” The delivery guy responded.

“I bet not. Watch him beg. Beg bitch.” He yanked my chain. I kneeled up and put my hands bent down in front of me like a dog begging. “See, he’s hard, he likes this.”

“You are so fucked up. Just pay and I’m getting out of here.”

“Sure, here you go.” Bastion handed him some bills, took the food, and led me back to the sofa where Timmy was waiting. “Crawl here, we need a place to hold this.”

“Yes Sir.” I got in place, and they used my back as a table. I didn’t get to eat, even though I had done most of the work. And I was still marked up with all the colors they had put on me. It was degrading, but that’s what they wanted. This had been a hard day, and it did not seem to be getting any better.

“Damn, we’ve got to send him home. Chris says he wants his slave back.” I could barely see Timmy showing Bastion his phone.

“Yeah, I wanted to fuck him again.” Bastion ran his foot over my ass. “But if Chris wants him back, we can’t keep him. Hear that bitch, you got to go home to your owner.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you both for using me.”

That brought a laugh from both of them. “Anytime slut.” Timmy got the bags off my back. “Get the equipment off, then put only your pants on and go home that way.”

“Yes Daddy.” I got on my pants and flip flops and carried my shirt to the car, getting looks from the couple of people out. That made me blush. I saw the twinks laughing at me through the window. I drove home, glad I didn’t need to stop for gas. Once I got in, I stripped, looking at  my clown-pubes. Chris was going to love this. I crawled to him up on my knees to carry the bags.

Predictably, Chris barked out a laugh when he saw my state. “Those fuckers sure did a number on you.”

“I fucking hate it Master! Look at me, I’m some sort of clown. Made up like a couple of fucking kids playing with a doll.” I looked with hate in my eyes.

“They were, my sex doll. A worthless toy I can do anything I or my friends want to with.” Chris sneered at me.

“I can’t stand it. I had to smile and pretend I liked it. I didn’t fucking like it! I’m a man! I shouldn’t be treated like this.”

“You’re not a man. You’re a faggot slut toy. Tell me that’s what you are and always will be.”

“I’m a faggot slut toy and always will be Master.” I automatically said. “I don’t want to be a faggot slut toy. I want to beat the hell out of all of you.”

“Stick a finger in your nose and tell me if you can think of a way to escape. You can take a minute.” Chris crossed his arms and started down at me.

A finger when into my nose. So stupid. I thought hard. How could I get out of this? My mind couldn’t come up with a single way. I was in an impossible situation. “I can’t think of a way, Master.”

“So I guess you’ll be taking it. Whatever I dish out. Whatever any of us dishes out. Now shut the fuck up and model your new clothes.”

Silently, I gave him a fashion show of all the stuff I had been made to buy, and then rode his cock with all the crap marking up my body before I had permission to clean off, except that my pubes were cut into rows and dyed. That was not going away quickly.

To be continued …

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