A week ago we have introduced Master Walter, a very experienced master who is living now for many years together with his 24/7 total slave. Today we want to know a little more about Walter’s boi (1987) to have an insight to their relationship from the other point of view.

MasterMarc: Hi Walters Boi. For how long are you living now a total slave life at your masters place and could you tell us, how a normal day looks like?

Walters Boi: Hi MasterMarc. I have been the property of Master Walter for nearly ten years now. I serve my Master day and night. Master keeps me in a tight regime. Here is what a typical day at Master’s home looks like:
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6h30 waking up (if not tied up or locked up) mostly on the floor at Master’s bed
6h45 shaving face, shaving or epilating genital and buttocks hairs; shower, internal enema cleaning, toothbrushing, putting necklace- ankle and wristrestraints, putting nipple clamps
7h30 – 8h sitting on knees besides bed of Master. Waking up Master gently
8h some play with the boi – morning fuck
8h30 breakfast serving
9h30 – 12h30 morning activities: house chores – 1 hour physical training exercises
12h30 – 13h30 lunch
13h30 – 17h30 afternoon activities : house chores – 1 hour physical exercises – 1 to 2 hours hard labour
17h30 – 19h slave BDSM training play
19h – 20h dinner
20h – 24h slave BDSM training play or leisure time with bondage of the slave
24h – 6h30 sleeping: either naked on the ground next to Master’s bed; or bound or caged


This is an average day. There can be a lot of change though from day to day. Sometimes Master has to go to work, sometimes He is at home all day. Sometimes some friends show up who i have to serve too.

There are some obligatory tasks that i must perform daily:

  • make sure the housetasks are fullfilled: cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing and stuff
  • minimum 1 hour obligatory genital training: excitation and masturbation, ball play, dick play, etc (Master likes me to be sexually genitally fixated)
  • minimum 1 hour obligatory nipple training: stimulating, rubbing, massaging, clamping, etc (Master likes me to have sensitive nipples all the time)
  • minimum ½ hour anal training: anal stimulation, fingering, insertions, enemas, etc (Master likes me to be aware of my anal vulnerability)
  • minimum ½ hour of seduction training: standing before the mirror and practicing seducive horny bitchy movements
  • minimum 1 hour of cybertraining: surfing the net for gay BDSM oriented material and looking for ideas, answering mails, updating blog


MasterMarc: Let us look back: When have you realised that you have your kinky desires and what have been your first steps into the fetish world?

Walters Boi: i knew already from a very young age that i had special feelings towards submission and kinks. i remember having felt sexually aroused by seeing bondage-like scenes on television as a young kid. i adored bondage like games and hostage and military examination/spy games . i always volunteered to be the victim and provoked to go quite far into it.

As a teenager already i was always easily excited and aroused. I was in a swimming team and not bad to look at. i enjoyed being half naked all the time and phantasized a lot, resulting in an embarrassing unstoppable youthfull erection publically from time to time too. Also i loved to explore paingames on my body that time.

When i grew older my submissive and masochistic feelings only grew stronger. i looked for the rougher boys who liked controlling a perverted bitch like me. I got my share of secretely forced sexually actions plenty during those times, which i loved and longed for. i was known to be an easy target.

Those days i browsed the internet a lot for gay BDSM related sites too and made on and off contacts with Masters too, who finally introduced me into the real world of BDSM.

Quite soon i met Master Walter on the net too. He was always very motivating and got me so excited each time with such ease. He knew exactly what i wanted. But Master likes to tease and train and it took some weeks before we actually met. I was already totally lost to this Master before i even met Him. And every expectation only confirmed my feelings.

I met Master Walter in real for training on intermittent meetings, while i met other Masters in the meantime too. After several months, i knew Master Walter was the one i would give my life for and it was me that begged Him to become His total slave. Master Walter didn’t approve at first. He thought i was too young for that. But He said i had to proof myself to Him if i wanted to become His slave for ever. I got trained hard and received daily orders to do at home. I did my best and pleasing my Master was the only thing i could think of the whole day, and it still is. Finally Master agreed to take me on after about a year and it was the best decision of my life!

: What was your motivation to become a total slave? What have you expected about it and have you never regret your decission?

Walters Boi: I think i was born a total slave. All my young life i have been dreaming and phantasizing about it, and to me it has been a very wet and exciting dream come true.

Although it is never as hard as one could imagine. It is mostly the daily pressure to serve and act perfectly that makes it hard. Never to be free again. Never to make my own decisions anymore, that’s tough. But on the other hand I don’t need to worry about my life anymore too. I just have to do what Master tells me to do.

At times my life as a total painslave can be extremely hard and i do regret my decisions at these moments from time to time. But when i look back at these hard extreme moments, i get all aroused again and wanting for more. I couldn’t be able to live a normal life anymore. I am sure of that.

: Wasn’t it a problem to let your old life behind you? What have you told to your family, to your friends? And how difficutl was it to take the step into total slavery?

