Advices about WHIPPING written by Badomas & MasterMarc.

Dear kinky friends,

Today I want to present you a basic instruction about a classic punishment practice. I love to do it with my slaves because I think it is a good way to punish slaves for bad behavior,  but also because I love to see them suffering. Boys in tears can be so sweet!

Though I do whip frequently I want to do this presentation with a master friend I know for many years. So here I present you Badomas, a german master. He is a real whipping lover and he has huge experience in this field.






is a kinky german master with many years of experience. Before he became a master he also enjoyed being whipped as a sub.

His is living the sm with heart and brain. Responsability is very important for him. He loves to play with the boy’s limits but he knows how important it is, that the action is satisfying all involved people.

He loves the whipping and he has a great collection of different whips. Young athletic whipping victimes are in best hands at his place. His dungeon at home has hosted many young and sporty subs crying for mercy.




Trust, Responsibility & Communication

Trust is always the base of good SM.  And its even more important is it in painful action in which you can reach the limits of a boy easily. If you don’t want to have action in which the whip is just used to tease the sub, then the guys who are enjoying the action should know them very well. Ok it is also possible that a slave will be whipped by a stranger, but then his master should be with him to control that the boy won’t get overstrained. The top has to know what he is doing and if he lets his slave get whipped by others, he should at minimum instruct and guide them.

The master or top has, as always, a big responsibility. But it is important to say that  the sub also has his responsibility as well. He has to choose who he trusts and do it so that he can really enjoy the action with the knowlege that, even if he has to surrender, he is safe.

Communication is really important in all bdsm action. Talk before the action! You have to know what the other wants and needs and you have to be sure, that it fits with your desires and knowlege. It is better if there is no action than bad action! The aim should be that all involved people are satisfied and happy. Talk about desires, needs, safety, limits, body reactions and health. If you have to whip as top a new guy, go step by step and don’t be shy to ask him also during the action, how he is doing. As better you know somebody as more important becomes the non verbal communication. As long you aren’t able to read and interpret the reactions of the sub, as more you should talk with him. Talk also after the action about the experiences you have made together. That can help both to have an even more satisfying session next time.



If we talk about limits then we first need to talk about the limit of the passive guy who will receive the whipping. It is him who sets the important limits. Of course a good top knows that, but at the same time he is good in not giving this feeling of power to the slave.

It is important to know that limits are individual and situational. The mood of the day, the state of health, the personal situation and the issues in the life of the slave can have a big influence to his limits of the day.

That means that every hard whipping is different, even if you know your slave very well. Be aware that you need to be attentive and read your boys body language during every whippings you do. The better you know him, the better you can read and interpret his reactions and the more trust he has which in return will expand his borders. But you have to know, that small steps are always better than to rush.



Especially for harder flogging it makes perfect sense to provide some “warming up” of whipped parts of the body. That must certainly not be boring and pleasant for the sub, since it may well be integrated as part of the session. Good blood supply and warmed skin does not rip open so fast. Softer whips with many strings, called floggers, work particularly well for a warm up. After a good warm up sessions things can get significantly rougher in my experience. Braided whips and especially single tail whips like bullwhips should not be used on “cold” skin. Both parts are painful for the sub, and therefore warming up is not just necessary evil for the top.

It also makes sense for each lashing to tie the sub and to give him as little movement as possible. In addition to the intended sense of helplessness, this has the practical advantage that the sub cannot move erratically while a strike is performed. This reduces the danger of hits to unwanted and partially dangerous spots of the sub’s body.


After the whipping

Depending on how hard the sub was whipped, the sub may have marks starting from simple reddening over red and blue welts up to ripped skin.

Reddening is caused by increased blood flow and skin irritation and usually disappears after a few hours, sometimes even minutes by itself.

Red welts where the skin slightly rises, may have different consequences. In my experience, this is not only different from the type and hardness of the whipping, but also differs from sub to sub. While sometimes those welts remain superficial and disappear after a few hours, they sometimes lead to deeper lesions of the skin or the connective tissue resulting in bruises. This discoloration can occur even after a short time. The welts then resemble other bruises and are not dangerous in itself, but may lead to the feeling of high pressure below the skin and pain triggered by touching for even longer time. A discoloration towards green or yellow is not uncommon later in the healing process. Ointments which are also used for other bruising use, e. g. Arnica preparations can be used. Normally such welts heal without leaving permanent sore.

