Marcus 610

1989 | 173 cm | 66 kg

Sydney (AUS)

Hello readers, Se7en here, this time with a sydney kinkster. Marcus, can you tell me a bit about you? What did first pull you into the world of kink, and what have you all grown to like?

Like so many there were the weird fascinations growing up. I was a fan of wetsuits but not surfing, rubber gloves but not cleaning, overly complex safety harnesses but not heights they’re often required for. As I slowly started to reconcile what the actual appeal was, especially with the help of the internet, I knew there was some burning curiosity to satisfy.

First exploration was some chastity with a mutual curious partner, followed up by some investments in long latex gloves, cheap restraints that pushed my poor uni student budget. I quickly cottoned onto what worked for me, and that was very much latex, preferably head to toe.

Since that day I’ve found myself incredibly open to a whole range of kinks, gear related and not, finding that so long as it’s consensual and risk managed, I’m more than happy to explore with eager play partners.

So you don’t see yourself as a particular type of kinkster, and more experimentalist? And what pulled you towards those mentioned things?

While there’s zero doubt that I strongly identify as a rubberist, beyond that I tend not to hold too tightly to any label. So much of kink is contextual depending on the play partner and circumstance. With some I get the urge to just put them in bondage, others there’s role play elements such as pup play or drone play for example. I try to be reasonably open, even to this day where I’ve explored quite a bit.

As for what draws me, rubber in particular started as an aesthetic and texture thing, the look was immediately appealing when it found it’s way snuck into pop culture as I was growing up. Initial exploration with disposable gloves were a gateway drug and I couldn’t help but wonder what it’d feel like to have my whole body sensation of this tight, constricting material.

When I bought my first catsuit years and years ago however I truly came to appreciate that it was so much more. Staring at myself in the mirror provided an almost out of body experience, barely able to recognise that this sexualised figure was actually me. I knew I was about to dive into a very expensive hobby.

Do you know what makes it so sexualized for yourself? What does it do for you when you add it to play, and if somebody else puts it on?

Again, look and feel is a huge part, but the transformation itself was just as important. Dehumanisation for such things is an enormous turn on, compounding a full catsuit with hood, gloves, gasmasks and all sorts of other accessories take away the immediate reaction that you’re dealing with a person. Instead it feels likea sleek, shiny thing in a humanoid form. Add to that the muffled voices, the removal of any clear indication of eyes thanks to fun things like reflective gasmask lenses.

Paradoxically the fact that deep down I know that is a person also adds to the appeal, that they’re transforming that way for a scene often has role play components and general disassociation. A scene might be happening with a good friend for example that any other day we’d in a wholesome dynamic , but for now, he’s a rubber gimp, eager and willing to be used. The contrast is fun to explore.

Exploration is some of the most fun in the whole thing of fetish altogether in my opinion 😁 but everybody has his own amount he likes. How much would you say is yours? How much do you include fetish into your lifestyle/ what’s your balance?

Zero disagreements on that point :). It informs a rather large part of my sex life and I have gained so many wonderful friends and connections in this space, but I am fairly good at compartmentalising it all. Filthy online content I post aside, I am a reasonably private person, and do my best not to project my kinks unless it’s an invited or otherwise welcome space. I have plenty of friends whom are well aware of what I get up to in my spare time, just as many who don’t, never felt a need to hide it or be ashamed, it’s just not at the forefront of who I am in many circumstances.

That isn’t to say there’s been times where I’ve thrown it all into the wind and been out and about in all sorts of shiny gear. Last year’s Folsom Berlin was my first international event and I had an absolute blast sharing it with my fellow kinksters in the middle of busy streets. I’m eager to explore more of it in the future should the opportunity arise in these chaotic and confusing times.

Yes, we all hope we’ll soon have such possibilities again 😅 Do you have any other such things you wish to explore once or more deeper?

So many things, long term play is something I’m deeply interested in but often hampered by pesky realities like work emails or surprise friends visiting at the door interrupting the scene. Suspension has also been something that has always deeply fascinated me and having indulged it recently I can definitely say I’m hooked and want to explore more and more.

All in all though what appeals to me most is finding out what play partners, current or potential find hot and doing my upmost to share that experience. To this day I find myself surprised by new things and old experienced in new ways, and because of that I know this is a journey I’m not going to get bored of anytime soon.

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