An interview with Minimaxkiddo (24), an adult baby and diapers lover.

MasterMarc: Hi Minimaxkiddo. You’re running a tumblr blog which is very popular in the ABDL (adult baby / diapers lovers) community. For how long are you living the adult baby lifestyle and can you describe a little, how it looks like?

Minimaxkiddo: Hey there MasterMarc, yeah you’re right about my Tumblr beeing popular, i’m almost at 11’500 followers now. i had no idea that so many people would find my character interesting. It’s really amazing to see how many AB/DL’s there actually are out there. It sure makes me feel a lot less alone in the big bad world. I’ve gotten a lot of good friends through my Tumblr Blog, and i’m really grateful for all the attention and sweet feedback that i’ve gotten.

Since i was very little, i’ve always liked to be the little diaper boy. I remember as early as when i was 4 years old, i wanted to be back in diapers, i think that’s one of my earliest memories actually. So i’ve been an AB/DL for as long as i can remember.

I think my AB/DL lifestyle is pretty down to earth. I don’t walk down the street in just my diaper or anything like that. I do however wear it under my pants a lot of the time. I often do wear somewhat childish T-shirts and jumpsuits sometimes, it makes me feel somewhat little and super comfortable and kid like. I also use a pacifier, but that’s mostly when i’m at home or with some fellow AB/DL friends, or somewhere where no one else can see me.

MasterMarc: I think most of the readers here can not really understand, why you feel comfortable by wearing diapers. Can you explain us what kind of feelings and sensations you get, when you’re wearing it and what you’re missing, if you don’t wear it? And don’t be shy, we are all into fetish. I am asking the quesiton, so that others can understand your desires.

Minimaxkiddo: I totally understand if people have a hard time to understand what goes on in my head, that makes me want to put a diaper on. Again, there are two sides to it. There is the Adult Baby side that loves,and needs the comfort feeling it gives when you put on a diaper. A lot of AB’s also love to wear kid/baby like clothes. but it’s all about the comfort, I guess it can also be described as a feeling, like the one you got from your stuffed animal when you were a kid. That safe comfortable feeling means the world to the adult baby, and they can’t do without. I suppose putting on a diaper, or using kid clothes, is the best way of achiving that feeling for most Adult Babys. Personally if i don’t sleep with my teddy, or wear a diaper atleast once in a while, i would get a bit depressed.. It’s just really a need for me, it always have been. not a physical need, but a psychological need.

Then there is ofcource that other side, Diaper Lover. That part is more about the fetish i suppose. Since I’m a mix of the two i’m also really into the sexual Diaper lover part. I just love the soft warm feeling of the diaper, it just feels amazing. Also i think cute boys in diapers is the hottest thing there is. I also mix it with a bit of ageplaying when i can, i think that’s the best mix :).

MasterMarc: What do you mean exactly with “sexual Diaper lover part”? What is the sexual aspect of diapers, just how it feels and how it looks, or is there more?

Minimaxkiddo: The typical Diaper Lover is more about the sexual approach to diapers, like getting exited by seeing others in them or wearing them oneself. People get exited booth because of how it feels, and looks. Personally i also get exited when wearing them, i also really like to pee in them, and having it changed by my boyfriend. It’s also pretty normal for DL’s to have sexual activities in the diaper, it can range from having sex while wearing them to just having “playtime” in the diaper.

MasterMarc: As I am one of the guys who has never had sex in diapers I have to ask you, how that works? I can’t really imagine it as the diapers hide ass and dick which are important for sexual action.

Minimaxkiddo: There are a lot of ways to have fun in diapers, even though they cover everything. You can either just put your hand down in them from the top, or the side and play with eachother. You can also rub the diapers against eachother, it’s really an awesome feeling. I’ve also heard that putting some lube down in the diapers and rubbing on the outside either by diaper humping, or just rubbing it will feel epic, but I have yet to try that. One can also cut a hole in the diapers booth in the front or the back and do what one normally would do when you have sex, just with the diapers on. You can also just open the diaper on one side and have playtime that’s pretty sweet too :). Some people also like to have sex during the diaper change. So you just do it before you put the new diaper on hehe.

MasterMarc: Your blog shows you in many different situations allways wearing diapers. Are you really wearing it so often and have you ever been confronted with negative reactions?

Minimaxkiddo: Heh I guess I do wear it quite often. But there are also times when  I don’t wear it that much. I’ve never really had any negative reactions when wearing them. Some people must have noticed that i was wearing one, since I’ve been less inconspicuous with it at times. But no one has ever approached me and asked me about it. So that hasn’t been a problem so far 🙂

MasterMarc: Have you never had a hook-up at which the guy was a little surprised as he has seen your diapers?

Minimaxkiddo: Hehe no, I’d be to scared to how he would react, and that i’d feel hurt if he didnt like or respected it. That’s not the approach I like to take. I like to let the person know beforehand so that i know what he thinks of it. I don’t think I’d want to play with anyone that’s not okay with my littleside, and my DL (diaperlover) side. Besides beeing little and wearing diapers, and the whole ageplay thing is what really turns me on the most. So when it comes to that sexual playtime stuff, the ideel thing would be to look for people that also likes that stuff.

MasterMarc: Hehe, I can understand you. It is a fetish which a lot of people are living hidden and a lot of people have the feeling to be the only one who is loving to wear diapers. Your blog shows the opposit. First you don’t hide your fetish and second the number of your followers shows us, that there are a lot of ABDL guys in the world. Have you been surprised by the success of your blog? And what have you felt as you have seen, that your blog is becomming more and more popular?

