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Hello dear readers. Welcome to another pup talk 🙂 Today I’m here with Dozer. Can you tell the readers a bit about yourself? How did you first discover the world of kink?

Hey guys I’m pup Dozer. I live in Southampton UK. From my early teens I always had an interest in kink, but never physically tried anything until my early 20’s. I knew friends who were into the scene and eventually plucked up the courage to give it a try. I visited a friend who had quite a large amount of bdsm gear and asked him to tie me up and restrain me.

I instantly loved the feeling of being helpless and having no control. That opened up the door to all sorts of kink and things I never thought I would ever be into.

It’s surprising what someone can suddenly find to like when he’s open to try, right? You’ve also discovered an alpha side in you, as quite obvious from your twitter timeline 😉

My pup side came later in life, probably about 4 years ago. I met a guy who lived local and we became good friends. He was already a pup and part of a pack. He mentioned it a few times but i never really thought about it until out of intrigue, I looked it up on YouTube and checked out some videos of pup play and pups being interviewed about their experiences. The more I saw, the more I wanted to try and be able to get in that headspace. I guess it was the being part of something and the social side that really appealed to me.

At first I struggled to get in that headspace, as I felt kinda stupid and embarrassed, but once I managed to just let go of those feelings I just fully submerged myself in it and found a new identity. As a pup i identify as an alpha, although I do have a submissive side. To most people I come across as this big tattoed guy who they assume is super dominant, but usually I’m just a big puppy dog who loves cuddles and belly rubs 🙂

Who doesn’t like those 2 things :)) And I hope you still have outlets for that side 😉 Do things / actions feel different to you when you are in your pup headspace?

For sure. As a pup i become more primitive, with only basic functions like wanting to play, fight and sniff other pups (musky smells being another turn on for me). For me it’s quite euphoric to totally let go become something else.

That’s interesting, you’re both describing a transformation into something else, but at the same time going to the core of yourself so to say 🙂 Is the pup headspace something you find yourself pretty quick in? Or does it require the right situation?

For me it’s the right situation. Sometimes if I’m sat at home with with my partner and have the urge to do so, I will go put my hood on and come back in the room as Dozer. My partner (also a pup) is used to it, so he goes along with it and treats me like a pup. If I was around strangers and the only pup, I’d find it hard to get in that headspace. I know pups who can pup out anywhere, but everyone is different, and each pup has his own little quirks and personality.

That said, even when not in pup headspace, my pup personality can still come out. My friends or partner could do or say a certain thing, and I’d wag my butt withought thinking about it. Guess I just like being a good boy 🙂

Good boys get the best cuddles and pets. What are the traits that make you see yourself as (and be) an alpha? And what activates that mode for you?

I’m naturally a protective and and assertive person, so I guess that carries over to my pup side. I will always look out for my pup and care for him. In my view, being an alpha isn’t all about being domineering. It’s about loving and protecting, and always having respect for your pup(s).

I very much agree with that. You’re taking responsibility for those under your wing (or paw). How do you live those two traits of yours? Are submissive and alpha completely separate modes / headspaces for you you’re stuck in when playing? Do you just flow from one to the other? Or are both always there?

When I’m in headspace I play an alpha role, but in my regular human life, I’m really subby. I know it’s quite a contrast between the two, but that’s just me. I love being tied up and used as a fuck toy. I may even look for a master in the future 🙂

That contrast must make life and situations quite interesting I imagine? And what would a good master have to be for you?

Yeah I definitely makes it more interesting. I get the best of both worlds, so I guess that makes me greedy haha . To me a good master has to be respectful and patient. Someone who understands what you like and what is a no. Its all about communication, and at the end of day it’s all about enjoyinging and having fun.

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