Set Slave | 1994 | 172 cm | 74 kg | Bangkok (Thailand)

I love The feeling of fear and shame

Twitter: @setslave

A Slave & Exhibitionist From Bangkok

MasterMarc: Hi Set. You have told me that you’re preparing yourself for tomorrow evening. What will you do tomorrow and what do you have to prepare?

Set Slave: Hello, MasterMarc. Yes, I will go to the park at night with my friends and a photographer. We will take some pictures, naked. And also have some public play, walking naked, jerking show. And for myself, I will do anything they order me, no matter how risky it is. And if we found some other places along the way we may give it a shot. Don’t have to mention that I will be naked all the time ( at least as much as possible but nowhere is impossible for me to be or to do something naked if it is an order! ). And for all of that, I want to make sure that I will be horny all the time. So, I have locked my dick in my Holy Trainer V2 since we have made a plan. And I will shave my pubic hair tomorrow before we start.

MasterMarc: It seems that to be naked and doing sexual action at public places has a special attraction to you. Can you tell us, what kind of feelings you get if you’re doing it? What exactly do you love if you do it?

Set Slave: The feeling of fear and shame, I think. To be in public it is a chance to get caught by other people. Especially when naked and/or doing sexual actions. That can make me fear. Being seen or/and use by other people make me feel like I am lower than them ( dehumanize ). This is the shame. Both of them release adrenaline in my body which is help with turning me on. And if it is not my own desire, being ordered or forced to do, that even magnify those feelings. That is what I love.

MasterMarc: Can you remember your first time you have done such action in public? Can you tell us when it was, what you have done and how you’ve felt?

Set Slave: My first time in public was very simple, It was one night when I was in grade 10 as 15yo boy. I got an order from master to get naked and wait for him in the public phone booth. He came on a motorbike, I got dressed as he ordered and get on. When we got out of the town, he stopped in a dark alley and ordered me to get naked again. I sucked his cock for a while, then we hit the road again but this time I still naked. Several cars saw me including a trailer which he stays in front of the trailer for a while. He took me to a dark bus stop and made me suck until he cum. He finished with ordered me to jerk off and cum next to the street. At first, I was fearful. But somehow that feeling drove me crazy and became horny. And when I cum, it was like a relief. But that was not my first time exposing myself to others. It was the scout camp as I was 11 years old, I got stripped and jerked off until I came by my friend in the tent with more than 10 boys watching me and I was the only one naked. That was my very first experience in front of other people, but it was in the tent so I don’t count it as in public.

MasterMarc: You’ve really started early with enjoying humiliation in a sexual environment. It seems that this feeling is an important part of your sexuality. What is the thrill of being treated as a subhuman? 

Set Slave: I started with the role play. I fall deeper into BDSM and found pleasure in being treat as a sub. That feeling grew inside me until now. I currently see myself lower than other alpha or sometimes lower than another sub. But I still have a long way to go. I need to train more.

It always starts with fear or shame which makes me hornier. And when the horniness exceeds those bad feeling, it becomes a pleasure. And I always looking for more. Every time I being treated to my limit, it is like pushing it further. That is why I willing to go for more risk, more expose, more humiliated, and get myself from the exhibitionist to a sub and lower than I ever was.

MasterMarc: Have you ever made bad experiences or do you have ever had troubles cause of the way you live your sexuality?

Set Slave: I once had a boyfriend, he didn’t know about my dark fantasy. We broke up because someone wanted me to be his slave so badly but I refused for some reasons, but I still talk to him as a friend. At that time we communicate only via Facebook. He found my boyfriends account and other accounts of my relatives and sent information about me to my boyfriend so he asked for break up with me. That guy told me to be his slave or the next one will be my brother, so I blocked his account and reported as intimidating. That was the worst thing ever happened.

MasterMarc: Such blackmailing things are always stupid and it is not really a way a responsible top should act. And in public you’ve never gotten troubles with other people in the park or with the police?

Set Slave: Not really. In public, not everyone you can trust. I have to check for safety even I when I said I love the risk. I always look around for camera and phones except when I have something to cover my face. And also look for dangerous people. As well as the police, I almost got caught by the police for several times. Thanks to good eyes, ears, and good reflexes, I didn’t. I love to be risky, so I have to be ready.

MasterMarc: You’re from Bangkok. Would you say that Thailand is such an open country that it isn’t really dangerous to live your exhibitionism?

Set Slave: Honestly, No. Not just for exhibitionism, Thailand is still not open much for LGBT. No need to talk about BDSM. I have to always be careful. Some people are open, they are not into what we’re into, but they do not mind us neither. Some people look at us as freaks and hate us. Thefts and bully people could also be dangerous for us. But most people would ignore us if we do not cross the line.

MasterMarc: If visitors of Bangkok would like to find other fetish boys to have fun with what would be your advice for them? Where do they have to go?

Set Slave: We do not really have the fetish community but we do have small groups of fetish people. I have heard about a small fetish club near Silom but I never have been there. If it is real, it could be the only fetish club in Bangkok. But you can look for others on the social networks, web boards or apps. Recently I believe Twitter might be the best one to go.

MasterMarc: Do you have still exhibitionism fantasies you haven’t lived yet and how do they look like?

Set Slave: I still have many fantasies on my list. Being soaked by cum all over my body. Being humiliated by a teenager’s gang. Completely turn into a dog. Get to do some jobs in humiliating ways or even some jobs that normally done by the human. Being forced to do something that dehumanized me. Working as a slave and only slave in any workplace, factory, farm, nightclub, sex-club, etc. Above all, I looking for playing in long term. Maybe the slave training camp or being owned. I also happy to do other’s fantasies.

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  1. I understand this man. I do not have the same fantasies as he does but on some level I can relate to him. I do wonder if he loves himself and if there is someone close to him who cares for him.
    I think I would enjoy being friends with him.
    I wish him all good things.

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