A kinky story written by Ropingtop | Chapter 2

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“JOEY!   I’m so glad you decided to come.  Please come in.  Please.”  Scott had a big smile on his face as he opened the door.  He had on a striped oxford shirt, opened at the throat, and blue dress slacks, plus penny loafers.  

Joey forced himself through the door, looking down all the time.  He couldn’t remember the last time he had been so scared.  Adam had told him he should wear something that showed off  his pecs and arms, and he did:  a bright blue t shirt that showed you he worked out a lot, and a pair of tight jeans.    

“Can I take your bag Joey?  I’ll bring it to the bedroom while you look around. 

“Oh, yeah, ok, Mr. Scott.  Thank you.”  

“I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.  Maybe we can have a soda or something, and then we’ll talk.  ”  As he headed out, Joey looked at the house.  It was about twice the size of his parents’ house, and it was filled with things that looked like what they had studied in his Art History class.  There was a wall that reminded him of the library at school, and a small case over at the side, with some trophies in it.  He went there first, and saw   “Overall Champion, William Scott 1988.  Overall Champion, William Scott, 1989  Vault Champion, William Scott 1990” and so forth.   Adam had told him that the guy was a former gymnast.  Apparently, a good one too.

“You found my vanity chest Joey.  Memories of time passed.”  He hadn’t heard Scott come back in the room.

“Oh, uh, yeah.  Adam told me you  had been a gymnast.  He just didn’t tell me that, well, you had been a champion, Sir.”

“I think he doesn’t know, Joey.  I don’t talk about it much.  Now, it’s too early for dinner, and I thought we could go out close to here, so, maybe a snack, or a drink?”

“Uh, just a drink Sir.”  He laughed.  “My body still thinks it’s in training, so I can’t really eat that much without feeling kind of sick”

Scott smiled.  “Understood.  Now, we can go high test or low test, however you would like.  I usually have a cocktail around now .   What would you like?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a cocktail Sir.  Can I have what you’re having?”

“Indeed you can.  Now, I want you to come to the bar, and watch, because this is something you’ll need to know how to do.”

They walked over to the bar, and Scott mixed up two gin martinis.

“Now, one thing you’ll learn, Joey, especially from folks like Adam’s friend, is that we fight constantly about what makes a proper martini, and we all have our views on this.  One of the big ones is vodka or gin?  For me, gin.  Always.  And when people say dry, or extra dry, it means you leave the vermouth as low as possible.  My ration is 8:1 which is a little severe.  You always ask people if they would like it dry, extra dry, or dirty.”

“Dirty Sir?”   Scott wrinkled his nose.  “And it is.  Some people like a little olive juice in their martini.  But, what can I say ?  Some people like…”  And he didn’t finish the sentence.   He looked at Joey. 

“Ok, so you just watched me do this.  Now, if I poured them out, just tossed them, do you think you could make them?”

“Sir, I don’t know, but why would you do that with good liquor?”  Scott smiled.  “My thoughts exactly Joey!  We’re on the same page.  You can make them tomorrow.  Now, let’s go have a seat and chat a bit, ok?”

“Yes sir.”  

They went to the sofa.  “First Joey, let’s toast to new beginnings.”  He held out his glass for Joey to clink.  It was the first time Joey had ever had a martini, and the sting took him back for a minute.  Scott laughed.  “The first time is always rough Joey, but trust me.  If you like them, you’ll grow to love them.  ”  He put down his drink.  “So, tell me something about you, Joey.  I’ve seen your pictures, and I know what Adam told me, but that’s all.  Tell me all you want.”

The little sip of gin seemed to loosen Joey’s tongue.  He didn’t realize it while it was happening, but he spoke for about 30 minutes.  Scott said nothing, just shook his head, and said “uh huh,  ” or “oh wow” when Joey talked about some of the gymnastic moves he had learned.  Joey looked at the clock.  

“OH, I’m sorry Mr. Scott.  I ran at the mouth.”

“No apologies Joey, I enjoyed the story.  So, just a  little about me. I’m an alumnus of the university, and yes, I was a gymnast there.  After I graduated, I tried law school, and that’s where I met Kevin.  Law school wasn’t for me, though, but business school was.  And when I finished, I worked in real estate.  I was lucky.  I made my money before things got bad.  So I retired early, and here I am.”

“It’s a beautiful home, Mr. Scott.”

“Thank you Joey.  But  it’s a lonely home.  That is part of why you’re here.  ” He took another sip of his drink, and Joey followed.  “I’m sure that Adam told you what I’m interested in.”   He saw Joey’s eyes begin to fill. 

“He did Mr. Scott.  I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Well, you don’t have to do it tonight Joey.”

Joey looked confused  “I don’t?”

Scott laughed.  “Joey, I’m a gay man who’s a top, but I’m not a predator.  You’re not ready for that.  We’ll talk about getting you ready for that, but for tonight, all we’re going to do is share a bed, maybe kiss a little, nothing too much more than that.”