Minimaxkiddo: Yes that is correct. It’s a fetish that most people are somewhat easily embarrased about, and a lot people also feel like they are the only one in the world that feels this way. Luckally most of them go online and find out the opposite. The first time I found out about AB/DL stuff was when I was 11 years old, So I joined the online community rather early on. I found a lot of support and comfort since I felt that I wasn’t alone with it anymore. It’s no fun feeling like a social weirdo because you don’t feel like you fit in anywhere with this stuff, or that peopæe would judge you if they knew.. Especially as an Adult Baby, I feel that I’ve had a lot of adapting to do, just in order to cope with having a “littleside”. Afterall for an adult baby it’s not a fetish but a “littleside” that you’re born with, and not a choice not unlike having a different sexuality. I was definitely surprised by how many infantilist(AB/DL’s) There actually is out there. It’s also become somewhat big market for all the Adult Baby clothes, ans diaper companies over the last few years hehe.

Yes, I’m really surprised how big of a success my blog has gotten the last few years. I kept thinking that the amount of followers would eventually stop, but now I’m at 11,500 followers, and the amount still keeps growing steadily, and thats just counting the ones that have an account there. There sure is a lot more AB/DL’S and people that think it’s interesting, than I would ever have dared to dream of. I think it’s awesome to be a part of such a sweet welcoming and supporting community.

MasterMarc: You have become kind of a role model for a lot of abdl. What is the message you want to send with your blog? And how do you encourage others to live their desires and needs?

Minimaxkiddo: Yeah heh. The main purpose of my blog is to inspire other AB/DL’s to not be ashamed of their littleside and their love for wearing diapers n’ stuff. Beeing an AB/DL isn’t easy at all, But beeing in a supportive community is a big help towards accepting oneself, and it also makes it a lot easier to connect with other AB/DL’s. When someone messages me about advice when beeing a AB/DL, I just tell them what their approach to their situation should be.  How they could get some diapers, and hide them from their parents. Or how they’d go about finding a daddy or mommy. Or just other general AB/DL stuff.

In order to thrive as an AB, you kind of need someone else to acknowledge that you are a “little” maybe a big or lilttle bro, or maybe a daddy or mommy. I’m not really a caretaker but I do love to help a fellow AB/DL out by giving the best advice I can from personal experience :).

MasterMarc: What are your advices for people who are interested in becomming an adult baby or to start to live out their diaper fetish? Where can they get more information about the abdl community and how to get in touch with other abdl enthustiasts?

Minimaxkiddo: There are soo many online communities for AB/DL’S so there is a lot of options to chose from. It all deppends on what you’re looking for. If it’s for some online roleplay, or just some abdl friends that you can chat with. Or if you’re searching for someone in your area to meet. People sometimes ask me on my tumblr page anonymously (writing without having an account there). And depending on  what they are searching for I’ll try my best to lead them in the right direction. Personally I prefer Tumblr since I really like blogging and tumblr also has a nice messaging system and it’s easy to use. It also seams like the fastest growing place for AB/DL’S to connect. If there is a better place I dunno, but this one seams to work for me 🙂 [You’ll find the link to Minimaxkiddo’s Tumblr at the bottom of this interview.]

MasterMarc: Thank you, Minimaxkiddo, it was a pleasure to talk to you. Wish you all the best for your baby future and a lot of fun with other abdl.

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  1. I mean I have to disagree with this talk. I don’t believe that minimax has never got negativity towards him. There are people out there that will say stuff online to about how gross it is and that. Also I have to say I never really heard of minimax before for a long time. Just recently found him a year ago. I think he’s decent and ok. I just don’t see him as a role model for me. The real role model is yourself. And your friends. Is mostly you that take advantage of how you want to proceed on this fetish or liking for diapers you have. Honestly I don’t really follow him though. I’ve seen people who will go out in public in diapers I think there the real role models. There doing something very risky and embarassing but don’t have Shame in it. Not trying to be negative towards minimax but some of his answers are not truthfull cause I don’t believe he’s never had someone say crap about him wearing online. Cause everybody has at least once. No one’s that perfect.

    • I don’t think i was not truthfull, i just didn’t think of the question like that. I connected it with the previous question where he asked if i really wear it that much since imy blog shows me in so many different situations wearing a diapers. So i thought he ment like when i’m outside wearing my diaper. I’ve never had anyone approach me and ask about it when i’m wearing one. That’s why i said that i have never gotten any negative feedback “when i’m wearing”, but that people must have noticed it but just not said anything. Ofcource i’ve gotten some negative feedback online. There will always be haters and people that just don’t have an open mind to such things. They mostly cower behind an anonymous message though.. I really did think i would get a lot more hate messages though, but it’s really really rare that i get any, So that’s always somthing :).

      • It wasn’t covered in the interview (can’t cover everything in one interview!) but what do work colleagues and family feel about this side of you, assuming they know? How do you approach it?

  2. Cheers .minjmaxx kiddo. Your right about the acknowledge part i have a daddy as well as a few big bros too. Ive found facebook to be best place to connect with other abdls as im part of a lot of abdl groups and its where i met my daddy and brothers. I have a tumblr as well but I prefer facebook

  3. I love you baby boy MiniMaxKiddo! I too share the very same, kinky fetish and yes, it is a mixture of the two as you said so yourself! Big hugs and kisses to you as always! A big bold and brave decision to come out and give an interview about this lovely, cute lifestyle, with a benefit of the horny sexual side to it as well! Lol!
    Chat soon babe, take care, all the very best and as always yours, find and chat to me on Tumblr as well.
    ??? ? ? ??

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