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The inspection of the slave is usually the first thing that is done by a master. I don’t know how other masters handle it but I can tell you how I handle it.

Usually I lead the slave down to my basement. There I tell him to strip of his clothes. As soon as he is naked I tell him to turn around and to out his hands behind his back. As soon as he does it the handcuffs click around his wrists. Than I order the slave to turn around again.

Now I have a first longer look at the slave. I just look at him from head to toes without touching him. This is more or less the first test for a slave. I want to see how he reacts when he is naked and handcuffed in front of me.

Does he feel embarrassed? Does he look unsure? Or does he stand there full of pride and self confidence? Does he look submissive?

Does he look me straight into the eyes or does he have his looks on the ground? However the slave reacts it already tells me a lot about him.

Than I start to circle around the slave. Slowly. I enjoy the view on the slave from all sides. This way I can check how muscled the slave is. Does he have a muscled back? Does he have a dimpled ass maybe?

After I circled two or three times around the slave I stop in his back. On his handcuffed hands I add kind of manacles made out of iron. These special irons I use to tie up a slave in a spreadeagled position.

The normal handcuffs are taken off by me and I order the slave to put up his hands. The slave than gets tied up with his arms up spread widely. The same thing I do with his feet. I also use a spread bar to make sure the slave can’t put his feet together again.

Than when the slave is in this spreadeagled position I go behind the slave and whisper things like: “Welcome into real slavery.” in his ear. While doing that my hands start to glide over his chest. One hand on each side of his chest. Than I let my hands glide to his nipples and I softly start to squeeze them. Than my hands glide to his hips, deeper to his cheeks and to his balls. I grab the balls while still behind him pull them in my direction and start to squeeze them.

I want to see how he reacts. Can he take this kind of very light pain? Does it turn him on? Does he even get hard while I do these things to him?

Than its time to change the position. I circle around him untill he is right in front of me. Than my right hand goes to his hair and runs through it. Than my hand goes to his mouth and I whisper in his ear to show me his teeth. I say things like: “Spread your lips and let me see your teeth, slave!” And than I start to check his teeth.

But why do I do that?

Very simple. In the good old days of the south and also in ancient Rom and ancient Greece this was done to check the health of the slave. If the teeth are ok a slave can eat normal food like meat and when he eats good and healthy food he can grow muscles and improve his physical fitness and he might even rise in value.

The second reason why I do it is because the value of cattle is checked the same way. If a slave is clever enough he knows it. So he knows he gets treated the same way like cattle and normally this is felt to be very humiliating.

The third reason is that I simply want to see if the slave can listen to orders and if he is able to follow them.

“Spread your lips and show your teeth.”

The reaction that I want to see is that the slave clenches his teeth and spreads his lips.

If a slave is not very clever he will open his whole mouth like as he would visit a dentist.

If a slave shows that kind of behaviour it gives me a first reason to punish this slave.

Than I check the teeth of the slave. My finger runs through his mouth checking every single tooth.

Than I go back to his chest and his nipples. I squeeze them again. This time harder. My hands glide to his hips and his belly button and finally my hands glide to his dick and his balls.

If the dick isn’t hard already I start to massage it. If I inspect a slave I want to see his dick while it’s soft and I want to see how it looks like when it’s hard. As soon as the dick is hard my hands wander to his balls and I start to pull the ballsack and I do start to first massage his balls and than squeeze his balls.

You could say it’s the second test. Does the slave fight the pain or is he willingly suffering to satisfy my sadistic needs? Does it turn him on or is it more humiliating for him to get his manhood tortured through another man?

I love to inspect a slave and such an inspection can easily last one hour or longer.

While other masters just order the slave to strip I enjoy a long lasting inspection and examination of the slave and it’s body. And such a first inspection can easily last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Now I want to wish my readers and followers a good weekend. Stay safe and have fun!



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Master Ferdok

Master Ferdok

I am in my early 50ies and I am from north-western germany. I am located in a very small city called Leer(Ostfriesland). It's close to the dutch border. Our next bigger cities are Bremen which is at the same time my nearest airport and Emden. I am married since almost 5 years and I live openly gay. I own a house at the country side here in north-western germany without direct neighbours. My next neighbour is about 100 meters away from my property. I am into SM for more than 25 years now. I always was a master, active and dominant and sadistic by nature. Let's start with a very stupid thing I hear over and over again: "You can only be a good master if you have started as a slave". Sorry but that's bullshit. All you need to be a good master is a working brain to be able to watch your slaves how they handle things. So don't let noone tell you that bullshit sentence. It's simply rubbish. Every once in a while people ask me what I like and what turns me on. Usually I am tired to answer those questions cause you just need to look at my blog and you can answer it yourself but today I feel like in a mood to write a bit about it. My favourite tool is the bullwhip. I like to tie slaves up in a spreadeagled position and to whip them. It turns me on to see the whip impacting on a slaves body. It turns me on to see the body reacting to the inflicted pain. I like to see how the muscles react and I am curious how much a new slave can take. I like it rough and extreme. But whatever I do I always do it safe, sane and responsible.

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