“You mean… you mean,  you’re not going to …”

“fuck you tonight?  Oh, Joey, good heavens know.  Is that what you… ”  Joey began to blubber.  “Oh come here you sweet  young man. Let me hug you.” Joey did come over, and he fell into Scott’s arms.  Bill was thinking  “yes, he’s going to be fine.  So sweet, so hot.  ”  

“Cry it out Joey.  Cry it all out.  “

“I’m sorry Mr. Scott.  I just thought…”

“Yes, I know what you thought.  It’s not surprising.  But that’s not what happens around here, young man.  Here’s what I propose.  Now, as I said, we’re going to share a bed tonight, and we’re going to cuddle.  I’ll want to teach you about kissing.  Perhaps tomorrow,  I’ll want you to start learning about oral sex.”

“You mean blow jobs, Mr. Scott?”

“Uh huh”

“Oh, ok.” 

“And when you leave at the end of the weekend, I’m going to give you something to use for practice.  It will get you ready for, well, I wish there were a better phrase,  getting fucked, but that’s not in the immediate future for us.  What I DO want is, if this works, that you’ll move in to this lonely house.  I’ve already thought things out . You can tell your folks that you found a cheaper room, in a big house that a former gymnast owns, and you’re doing odd jobs for him to make pocket money.  That’s if this all works out. “

Joey sat there, speechless.

“I’ve given you a lot to think about young man, haven’t I?”

“Yes Mr. Scott, you have.”

“Well, why don’t we take a break, and , well… ”  Scott slid over in the chair.  Joey felt Scott’s hand on the back of his neck, and then he felt his lips press against his own. Scott kissed him. “your lips are soft Joey.  Not kissed much.  Not kissed often enough.  I’ll try to change that.”  He kissed him again, and his hand stroked Joey’s thigh.  Joey could feel his cock beginning to get hard.  The kissing was very nice.  His father, his uncle had kissed him, but not like this.  It was like a cross between a kiss from his father, and a date.  

Scott moved his hand to Joey’s crotch and rested it there.  “MMMM. A sigh escaped Joey, and when his lips opened a bit, Scott began teasing them with his tongue.  It tickled, but it felt good, and Joey opened his mouth to take the older man’s tongue.  Soon, he was Frenching.  Instinctively, he wrapped his arms around Scott, and he pulled him in closer.  

“You’re a very good kisser Joey,”  Scott smiled, when they were done.

“You’re a good teacher Sir”  

“Was that ok?”  Scott asked, knowing it was, from the way Joey’s cock had reacted.

“Uh, yeah Sir.  More than ok.  It was really good.  

“Now, I’m going to do something else, and PLEASE tell me to stop if it’s too much.  I’m sure you and your dates have kissed, but women, to be honest, just don’t know how to do this.  ” 

He put his fingers on Joey’s shirt, right where his nipples were, and began to run them, back and forth.  He was right.  This was something brand new to Joey.  The sensation was one he didn’t know how to deal with, but he liked it. 


Scott smiled.  “It’ll feel even better with your shirt off, Joey.  Or with my tongue.  Or my teeth.”  He looked at Joey.  “Take off your shirt.” 

“Yes sir.”  Joey slipped out of his t shirt, and Scott smiled.  “just like in the photos, only better…”  He began playing with them the way he had when Joey’s shirt was on.  Joey began to whimper.  

“Oh, what’s the matter, Joey boy. You want me to stop?”


Scott laughed.  “They told me your name was Schiavo.  Maybe your middle name is maiale.  pig.  

Joey blushed, but when Scott’s tongue hit his nip, his whimpering and moaning got louder.    

“OH GOD.  OH GOD.  SIR.  I’M SORRY BUT…   And then it happened.  Joey had an orgasm right on the sofa.  A stain spread across his jeans 

“I’m sorry SIR.  I’m really sorry.  God, I’m so embarrassed.”

Scott embraced him  “For what Joey?  For enjoying yourself?  I’m flattered that you appreciated what I did so much.  Tell you what?  Why don’t you just have a shower, and get changed?  We’ll head off to an early dinner, and we’ll talk some more tonight.”

“Ok Sir.  Again, I’m sorry.” 

Scott’s eyes bore into him.  “Joey, you’re young, and you’re new to this.  You’ve got tons to learn, and you’re going to learn it all.  This is nothing.  Trust me, this is absolutely nothing. ” He patted Joey on his knee.  “The only way anyone is gonna know about what happened, is if you tell them, because I’m not. Ok?”

“Ok Sir.”

“Good.  Now how about one kiss, no tongue, before you go off to the shower.”

“I’d like that Sir.”  After they kissed, Scott sent Joey off to the shower.  “It’s a casual restaurant Joey, but you might feel out of place in jeans. If you have a pair of khakis, those would be better.  I’ll toss this stuff in the washing machine downstairs.  It’ll be dry tomorrow.”

“yes sir.”

To be continued ….

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Ropingtop is a 63 year old retired attorney, and native New Yorker, who lives with his partner of 37 years in New York City. He IS a "roping top" who started writing stories like this one about two years ago.

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