Kevin | 1992 | 186 cm | 78 kg | London (UK)

A pussyboy & Slave Like me has just been born to be used for the pleasure of others!

Kik: hoticeyboy

A Talk about Being Exposed

MasterMarc: Hi Kevin. It is very nice to expose a boy I know for years. Can you tell me, what are the feelings you get if you get exposed, so that everyone can see what kind of slave and pussyboy you are?

Kevin: Hi MasterMarc. First of all, let me thank you for exposing me on sadosam. The main thing that I feel is excitement. Excitement of people seeing me and not be able to control who sees it. Also, it feels nice and humiliating to show people what slave pussyboy I am.

MasterMarc: Can you tell me what is the attraction of humiliation?

Kevin: For me the main attraction is the feeling of being degraded. Being used as an animal (e.g. pig or puppy) or an object (toilet).

MasterMarc: In your real life you are a guy with a good self-confidence but if you’re with a master, you have the desire to be a total subhuman, a worthless thing to be used and ready to suffer. Which of these Kevins is the real me?

Kevin: The real Kevin is definitely the confident one. Even though I do like to get dominated and humiliated, I would never be able to surrender myself if I wasn’t confident.

MasterMarc: But what is possible if you find trust? And what would be your goal in such a situation?

Kevin: To be honest in such situations anything is possible since I’m very openminded with only few limits. It probably would depend on the others desires, since one of my main goals is to please the other. In such situations I can become anything.

If I found someone whom I can trust and who is as open minded as I am then there many things I have always wanted to do. To mention at least some of them:

One thing I’ve always wanted is to be turned into total toilet pig, especially servicing several guys or even better to be tied down and used in such way during a party. Another would be to be a pain slave and endure different kinds of pain- from slapping to hard whipping and ball stretching, crushing and trained for hard ball busting. And one of the things I have always wanted is to be locked in a chastity, so that my cock would not belong to me anymore.


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