Jino the Stray

19xx | 183 cm | 93 kg

Pacific Northwest (US)

Hey everybody, today I’m talking to a sexy buff pup from the US. Jino, how’re you doing?

Woof! I’m pretty great. Been a pretty busy dog, but that’s my normal. Lots of plans for the year got cancelled due to Covid, but there’s been more than enough stuff to fill my days in the meantime.

Catching up on work, training people, building my home gym/dungeon, fixing up my workout routine, taking dirty pictures…

Yeah, there’s a lot to do.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? What are you all into? And can I ask, in obvious view of your muscles, do you see working out as a kink too for yourself?

I’m actually a bit of a nerd, haha. Usually spend my time reading, programming, or playing a game. That is, when I’m not in the gym. I’m definitely a gym pup, and love getting a good pump in and working my muscles. Working out isn’t really a kink for me, but the better shape I’m in tends to make me more and more of an exhibitionist, and that’s definitely a kink for me. Being a big guy training in skimpy clothes and seeing people trying not to stare…yeah, it definitely gets the blood pumping. I also like being on the receiving end of muscle worship, so…. yeah, I guess working out has become a bit of a kink in itself for me.

Beyond that (and pup play, obviously) I like blindfolds, chastity, spanking, breath play, wrestling, toys, edging, forced orgasms, probably other stuff I can’t remember right now. There’s also a lot of things I’d like to try, like suspension play. I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone to show me the ropes 😀

How did you first find out about the world of fetish? And what was it that drew you in?

I’ve never been a super vanilla guy. I was introduced to most of what I like now through various internet image boards. Never really seeking anything out, just stumbling upon some pic of guys in leather, or wearing a chastity cage, etc. A lot of things looked hot and struck me as something I wanted to try, but nothing really clicked until a friend of mine introduced me to pup play. I visited him at a party at his house and he brought out his hood, put it on, and pupped out. I played with him for a while and just thought “yeah…. yeah, I could really see myself doing this”.

After that I went to a mosh with my local pup and handler group. I wasn’t really sure where I would fit in just yet, so I basically acted as a handler that day. Was an easy role for me, since I’m used to being in control (and have had dogs my whole life). I had far more fun than I thought I would, but being a handler didn’t seem like it’d scratch that itch for me.

Didn’t take long after that for me to buy my first hood, nervously walk into a pup social, and the rest is history. Funny thing, I was completely closeted when I started out. Being a pup allowed me to express my sexuality while retaining my anonymity, and was definitely something I needed back then.

What allures you about your fetishes? What are the things that attract you and you find great and hot in them?

I’m in a job where I basically do critical thinking all day, and beyond that I’m a pretty anxious guy in general. Kinda feels like I have to hold back all the time. Being a pup lets me turn off all those distractions and just exist with no filter.

Fuck using words, I just bark and growl and my point is made. If I see a hot tail, I chase it. If a pup comes up and wants to wrestle, I put them on their fucking back and make them whine. If a cute pup bends over, I make them moan. It’s me at my most uninhibited. The rest of my kinks kind of blend into that.

Sometimes I’ll end up flogging or choking instead of wrestling, sometimes I’m teasing a locked sub until they want it as rough as I can go. Everything stems from being able to let go and be myself.

What do you see yourself as in the fetish world, or how’d you define yourself? And why?

That’s an interesting question. I guess I try not to see myself as anything in particular, cause I don’t want the way I think about myself to keep me from trying out something I could be into.

I have a history of anxiety and tend to get lost in my head a lot, so I try not to let anything make me think more than I need to, and labels are something that definitely cause that distraction for me.

I’m a pretty dominant guy, and people tend to call me “alpha” a lot. The way I see it, I just haven’t run into the person that could make me roll over.

I’m a stray pup, and never really had a pack or a handler. Words and bonds mean a lot to me, and for me to claim someone as a packmate there’d have to be a serious “damn, I can’t see myself not being friends with this person” vibe.

There’s a mutual respect and commitment there, and the bar hasn’t been met yet. Likewise, with handlers, I think I’d like to have a handler sometime, but since I’m not submissive that’s been hard as well.

I see my ideal handler/pup relationship like a dragon rider and their dragon. The rider gives commands and the dragon obeys them, but it’s not because the dragon is forced to. The dragon obeys because it respects the rider to know what to do, and the rider respects the dragon and what they’re capable of. They’re friends, and a team, you know? I haven’t found a situation quite like that yet, and I’m content to be a wandering stray until I do.

Do you have a certain type of you’re into?

Oh gosh, haha. That list is also too long. The short version is “cute is cute”, but the longer version… I’m bi/pan, so between the legs doesn’t matter much to me in a playmate. Little dicks are just as much fun as the monster ones are to me, and if my partner has a pussy then I’m chasing cats that day. Shaved, hairy, twinks, otters, bears, muscles, there’s a lot to like in damn near any body type for me, but I’ll admit a shapely guy with a great ass is definitely my weakness.

