Tamir Kay

1995 | 170 cm | 56 kg
Valencia (ES)

To feel in a safe environment Is Very Important

How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

I discover the BDSM world around 5 years ago, one ex-girlfriend and I have been very intererested in this world for a long time and we searched for some websites. As a gay I discovered TUAMO and RECON and it was amazing to realize there are others with the same desires as me and that there is an big kinky world to explore.

Then I met a daddy who enjoys to play with subs and train them. That was my first time and it was a great start. I still remember it as a little traumatic experience but at the same time an extremely exciting one.

Whats especially important for you there?

First of all safety! It is very important to feel in a safe environment. A place you can feel scared and afraid but knowing at the same time that nothing bad will happen to you and that your desires and needs are just normal.

I also want to show non kink people that sex is not only vanilla. There is much more to explore if they like. It is great to talk to them about sexual practices they have never heard about.

To make more and new experiences is also very important to me. That is fun and it helps me more and more to become a better sub, the slave I want to be.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

I am much more bottom and I enjoy being submissive. That’s just natural to me. It is what I am. I started very soon to discover shibari and bondage. Later much other kinks I’ve tested and enjoyed. Beside being tied up i love also gagging and cumcontrol.

I like to feel like an object, not able to move, gagged and plugged. To exist just for the others use and satisfaction. I like also watersports, armpits, feet, comshorts. My favourit gear is sportswear with high socks. Btw. I’m quite sure I’ve forgot to tell you many of my kinks and I’m sure I will explore even more in the future.

What kind of guys do you like?

I have several types of men. I like them taller than me, big, but also skinny and fit, as long as they have a good cock. What I value most apart from the physical is a good attitude in sex and outside the game. The thirties are my downfall, as I always say the youth of the 20 with the experience of those of 40.

What was your hottest experience until now?

I have had many, very interesting experiences but I think that the one that take the biscuit is related to fisting. I met a couple who liked that topic very much and they said to start me. Well, I showed up at his house, chatted for a while and started playing. Several blowjobs, we bluffed well, and they both liked to be fisted, got down to work. One of them, began to explain me how he had to reach out, how to move it, how to give pleasure. To the one who was more passive, that opened a lot and I put on a poker face, thinking and saying that it was amazing. He let me do it and I freaked out of what he swallowed.

Leaving the basis of how to make it very clear, the other boy smeared his ass well and let me use the other hand, buuuah in the blink of an eye, I had both hands and part of my arms stuck in two different asses. It was great, giving pleasure to two boys at the same time as they rolled up and made themselves filthy things.

After that, the most active wanted to fuck me with his spectacular cock, he fucked me soo hard. We said to fist me when my ass was wide open, but I couldn’t get through the doors of heaven as they called it. Of course, we were like 10 hours fucking.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

What I have been waiting for a long time is for a MASTER who will welcome me as his propiety. With that confidence you can go as far as I can. That way I know that I can do things that I can’t with occasional encounters. A good daily training, challenges, infinite perversions always within well-established limits.

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