More care is required after the session definitely, if one form of injury occurs, namely open skin rips. To really cut the skin, the top has to whip the sub quite violently unless the sub has particular medical disorder with his skin. More often it happens, however, that smaller spots are violated so that some blood is leaking. Blemishes, e. g. small, even invisible pimples, are predestined. In such cases, care should be taken that the wound is kept germ-free to prevent inflammation. The same as for all other open wounds applies here. Ointments can speed healing, but more important is to keep the wounds clean. Larger wounds, particularly longer cuts – should they occur – need medical care by a doctor to prevent infections and unwanted scars.

For all consequences of flogging applies: The sub was subject to unusual stress, both physically and mentally. Should there be signs of mental disorder the top must act responsibly and take the sub seriously. The psychological impact should not to be underestimated, especially with subs not yet accustomed to whipping.

For last,  should the case occure that you have to consult a doctor because of unforeseen negative effects, it is important to play with open cards. It makes no sense at all to tell untrue stories about what happened. Only an honest statement puts the doctor in a position to help. Luckily I never had this case after a whipping, but I unfortunately was forced in another case to use the service of the emergency room  after an SM-session. Open cards were appreciated in this case. Don’t forget, because it is true: “Medics have seen it all.”



First of all, you have to know what you’re doing and what the impact of your whip is. If you’re not sure, then start slowly. As top you have to be careful and perceptive. Observe your bottom and his reactions. You are not only there to whip him but you also to protect him and take care about him. Drugs and alcohol shouldn’t be taken if you do hard action as it changes your perception.

Best is to fixate the bottom in a position to minimize his evasive movements so that you can hit your target aera better.

To make it easier for you we made a little traffic lamp picture where you can see where it is safe to whip your sub.

On the green areas which cover most of the body you are good to go. There are not really dangerous, as long as you dont try to whip the life out of the sub.

The yellow areas are more sensitive. They still are not dangerous, but you should be careful, especially with harder whips. They are a lot more painful than the green ones as you have a lot of nerves there and come near bones, and can make even the toughtest guys scream. So if you really want to see your boi in tears, try to hit there.

Don’t hit anyone in the red areas. You could seriously hurt the sub. There are bones, tendons and unprotected organs there which, if they got broken or rip, could leave you seriously injured or crippled.

The dick and balls are marked red here too. We only recommend people with experience to hit that area with harder instruments, since you could leave the the victim potentially impotent or dysfunctional.

And lastly: Though this graphic shows you general good and bad areas you always have to take other things into account too. The body of your sub, the strength of your slash and the type of whip you use could change the graphic greatly to either of those three colours.


The following list of different whips and their impact can be only a rough overview. Each sub feels differently and also takes the strokes differently. What is the correct severity of the blow for one may completely overwhelm the other, or even bore him. Therefore it is – as always in an SM session – of utmost importance that the top and sub know each other and try out the limits before things gets tough.

Nevertheless, I have created this overview of the different types of whips and their use to facilitate a start for curious newbies and avoid mistakes that may occur. The list is based on my own experience over the last 20 years that the subject of flagellation have been fascinating me.

Basically, I think it is sensible if a top is testing a new whip in different strengths on himself in order to assess the effect it has. There is such a wide range of whips nowadays that the individual item should be tested before usage.



A flogger is a whip that consists of several simple leather straps attached to a handle. The most common variant has flat, relatively soft leather straps of different width and 5-20 tips. Floggers with straps firmly attached to the handle are much easier to use than the variation, in which the bundle of leather straps is attached to the handle via a flexible metal joint. FI urgently advise against this variation, because the control of the strokes is unnecessarily complicated, without bringing any other advantage.

Floggers with thicker and harder leather strips with a square or round cross-section are much more painful. They should be treated more like Cat-o-Nine-Tails (see below). The same applies for heavier many tailed rubber whips.

The length of the straps has decisive effect on the handling of the floggers. A good introduction to the subject is possible with the usual length of up to 50 cm.

Floggers can be used on the whole body of the sub with the exception of taboo zones marked in red. My experience shows that it can get tougher quite quickly when beating the sub with a flogger. As already mentioned floggers are first choice for a warm up, too.

