We are happy to introduce our new blog autor Master Walter and his boy.


: Hi Walter. Nice that you’ve found time to talk to us so that we can introduce you to our readers. You and you’re boy will post frequently your experiences and thoughts on sadOsam. That’s great. Can you tell us, what your “Society of Lust and Pain” is? What can we expect from it?

Master Walter: Hi Marc, you are welcome. We always love to share our experiences with like-minded gay BDSM interested people. Me and My boi will do our best to give you regular updates about our own real-life experiences as true Master and slave.

The ‘Society of Lust and Pain’ is more a way of living and thinking than an actual concrete thing. It is mostly how I see My relationship with My boi and BDSM in general. For Me (gay) BDSM isn’t just about pain, it is equally as much about arousal and lust.

For many years now I have been a Master and always have looked to find true masochistic yet also sexually obsessed males. I think the factor lust in a slave and a Master is what keeps things going and guarantees succes in what surely is a very tough, hard and painfull relationship. I consider Myself very lucky to have found My own attractive young slaveboy who is a true innate masochist and submisive lustobject. I work hard on the two cornerstones of its slavelife: Lust and Pain. I make sure My boi stays sexually aroused as much as possible (Lust) and craving for painplay as much as possible too (Pain). I must say I have quite well succeeded in turning the boi into a pain and lust addicted object that is always eager for more.

I have called my personal tumblr blog ‘The Society of Lust and Pain’ because it represents all the feelings and actions I stand for. On this blog I show a selection of soft to hard male BDSM, predominantly focussed on young men bound for lust and pain. A personal preference goes to young Asian males in bondage, which I find very attractive. Besides pictures, movies and drawings I pick from the net, there will also be reblogs from My personal other blog, showing our real-life experiences as everyday Master and slave: masterwalterblog.tumblr.com

On this blog I show a lot of pictures and movies of My boi (cuteyoungslaveboy) of the hard life as an owned slaveboy. It gives a pretty good idea of what a true slaveboy’life can be like. People can always ask personal questions to Me or to the boi.

Besides my blog the ‘Society of Lust and Pain’ stands for a kind of Community too: a group of people (mostly Masters) which I got to get to know over the past years. Soulmates and people with the same understandings and motivations really. On an almost weekly base there are meetings at a private exclusive Club in which those Masters can live their live as true Dominants and enjoy the Dominance over My boi too. This way the boi’s true submissive and masochistic needs are fullfilled excessively and it gets trained in become the perfect slaveboy .

: A perfect slaveboy? That is really an aim. But what is it? How has a perfect slaveboy to be in your eyes?

Master Walter: Yes, I know, there is nothing like perfect, right? But the way in trying to achieve it can be exciting and hard. Especially if one is trying to create a perfect slaveboy.

A perfect slaveboy in my eyes is perfect looking outside and perfect acting inside.

Outside: its looks: a slave has to have an attractive looking appearance. it needs to be well-trained, looking healthy and sporty, able to take a lot. I don’t like fat slaves. They don’t even bother to loose weight and look attractive to their Masters. A slave should do efforts to be able to present themselves as attractive looking exciting sex-play objects. It should train its body, loose fat, take care of its skin, shave at least its genital area. In my case I have a special preference: I like My bois to be tanned and to have bitchy looking tanlines. All this a boi should do for its Master to look as attractive as possible, to please its Masters and to take a lot for Them.

Inside: The mind of a slaveboy should only think about one thing: how to please its Masters. Every second of the day. It should about how to please its Master sexually, domestically, at work. It should constantly be thinking how to be as attractive as possible and how to be as arousing as possible for its Masters. Fullfilling the sexual and sadistic needs of its Masters should be a constant worry for a slave. It thinks about BDSM all the time. It is aroused all the time. It is sexually obsessed and perverted constantly. It gives its slavebody totally in service of its Masters without the slightest hesitation whatever it is coming to it and however humiliating or painfull it can be.

MasterMarc: I agree with your description. Often I summaraise the “inside” aspect with the words, that a slave has to take his own needs back and always to think first what his masters need is. That is not as easy as it sounds. That needs a lot of trust and a boy has to know, that his master is allways taking care of him. He should get with the time the sensation, that his master knows much better what is good for him and what not. Could you tell us, how you have been able to build up this level of trust with your boy?

Master Walter: I totally agree. To reach such a level of unconditional dependance from a boi simply takes time. I too think it is important that a Master truly cares for its slave. A slave has to know it will be able to overcome what its Master(s) decide to do to it, however hard and painfull and desperate it looks.

Building up that trust has been fairly easy and fast with My boi, but that’s only because it is an innate truly submissive and  a born perverted masochistic boi. That level of extremely humiliating and/or painfull things I trained it into wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t a true subslave.