Walters Boi: Sure, it was a big decision. But it didn’t come suddenly. i had been living towards it for a long time.  My old normal life wasn’t really promising. I wasn’t interested in studying and having a good job. I would become a slave anyway, so why bother.

I didn’t really have a true family the last years, except for a stepfather and two stepbrothers who didn’t mind not to have to bother about me anymore. And my friends, well i had chosen them according to my sexual needs. I still see some of them, but serve them now.

: You say that you are natural born slave. How would you explain to others, how it is to be a slave? What are your feelings and sensations? What is important for you?

Walters Boi: A natural born slave is a perverted submissive masochistic boi that needs to serve a Master or Masters in abusive and painfull ways to please its inner self. I feel painhorny all the time, and i am motivated and trained to be that too.

It is important to me to be treated as a subhuman object that only exists to serve its Masters as good as it can.

: How do you moitivate yourself in hard times and have you never tought about running away?

Walters Boi: How hard and extreme the situation is, i always know it will come to an end sooner or later. I have total confidence in Master too that He wouldn’t let things go too far also. Master takes good care of me. Master loves (hurting) me.

While in extreme pain everyone has a reaction to block off and wanting to run away, but in these situations i am almost bound and unable to run away. Master also trains me in that sometimes: provoking and paintraining me in order to kill my reflex to run away or turn my slavebody away.

If you mean really running away from my Master’s relationship, yes, it has happened a couple of times but never reached a level where i actually did run away. I know what the consequences are: the main condition to become a 24/7/365 total slave to my Master was that i should know that if i took a decision to leave my Master, i would never get a second chance to return. How hard it may be for both of us at that time, i believe my Master, and i don’t want to risk our extra-ordinary relationship at all!

: You’ve a master who is willing to take care about you and to be responsible of you but at parties you meet a lot of other people. People who just want to abuse boys and who are fare away to become responsible about a slave. What are these kind of guys for you? Do you respect them?

Walters Boi: Yes, it is true that Master gives me the opportunity to serve a lot of Master. Some who are only beginner, some who are very experienced. Some who are responsible, others who are less responsible. Some who just want to play and have some more extreme fun, others who really like to abuse and hurt a boi like me.

Although Master allows private time with these Masters to have fun with my slavebody, He never really leaves me alone and surrendered to these Masters. Master mostly checks on these Masters and Their actions and intervenes where necessary.

However irresponsible, extreme, sadistic or perverted these Masters are i have to respect Them as a slave should always respect and follow its Master’s orders without hesitation or resistance.

: As a slave with a lot of experience you have to tell us how you would describe a good master and what qualities does he has to have? 

Walters Boi: A good Master is a Master who is able to take out the most out of His slaves. A Master who is a natural born Dominant. Sadistic in nature. Inventive. Like to experiment on His slaves. Sexually excited. Perverted in a way. Willing to put a lot of time and effort in training His slaves.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have find the perfect Master for me.

: And how has to be a good slave? What are the characteristics of a real slave?

Walters Boi: A good slave has only one concern: how to please its Master to the best.

A slave has to be a natural submissive. A true masochistic. Attractive bitchy looking and physically trained to look inviting enough to play with. Irrisistable. Always read for more abuse and pain to suffer for the pleasure of its Masters. Sexually insatiable and horny all the time. Perverted.

: What was in your eyes your hottest and what your hardest experience you’ve had till now?

Walters Boi: It’s difficult to answer that. I have experienced so many different hot situations and hard situations too.

I guess my hottest experience was when Master was invited by another Master for a couple of days. This Master had a very handsome young submissive boy who wanted to experience some bondage and painplay. We were both played with constantly day and night, tied together, jerked off together, Master used me to demonstrate some tough painplays to this boi, i got forced into plenty of painorgasms, we were teased-denied constantly, we had to fuck eachother, other friended Masters showed up too.

My hardest experience so far dates from a couple of years ago, when Master had sent me to a Femdom BDSM camp as punishment and as experience. It was in Czechia, the Other World Kingdom. OWK. There were a lot of really merciless experienced sadistic Mistresses whose job it was to make the life of the victim male slaves as hard and painfull as possible. It was middle in the winter, freezing and snowing. Hard labour under whippings outside naked; public whippings, private punishments. Hard CBT.  Master had sent me over there for ten days to train me into a harder slave. It was very extreme and hard. I had been sent there two times. Master wanted me to send there twice a year: once in the winter, once in the summer. Sadly suddenly the Mansion was closed short after my second visit.

: I think you know by yourself that there many slaves online with permanent slavery fantasies. If a young guy would ask you, if he should do this step and become a total slave, what would your advices be?

Walters Boi: I think i would advise to think very good about this decision and to look for the perfect Master first. If the Master is not exactly what you are looking for, it won’t work out. But if you have find this Master, and if you have always been sexually frustrated perverted and masochistic, it can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have an incredible exciting and satisfying life.

MasterMarc: That was it for now, boi. I’m sure we will continue our chat soon.


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