The top should know that hits with a larger portion of the straps are significantly less painful than strokes with just the tips of the straps that need a little practice. Wrapping the straps around the sub’s body hitting the adverse side is especially painful for the sub, may it happen deliberately or accidentally. This is due to the speed of the tips increasing before hitting the body.


Cat O’Nine Tales

The Cat-o-Nine-Tails is also a multi tail whip. I it is today known primarily from seafaring movies, as it was the penalty laid down on sailing ships of the Navy for many offenses of the crew. Unlike floggers the Cat usually has braided strands. The number of strands is not set to nine in principle despite the name commonly known. Depending on the thickness and roughness of the strands they hurt the skin much easier and ache much more. The thicker strands hit the sub’s body with significantly more weight. Therefore, Cats should only be used on parts of the body where a larger muscular layer protects joints and bones, e. g. the back, ass, thighs, with appropriate stature also chest and abs.

The longer the strands of the whip the more difficult is the handling. The topics raised above for floggers for the hitting the sub with the full lengths of the strands or only the tips as well as for wrapping around the body are analogously true for Cats, albeit with normally higher pain impact on the sub.

Welts from the Cat-o-Nine-Tails are often significantly longer visible than those of floggers. The historic variants with plaited thorns, metal balls or the like in the strands are not suitable for SM sessions in my view, because they can cause bad injuries.


Dog Whips (short Single Tail Whips)

Unlike the previously mentioned types the following two basic types have only one strand. The braided whip tapers increasingly from the handle to the tip, which is often continued from one of braided thongs for a short bit. Dog whips are the best first step into the world of the single tail whips. They are easier to handle than bullwhips with their relatively short length; normally well below one meter.

Important in these thicker braided whips is a uniform braid. Unfortunately, this almost always means a higher price, but it is worth it. Unevenly braided whips are usually more difficult to use, because they often have unwanted kinks in the whip, which make accurate aiming difficult. Poor braiding also increases the risk of burst skin due to sharp edges without increasing the fun.

For above-average thick and thus heavy whips, the restriction of target areas similar to the Cat-o-Nine-Tails should be considered.


Bull Whips (long Single Tail Whips)

In my opinion, the queen of whips, but also the most difficult to master is the bull whip. Bull whips are also single tail, braided whips, but with lengths greater than one meter up to several meters clearly appears martial.

The length makes it possible to create a whip-cracking when the whip is swung. This happens, if the tip of the whip reaches supersonic speed. Often bull whips tip with a significant thinner cord easily speeding up this much. I advise against thin cord extensions for SM games, since such tips are difficult to control and can be sharp as a knife cutting the skin.

Bull whips can be used to intentionally wrap around the body of sub and the tip to take speed. The top should be well trained for this kind of whipping, because he should steer exactly on which side of the body and how high the tip hits. This takes some practice.

I tend to prefer two different techniques, where the sub is whipped from an appropriate distance that the whip will hit with its mere tip. Those methods need even more space that the before mentioned and is therefore not suitable in all surroundings. Depending on the sweep the whip hits the sub with different force. The easiest way for this is to circle the arm above the own head that the whip follows the move and by the tip of the sweep hits the sub. More difficult, but also even more painful for the sub due to higher speed of the whip tail is a variant, in which the top deliberately gives the whip moving wave motion, where the wave reaches  the tail of the whip directly upon striking the body of the sub.

The top should try out bull whips extensively on non-living targets, e. g. a suspended pillow until he is certain to master the whip. I think it makes sense to protect parts of the body not to be hit by the whip even with more experience. A thick mask with collar, a wide belt around the kidney area and a chastity belt protect the exposed areas of the sub. Those applications do not interfere with the session, but are rather a good support

Other types of whips

There are a myriad of other types and intermediate variations; e. g. dog whips that split shortly before the tail of two thongs or those with a broader flat piece of leather at the end. Basically for many the remarks about the similar basic type are valid. Tops should find out the details themselves by sensing the effect on themselves, and then go on responsibly on the sub.



  1. When l get whipped I always feel very submissive and want to get on my knees and worship the ministers shoes, Buls is very close to them all most inside them is that normal


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