Aced Dobie

1997 | 188 cm | 90 kg

Austria (AU)

Hey guys, I sniffed out a cute dobie today. Aced, Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What made you want to put on a dog hood and crawl around on all fours? When did you first find out you could be into things like that?

Heyo! My name is Aced, I’m a 21 year old male Doberman who has a fascination with kink culture and fashion, going back several years! I was born and raised in Los Angeles but find myself living in the beautiful land of Austria! As for puppy stuff, It wasn’t until three years ago that i knew exactly what the puppy play scene was, but I had an idea about the masks at the very least!

Before I identified as a pup, i was very present in the furry scene- and my first exposure of pupmasks actually came through music! One of my favorite albums by the musical trio Death Grips, titled The Money Store, had a cover with an anime style tall woman wearing what i now know to be a black styles latex hood! As soon as I saw this I knew- this is what i wanted for my own face; this animalistic silhouette and feel drew me in deep.

As for crawling around on all fours and acting like a dog, well, after purchasing my first Mr.S hood and exploring kink, I found myself comfortable in the skin of a submissive beta- almost as if it relaxed and eased out any stress from my life, honestly i’d even go so far as to call it positively addicting! My handler is happy to reinforce that anyways ;)!

“Found Fetish through music :)” That’s a first for me to hear that from someone. Was pup play a window to other kinks as well? Or is it just the thing for you that you want and need?

Hmmm, that’s a very good question! For me I think Pup Play accentuated Kinks I knew I had but hadn’t experimented very much with prior. I always had a huge latex kink, loving the look and feel of rubber, as well as a thing for dom/sub dynamics, and being restrained, all which fit beautifully into the lifestyle of being a beta pup!

It wasn’t until getting into that pup headspace and going a little dogbrained that I tried them out a lot more frequently though, so perhaps it was the push I needed. Serving a handler and worshipping their body brought out the inner puppy slave in me too, so I learning that I have a large servitude kink was a pretty positive experience!

I found that being a Puppy can be a very transcendental experience sexually, and the warmth you get from being called a good boy by a handler or alpha is one of the best feelings in the world. Really, I can only reccomend that more people try it out, not only because it made me more comfortable in my own skin, but also because in turn made me much more receptive to trying out tons of new kinks.

Has everything you tried out and mostly do been in or connected to pup space until now? Or have you also started trying out things without it? If so, where do you see the differences with and without for yourself?

To be honest, i’ve tried stuff without being in the pup headspace, and it just isnt the same for me. I find it far more cathartic to not only lose all sense of anxiety in my day to day life with going puppy-mode, but also find that i prefer to see myself with an animalistic sort of presence and aesthetic.

I think the pup version of myself is really just a more genuine, happy and open side of human me, and I think playing that role has been extremely beneficial for my sexual and mental health. To be honest, I would say that nowadays 100% of sexual me is pup me- and I think its the healthiest thing to ever happen to me kink wise/sexually.

How far do you have adapted pup play into your life?

I would say that I’ve adapted pup play into my life a fair deal! First and foremost, when im at home and doing standard tasks such as studying or enjoying myself, I have my doberman mask on, and get a little puppy-mode externally if not internally! I also have normal friends who are super supportive of kink culture, and i’ve even done public pupmasking with them around to take pictures and document the occasion!

My handler (who is also my boyfriend going on 2 years) has taken to calling me puppy, and giving me pets and scritches whenever he feels like we should cuddle! While i do maintain a fine line of separation between my professional and private life- such as not pupping out in University or at work, I still incorporate aspects of what I love about fashion (which is the industry I’m hoping to work in) into my pup world, styling outfits entirely around the tones and feel of my dobie self!

Haha does that mean we’ll soon see a dobie-pup-line in the stores in some time? 😉 And what would be something exciting in concerning pup play that you’d still haven’t done?

Haha, as for a dobie pup line, i’d love to experiment and see if i can subtly throw some motif into clothes that people into pup play/ pet play would be able to understand one day, it’s something i’ve brainstormed for quite a long time! We’ll see, definitely something will come of it someday 😉

Oh there’s a lot concerning puppy play I have yet to experience that I would find super exciting! I’d love to go to folsom, I still haven’t had the chance to go! I’ve been to puppy parties behind closed doors at furry conventions but i feel like it’d be so much more fun if I could pup around surrounded by a ton of other pups in broad daylight! The opportunity to play around and make a ton of new friends would be amazing!

I’d also love to go to pup nights at clubs, or even wear a pup mask to famous kink clubs such as kitkat laboratory or berghain, the latter of which i’ve been to, just not as a pup. There’s so much room for exploration in the pup culture, and i’m just wagging my tail at opportunities to live these experiences in the future!

That’s a wonderful sentence to end on 😉 Thank you for taking time for this interview.

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