1988 | 172 cm | 81 kg

Westbrook (ME)

Hey readers, I’m talking to Shinytoy today. That’s the Twitterhandle, not an object 😉 Although, I guess, maybe he likes to see himself as the latter sometimes? Can you answer that for us? What are you all into?

Haha, hello there! I definitely see my self as the latter during my fun sessions and pretty much any interaction with any of my kink acquaintances. It’s who I am at my core. There’s nothing more fun to me than getting shined up and being a nice rubbery toy for someone to to have some fun with. That fun can be something as simple as being with another rubbed up guy and exploring each other all over with our rubbery hands. It can also be heavy and intense. Like being secured to a table and edged for a few hours for example.

Thats a very interesting description. You see it as your core? What do mean when you say that?

Well, I’m a very submissive person by nature but sometimes it’s hard to for me to be that way naturally if that makes sense. When I’m able to be in my gear and in that headspace, it allows me to be who I really feel I am and be comfortable. I don’t have to worry about formalities or receiving compliments or really think too much lol. Honestly this it’s not even on a just sexual level either. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being played with but at my my core, It’s the thought of being able to bring someone else joy and pleasure by being their toy/object to do with as they please. So I guess on a certain level it is the rawness of it.

When did you realize this submissive trait about yourself?

I’ve always been a people pleaser but didn’t really realize the reason for that until I found my love of gear and subsequently started playing with others. I remember exactly when it hit me too. It was in 2011 and in my first real scene with someone. I was wearing one of my zentai (spandex) suits and the person topping me made a comment about being just an anonymous cock for their entertainment and pleasure. That singular statement sent me though the roof and over the edge. It was from that moment on that I realized what made me, me and why I have always been a people pleaser.

So you had your love for gear already before finding out about your submissive side? What kinda gear was it, and why did you find it appealing/sexy?

Oh absolutely! I’ve always been attracted to the look of tight clothing and spandex sports gear. Even at a young age I was drawn to watching sports that involed spandex and didn’t quite get why I was so captivated. Fast forward to my teens when I could buy spandex sports gear of my own and I was hooked. The look and feel of the material drove me wild. When I slid it on, it was hard not to get turned on. It created a few embarrassing moments in the locker room after school lol. My exploring quickly progressed to zentai and full coverage which in turn evolved to latex. It was a fun time of exploration.

How important is being in gear when playing for you? Is it hard for you to get into the sub-headspace without it? Is it a fun enhancer? How much do you connect the two things?

Gear of some sort is almost paramount when it comes to play. Very very few of my sessions don’t involve some sort of gear. Even if it’s something as simple as a hood. Putting the gear on sets the mood and headspace in motion. Without it, it’s hard for me to get into a submissive headspace and stay there. It’s not just about the headspace either. Gear also enhances the fun factor. Sensations are more distinct or, in some cases, dulled. Gear opens a lot of fun possibilities. The connection for me is in what I eluded to earlier. When the gear goes on, it’s time to have some fun 🙂

What is your favorite piece to get in the best mood then? And do you have something that’s on your dream to get once list?

The single piece that puts me most in a submissive mood/headspace would have to be my Polymorphe rubber hood with just nose and mouth holes. When the zip closes and I can no longer see, my mind immediately starts the spiral down into subspace. I am completely at the mercy of whoever is playing with me and I absolutely love it! I would have to say the piece that is highest on my dream list is a custom chastity cage from Steelwerks. Thanks to a chance encounter with the owner at MId-Atlantic Leather Weekend, that piece is now in the planning stages. I’m beyond excited it’s happening.

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