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Dear Followers,

It’s been a strange sort of month for our family so far. All three of the boys have been incredibly busy.

Pete has been studying hard at Uni as he has some exams coming up. I speak to him most days and as always is loving his time there. We are all looking forward to having him back for the Summer. Pete was my first ‘son’ and still has a very special place in my heart. Also he’s the eldest and I enjoy going to the pub with him, just he and I. Amazingly, he is still growing and now towers over me as he’s now 6ft 5.

Cheeky little scamp Max is still a handful and shows no signs of growing up despite his Birthday earlier this month. We love his exuberance and he certainly keeps me on my toes. The difference between his character at home, full of beans, a bit scatter brained and always changing his mind is in stark contrast to his at work, where he runs and manages a bar. There he is focused and driven and it’s a very successful place.

But by far the best news was that Joshy came home for a few days. He moved out a fortnight or so ago and is loving his new freedoms and friends. I had imagined that he wouldn’t come back for a while as he would be drawn into City life. But we still talk and chat everyday and it was lovely to hear him say that despite enjoying his new place and space he really misses his Daddy.

It was an absolute joy to have him back as he fills the house with laughter and fun. We had a lot of fun away from the cameras but also did some filming for our site. A few requests from private clients proved fun to make and swayed a little away from our usual canon of work.

Joshy also wanted to try a little ‘pup’ play, but away from all the pup paraphernalia. So it was off to the pet store to get a good collar and chain.  As a new pup he had to be kept on a tight leash and of course ended up being ‘spanked’ for being naughty. Indeed his ass was so red at the end of the session he whimpered and cried a little. But a cuddle from dad soon put a smile back on his face.

Looking forward we will soon be welcoming a new son into the House. A very bright tall twink called Mark. He’s very sporty, lean smooth and very good looking. A confident lad and will be a fine addition to our family. You will love him!

Joshy of course, wants to be the first to meet him. Pete is looking forward to meeting him, simply because he’s tall. Over 6ft 2 and says that at least he wont be the only ‘giant’ in the house. Max naturally is bragging that he will be Marks favourite sibling.

We shall see……










News from Joshy


Dear Friends,

Exiting things have been happening for me and my family lately starting with me moving out of dads house for the big city London life, it’s all new and exiting full of fun things to explore. Being away from dad feels odd something I will have to get use to, All part of growing up I guess .

I went to visit my dad just 2 weeks after moving out, I had missed him so much i dad such a huge smile on my face when he picked me up from the station and he was there waiting for me and gave me a huge hug. Daddies boy for life .

Over the two days we had lots of fun from chilling watching moving, take away and best of all lots of naughty fun. For some time I had wanted to try out pup play and asked dad if we could go to the local pet shop to get me a collar and chain. He said YES of course son. It felt like Christmas all over again, when we got back from the pet shop dad told me to change and he was waiting downstairs with the new collar and chain in his hand telling me to “kneel boy” so without question I did as I was told and from there the fun began,… And ended much much later on… hahaha

Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to see any of my brothers as Pete was at uni and max working but it did mean I got daddy’s full attention hahaha. I hope to see them both on my next visit as I miss them and would love for all the family to be together and have lots of naughty fun and games.



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