1988 | 188 cm | 80 kg

Czech Republic

Hello dear readers, today I’ll need some sweet sugar cubes or carrots, cause I may have to give some treats. Ertamus, the czech latex horse is talking with me. Ertamus, can you tell me: How did you discover pony play for yourself? Was it your first fetish you discovered? And have you been into it for a long time before trying?

It happened a long time ago. When I was 18 years old, I saw some nice pictures of Nighty in a latex outfit with some fine harness and an amazing hood from Fury Fantasy. Since that moment I wanted to be one of latex horses, too.

Latex has always been and still is my key fetish since my first encounter. I really love this material so much. I have seen pony play some 13 years ago but only now I tried it for the very first time myself. This was a trigger of a very fast mind change and now I do love pony play deep in my heart 🙂

How do you feel when you turn/are being turned into a pony? What does that do to you?

Good question. What I feel, mmmm? I am feeling free, no stress, no worries, open mind like true horse and enjoy fun when other people look at me, I feel proud of my pony persona and the whole pony family, too. Pony play is a deep passion for me, an important part of my life. Thx to all friends from Czech BDSM scene for their support.

How do you play as a pony? And with what kind of other things do you like to combine it?

I am rather a sort of a public type of pony. I attend events in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany etc. But I like to be trained as well. It’s an amazing feeling when your trainer holds your reins and controls your movements. At times it’s fun when I do some pony activity like show jumping. But it’s really difficult when you can’t see anything through your mask 😀

Pup play for many is almost a lifestyle. You wear “bone t-shirts”, caps, try to wear your hood everywhere, often behave puppy-ish in public. How is that with you, and ponies in general?

I like the time spent with true horses. A horse is a proud, wonderful and strong creature with awesome movement, which hypnotizes you and you must love this amazing animal 😉 Everytime I dress up to my gear, I realize this and I feel strong like them.

You not only like to pose in front of the camera as a show pony, but also like to be behind it. You even have your own studio. How did you start out with fetish photography? 

I have been taking pictures for a long time, more than 10 years, maybe a bit more, but I have started fetish photography just a year ago. My boyfriend kicked me to start doing it in a professional way and I am very grateful to him for that, because I want to make it my long-time direction. At present we have fitted a professional kinky studio with all we need. I want to bring a quality in picture to all kinky people, a true art.

What makes a good fetish photo for you? And how do you create one?

For me, it’s a mixture of many things. Especially the attention to details. When a client comes and wants to have an unmistakable and strong photo series, I first want to spend some time talking to him/her to get to know him/her and only after that I can do my best to present him/her in that desired way, which characterises his/her personality in the best way possible. There are of course technical aspects to it: good lighting is of an ultimate importance, I often play with shadows, reflections, angles, curves and shapes, but my ultimate goal is, of course, true to my photographer’s claim, to let his or her dark side shine.

Thank you for talking to us Ertamus. I think you well deserved a treat now 😉 

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