Building up trust with My boi is still a continuous process though. I always try to come up with original exciting, thrilling, painfull or quite terrifying orders for My boi, making it step a level up each time. My boi doesn’t have time to adjust to any easy situations. Each day is another challenging hard day. Each day the boi could be confronted with another Me, wanting other things and ordering more tasks and giving other punishments. Each day the boi could meet another Master with totally different interests in which the boi is not trained yet. That’s what I think makes a boi’s (and a Master’s) life so exciting.

: Your boy is living with you but does he has also a job out of home? What does your boy all the day? 

Master Walter: Yes, the boi is living in with Me more than five years now. Most of its time the boi is at home. From time to time though I look for a part time job for it though. I always look for some hard physical jobs, like in the summer working on a farmer’s field, or in the winter helping a construction worker. I love looking for humiliating jobs, manly jobs with rough people and sending it to work in bitchy outfits, provoking reactions.

If the boi is without any job and staying at home and when I am not at home, it has a tight schedule to follow including housechores, physical training schedule, tit training schedule, CBT training schedule, bitch training. Once I get home, it is play time and I enjoy My boi fully.

: Out of my experience a boys job out of home can porvoke problems. The boy has to be with one foot in the “normal” society with its roules and he has at work another boss. How do you see it? 

Master Walter: I see My boi’s part time jobs as just another challenge and order from its Master. Ofcourse it can’t go on walking around naked and chained as it should be and it has to take care of the rules of the normal society. But mostly the jobs I pick for the boi are temporary and the boi doesn’t really have time to re-adjust into the normal society (and it doesn’t want that either). The jobs are just to keep it busy in a hard physical way. I see it more as slavelabour as a part of its normal everyday slavelife.

: To have permanent slaves is also a lot of work and responsability. If a master who hasn’t experiences with it would be interested to do and ask you, what would be the requirements to be able to have own permanent slaves, what would you answer him?

Master Walter: Yes, training a slave comes with a lot of responsablities, and it is hard work, but if you like doing something, you don’t mind working for it, right?

I think there are two very important conditions a Master who wants to keep and train a permanent slave must have:

First, and this is evident, be an overwhelming sexually-driven original Dominant Master. As a slave is constantly thinking about serving its Master, a Master should also be constantly thinking how to improve his slave, train it better, train it harder. There shouldn’t be too much routine. A lot of unexpected humiliating and painfull occurrences keep an excited slave on the tips of its toes always. A slave shouldn’t have an easy life. It should be hard and painfull and exciting.

Second, one should have the right infrastructure and enough financial means to support it. A good Master-slave relationship is not only built on Domination/submission alone. Lots of equipments, infrastructure and toys make a BDSM life so much more challenging and exciting. It is always better to have a couple of different themed rooms instead of one playroom. But the lack of it, shouldn’t be a real problem. One can always go and visit a gay BDSM Club and train his slave on the spot.

: If you look back to all the years you’re living with your slave, what have been for you the most intensive times you’ve had with your boy and why?

Master Walter: We had a couple of intense times together. I think the most intense times I had with My boi is when we agreed that it would become My permanent slaveboy. It wanted that already for a long time, but I kept it off for a while. Before the boi became My permanent live-in slaveboy, I had regular meetings with him, training it hard, pushing its limits everytime, making it serve at the Club too. But when we finally took the step of making the boi My permanent slaveboy, knowing for sure the boi could handle a permanent hard life of abuse, humiliation and pain, we were both relieved and satisfied.

Another intense time was when I met the boi for the first time. From the moment that I saw this lustfull motivated intensely submissive and masochistic boy, I knew I would have some great times with it. I never dreamed of having it with Me daily as My possession at that time, but I surely trained and invested a lot of time and energy to turn it into the slave I wanted it to be.

Yet another intense time was when I decide that the boi, who lived with Me for a couple of years now, would have to spend three full days at the Club per week. I would bring it over to the Club thursdaynoon. And it would stay there locked up untill sundaynight. Each week available and at disposal of the invited Masters to serve at the Club.

: That sounds intensely. As I know that we will continue our chat soon, now i’ll finish your introduction with the following question: How would you discribe your boy, yourself and your relationship?

Master Walter: I would describe My boi as an exceptional submissive innate masochistic paintoy, always in need for more and harder arousal and painplay.

I would decribe Myself as a true Dominant, a true sadistic mind too, always longing to make a slave’s life abusive and painfull in an original and exciting way.

I would describe our relationship as the perfect match between a true Dom and a true sub.

: It seems that you’ve really found the boy who fits with you. That makes us curious to read your reports in which we can get an insight in a real Master-Slave-Life. Thank you Walter, it was a great pleasure to talk to you. 

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