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Babies don’t worry –  so why should I ?

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MasterMarc: Today we are visiting little JayJay. Hi JayJay. I think the best is, if you introduce yourself to our readers, boy.

JayJay: Hi. My baby name is JayJay, my big boy name is Jason my baby age is 1 and a half and my big boy age is 18. I like dummies and cuddling and teddies and stuff.

MasterMarc: What does it mean if you say that your baby age is 1 and a half. Means that, that you’re into ABDL for 1.5 years or is that an age you have elected by yourself?

JayJay: I chose my age myself because it’s not too young and it means I can still walk sometimes and drink from sippy cups so if I don’t have a daddy I can do things myself. Also 1 and a half is 18 months and I’m 18 years old so I thought it was smart.

MasterMarc: How does it come that you’re into ABDL? What was the trigger or the moment that you have realised, that you want to live your little side?

JayJay: I have always felt that I was younger than I am people have always treated me like I’m younger. I’ve always had a baby mindset and I have lots of teddies and stuff. The main reason I began sucking dummies was because I was stressed. I haven’t had the best few years, but when I Suck a dummy it gives me something else to focus on, it distracts me from the bad stuff.

MasterMarc: Are you doing such things just if you’re alone, do you meet other ABDL or do you show it also to friends or your family?

JayJay: All my friends know I’m a baby, my parents know too but we just don’t talk a bout it. I don’t feel like I should hide who I am who I am, if im upset I put a dummy in even if I’m the middle of town, it’s who I am not anyone else’s business. 

MasterMarc: How have your friends reacted? And do they treat you as friend or as baby?

JayJay: My friends love me no matter what, they treat me as their friend but accept me when I’m in baby mode. Once one of my best friends bought dummies for me, that was pretty awesome. Friends should love you no matter what.

MasterMarc: Is your baby mode kind of a castle you build up for selfprotection, a safe space in which you feel good and protected?

JayJay: I guess so it’s more like a bubble, though no body would hurt a baby, so when im a baby no one can’t hurt me, im untouchable when I’m a baby. No one can burst my bubble. 

MasterMarc: Is your little mode just something you do for yourself and when you’re alone or do you search also for interaction as baby? With “Adults” or probably also with other ABDL you can play with?

JayJay: It’s usually just me by myself, but a play date with another baby would be awesome, and having a daddy look after me is awesome too, it means I don’t have to do so much hard work. Have you tried putting a nappy on yourself? It’s impossible.

MasterMarc: How important are diapers for you?

JayJay: At home, they are just to make me feel comfy, like wearing my favourite pjs, but outside they are very important. What if there are no big boy potties around I have to pee somewhere, better to pee in a diaper than pee myself and make a mess. Also they’re comfy.

MasterMarc: Would you say that your adult baby side and your love for diapers is one of your fetish?

JayJay: I don’t really know what a fetish is, but it’s a funny word, so I guess I would. I prefer dummies over diapers though, they’re the main things that get me into baby mode. I guess I could be a Adult Baby Dummy Lover.

MasterMarc: Probably I should take your pacifier away from some minutes. 🙂 Does ABDL has a sexual component for you? Do you get any sexual satisfaction out of it?

JayJay: Being a baby is exciting, but I don’t think it’s that kind of exciting for me. Personally I like it when daddy looks after me, it’s up to him what we do. I don’t like being in control and being a baby helps me surrender control.

MasterMarc: I know you have a daddy. Do you love if he uses you for his sexual satisfaction? Probably he gives you also a reward after the action. 🙂

JayJay: I guess it makes me feel good, which is a reward in itself I guess, but he spoils me anyway, so I get lots of rewards with or without the naughty stuff. Cuddles are the best reward though.

MasterMarc: And what if other ABDL would like to play doctor with you in the playgroop? Do you love that too?

JayJay: Playing pretend Is fun I guess, it means you can be anything you want to be. If we played doctors I wanna be the patient, because then all my problems can be fixed and also I can nap if I’m lying down.

MasterMarc: I think I have to talk to Jason for a moment, because  we need to be serious for a moment and tell people that we are both against sexual abuse of real children.

JayJay: Sexual abuse is wrong no one should be hurt anyone in that way.

MasterMarc: It seems that you love to be a submissive boy but at the same time you need a lot of protection. Do you think if you feel protected by a man/daddy that this submissivity is also part of the world outside your baby bubble in which you’re protected, or are you a total different guy in the world of adults?

JayJay: The world of adults is scary, I like being a baby because I like being protected by people, they can look after me, because I don’t think I can look after myself . Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth, having a daddy means I can be reminded to do things that I forget, so it makes me a healthier person, whether I’m a baby or a big boy.

MasterMarc: But is the big boy Jason submissive too?

JayJay: Yeah he is, he doesn’t really have any confidence and he gets scared of silly things because of his anxiety. Being a baby helps him be more confident because although he’s being himself he’s being a version of himself that doesn’t need to worry about what people think. Babies don’t worry so why should he.

MasterMarc: That is something a lot of people get out of their fetish, satisfaction but also self confidence. That is something also a lot of petplayers have told me. They can be theirselfs and that helps them. I am happy that you have your JayJay side and even if it sounds like a paradoxon, JayJay can help Jason to be stronger also without to escape into the JayJay bubble. You seem to be a nice guy, Jason, and JayJay a playfull boy. What would Jason need to find to be as happy as JayJay?

JayJay: I think Jason has everything he needs to be happy, he just needs to learn how to use it and remember that it’s there. 

MasterMarc: Hope Jason is listen to JayJay. Btw. Jason, what are you into, beside ABDL?

JayJay: I’m just a baby that’s all I’m into really. I colour and stuff just like JayJay I like painting and writing stories. You have to enjoy the simple things in life even as an adult

MasterMarc: Seems that being an ABDL makes you happy, Jason.

JayJay: Yeah it does. I’m at the top of the happiest mountain at the moment. I would be lost at the bottom if it wasn’t for JayJay, he’s saved me. Everyone needs their own kind of JayJay, if it’s a puppy, or a kitten, or wearing a big fluffy suit, everyone should have something that makes them happy, otherwise the world would be a boring place. And if it was boring I’d probably move to mars.

MasterMarc: You’re totally right and to be happy and satisfied is the most important. Thank you, Jason and JayJay, for this talk.


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