We are happy to present you a new blog on sadOsam. In this blog you get an insight into DomTopDad’s kinky “family” life. Just to make it clear, it is a group of people in legal age, living a special kind of relationship with a difference in age. They are young guys loving an older dominant top and living with him a kinky relationship. It isn’t incest! But now it is up to DomTopDad to introduce his kinky “family”:

Firstly, hello!

I have been asked by MasterMarc to contribute to this blog as a way for you, his readers, to better understand how a ‘Daddy and Son’ relationship works. To enlighten and explain how this ‘family’ dynamic works, how it started and how, as a family unit we co exist. The subtle but defined differences between a Dom Master and Slave relationship.

So, to begin, a little about me:



I’m a 46 year old, ex rugby playing dominant top.

I’m driven, competitive, sporty and work in a high pressure industry.

I’m fit and healthy, confidant, and my friends would describe me as a mans man.

I adhere to high standards and expect the same in my ‘sons’.

Whilst I have been ‘top’ all my life, I was always drawn to the Father and Son dynamic, even when I was a man in my twenties. Now, I live that lifestyle on a daily basis, with three beautiful boys.


the youngest, is 18, lives with me and is quite a handful.






21, who I have been a daddy too since he was 18. And is currently at Uni.



the latest addition to the family. A bubbly fun 19 year old lad.





All my sons work or study, are quite independent and live full lives outside of our ‘family’ dynamic. But more of them later.

There is a far more detailed interview regarding the family set up available on this site, but we thought this would be a far easier way to update you all on a weekly basis with contributions from me and my sons.

MasterMarc can field questions and put them to me and my boys should you wish.

So, welcome to our blog.


Joshy is home after soccer practice. He’s already kissing his bro Pete. So Dad mounts him. Listen to him moan as I slide in my big daddy dick.

Hey guys, we would be happy to get your comments. But please be polite!




  1. Wow! This is a very good attribution to this fantastisch website! Love your way of life and hoping to havingt the same here in Holland!


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