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Hello MasterMarc.

I thought it time to update your readers with the latest developments about my family. In our last article which centred on son Pete, at the end I mentioned that a new ‘son’ was joining the family and that I would keep you all posted.

We have just had an extended holiday here in the UK and so our latest family member came and stayed for 3 days. Over this time he had to show he was serious about joining the family and also fully understand his place in it. But more of that in a moment.

I think it’s fair to give your readers a little back ground as to why we wanted to extend our ‘family’. To most of your readers it would seem that our family is quite ‘new’. However, we have been around for over 4 years. We have become highlighted and featured though only recently. Through your articles and our popular Tumblr and Twitter accounts. Through these mediums people have learnt about us. How we interact and our family dynamic.

Such has been the interest that the boys now receive fan mail and I field questions from interested guys and lads from all over the World. Who are intrigued by, or wish to find similar circumstances. In all cases the questions and feedback has been very positive. From Lads seeking Dads to Dads wanting to start a similar respect based honest family unit built on trust, respect, guidance and not just sex. It cuts across most cultures and age ranges.

It has highlighted that many guys want more than just random sex or hookups and want to develop a deeper more meaningful aspect to their lives. Which nurture the Dad and Son relationship. And not a Master and Slave relationship. The subtleties of which we discussed on your site before.So. Over the years my own family has grown and developed. With new sons joining and becoming brothers to Pete. My first and original lad.

As the boys have grown up and as they spread their wings they naturally move on as is to be expected. And as always, I am here for them. Both Joshy and Max are eager to have a new sibling to play with and as Pete is now moving on and I see less of him I thought it time that Daddy should find a new permanent family lad to join us.

Because of the scope and reach of our site and blog, I thought I’d use that to ask lads to submit an application to see if any were interested in joining me and the boys. The response was incredible. I was overwhelmed by the amount of lads. Their stories. Pics. Reasons to join and so on.

Many though, not surprisingly, having only come to the site via tumblr, seemed to think or assumed that if they messaged me they stood the chance of a good fuck. As if I were seeking sex via an app. Or hook up site. They had not actually connected with the ‘family’ aspect. Or what that meant or entailed. So these were politely acknowledged, answered and then ignored.

So whilst I was flattered to receive so many applicants from the UK and indeed across the World. I was only ever looking for one special boy to join us. I wasn’t looking to grow the family with lots of new faces. Plus he had to ‘fit’ into where my family is now. With what would become his brothers too.

So they had to be special. Unique. A lad I could invest my time with, To bond and nurture. It’s not a quick ‘in and out’ if you join us. You will be part of the family for years. Only one guy seemed to totally understand this. Want this. And grow over time being part of something not available elsewhere. He really stood out above all the others combined. It was like a lightening rod. I knew I had found my new son …

… a 19yo UK based boy called Mark.






Dear DomTopDad,

Thank you for your letter. First of all I’m really happy that you’ve found your new fetish “son” and I think not only me but also most of our readers are curious, who it is.

I understand that it wasn’t easy to find a new boy, who is not only good looking and fuckable but also fitting into your family and sharing the same desires an needs as you and your oder fetish “sons” have.

Belive me, if you search for slaves, fitting into your sm family you have the same problems. Sex is important but there is much more which has to fit. That needs a lot of communication and of course also a trial period as you have done. You have to like the guy and not only his ass. And not to forget that it has also to match with the other boys.

I am really happy that you have found your boy now and I wish your family a lot of great experiences with Mark. And of course I’m looking forward that you present Mark to us in your next update here on sadOsam.






  1. To relatively young people ( i am 27) the fact that you have to “move on” in order to grow has a very painful tinge: we dont usually see physical estrangement as something good to look forward, less if you think that we are looking for a oportunity to open up and be really vulnerable to a Dad/Sir: it feels like a promise of eventual abandonment… is scary.
    I have met a very dominant 63 years old Sir in planetromeo, we are going to meet personally in a few months (we are already invested like 9 chatting) and, even when i am very excited; Sub knows that this lifestyle will force him to relocate, change living in a daily basis, learn techniques, etc… i am not very nostalgic about being alone in a new country by myself: but to be vulnerable and submissive on top of all that is quite intimidating, by now i have made sure that Top is not a sadist and i have seen comments of his previous Subs so i know that i can start with him.
    I know he tries and that every Dad/Older Sir/Dominant would try but please: REALLY be consious that is not easy to trust that much… and that is not personal: is about our own safety and limits. By the way, he always change subject when i try to convince him that i am not interested in piss and probing (they scare the sh*t out of me), and that i need time to ajust to paddling and tying … the theme comes out time to time and i feel him a little bit pushy about. ¿What can i do?


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