Subby folks tend to get me going, but not the overly needy ones. Don’t send me hole pics and call me “master” in the first message. Doesn’t mean shit that way. This dog wants to chase a little. The buildup matters. Also, it’s also really fun to be with people who are bigger than me, top or bottom. I like size difference, and it’s fun to be on the other side of it.

As for a long-term thing, I guess I see myself ending up with someone just as dominant as I am. Partially because I like to be challenged, and partially because it’s nice to not have to control everything all the time. I’d like to be able to kick back, turn off my head completely, and trust that the person I’m with will handle things.

And how is it when it comes to play. How do you like to interact with others? Do you have a role style you go into? And are there reasons for doing so or not?

Surprising absolutely no one, I like play to be a bit rough. Whether I’m top or bottom, I like it hard, and if I end up with scratches and bite marks, even better. Besides that, how I play generally depends on who I’m with. Subby guys definitely bring out the mean dog in me, and I absolutely love getting someone nice and restrained, then edging them until they’re begging for me to let em finish, or riding em until they’re bruised. If the person I’m with is on the more dom side then I like to encourage that. Bite me, rough me up, and be ready to get it back just as hard as you give it.

That being said, lazy cuddles are great too. I can be a bit of a teddy bear at times, and if I really like someone, they’ll probably end up getting a massage out of the deal too. Once I get comfortable with someone I’m very, very handsy. I really love physical contact, and never really get tired of it. Sometimes I even do truly degenerate shit like holding hands!

What are your dynamics with others like? How do you go about things there?

Friendly, teasing, rough, protective, just overall bro vibe, with some good-natured grab-ass thrown in, haha. I feel like I definitely come off as a bit of a stereotypical himbo dork, and I’m completely okay with that. I like keeping the people I care about safe, so I’m definitely a bit of a guard dog too. There’s one or two people who have earned enough respect with me that I’ll actually listen to them though, and it’s a nice change. Getting to lie my head in a nice lap, get pets and rubs, and generally spending the day in headspace is one of my favorite things.

As far as sexually, I get off on getting people off, so while my overall personality doesn’t change, I like to find out what people’s buttons are, so I can push them more effectively. Some need a gentler hand; some need more force. I like to tailor it a bit. I try to make sure nobody ever has a bad experience with me.

What do you think about the topic of race and skin colour in the kink community? Has it been an issue for you? Is the community mostly a comfortable place for you? What do you wish it to be?

It depends on what you mean by “issue”. I definitely run into it a lot of racial stereotyping, but that’s more within the lgbt community as a whole rather than the kink community.

I’m a black dude, and I often get messages from guys who “love black guys”, “have always wanted to be with a black guy”, “love bbc”, etc. They’re all usually looking for that stereotypical “thuggish”, aggressive, stupid, violent, degrading type thing, and it’s kinda gross to realize that they see you as that regardless of how you actually are, and they don’t get how damaging those ideas actually are.

Those same thought patterns have historically kept people from getting fair jobs, housing, caused unjust violence… the current situation in the US speaks a lot towards why I detest that sort of thing.

As for kink specific stuff, it’s affected me in a few ways. I’ll never call anyone “master” and refuse to be referred to as a “slave” for pretty obvious reasons. I’m pretty disgusted with race play in general, but that being said I see nothing wrong with interracial dom/sub pairings. It’s completely possible to navigate those spaces in a way that all parties are comfortable with, and that makes sure certain boundaries aren’t crossed. Like all parts of a kink relationship, things should be discussed, and if you can deal with the discomfort of being whipped, flogged, gagged, and fisted, you can deal with an uncomfortable conversation.

What are some fantasies you’d love to live out once? What should they all include?

There’s definitely one I keep coming back to. I start off handcuffed, gagged, in some sort of dungeon. Someone comes in, starts teasing me for getting caught. They try to force me to be submissive, but I won’t do it. There’s flogging, spanking, maybe some nip play, all to try to get me to submit, but I won’t do it.

Eventually I break out of the restraints, and I get to see the look on their face when they realize that suddenly the situation has shifted. From there, I have my fun teasing my former captor’s body until not only are they no longer trying to be in charge, they’re begging me to turn them over and claim them properly. Of course, I’m a nice pup, so I’m sure to give them exactly what they want.

I also love semi-public play. It’d be nice to play around with remote controlled vibrating plugs in public. Getting worked up in a place where I can’t actually get any release, being driven more and more crazy, until I finally grab the person with the remote, drag them off to a dark alley, and…. Oh! And I’d love to have a gym scene sometime. Having someone come behind me and start licking my tail while I do cable crunches, getting a spot from a hot guy and seeing he isn’t wearing underwear, hooking up in the locker room sauna, naked workouts….

Huh, is it getting hot in here?

There’s actually an erotic story written by a friend of mine with a character based on me (Interview with the pack, by @SiscoPolaris on twitter) and the whole thing has basically become one long fantasy for me. Fucking a huge werewolf sweetheart while another rams me? Yeah, that’s definitely a life goal.

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