A story written by zzzthrakon. (Part 2 of 2 –> here you can find part 1)

autor zzzthrakon

Another week went on half working on my project and half thinking of my locked dick and balls.

I was apprehensive just with the thought of crossing the railway on Friday after my project was finished. I fear I would be kidnapped again but I needed them to unlock my dick and my balls. It was ironic. Then, an announcement came from Riko. We were going to have a celebration party that night. After dinner, we went to a local nightclub. Drinks after drinks, I have forgotten about my captors and my locked dick and balls. I was drunk and they sent me back to my lodging. But I did not remember climbing up the spiral staircase.

When I woke up in the morning, I opened my eyes and I found myself naked and sleeping on a mattress with many pairs of eyes looking at me. I wanted to get up but I was overpowered by many naked guys wearing masks. They shoved a vibrating butt plug into my rectum. The plug went in my rectum easily. My hole muscles were already loosen and wet too. My ankles and knees were tightly restrained together with duct tapes. My wrists were restrained and duct tapes were used and wrapped around my body that restrained my arms by my side. A snorkel mouth piece was shoved into my mouth and taped to ensure I could breathe but not able to make audible sounds. My nose was being clamped by nose clip like those used by swimmers. I was forced to breath through my mouth. Then, they used a knee length sock to blindfold me. That was the last thing I could see. I could not make sense of what was going. Was I dreaming? Then, I felt a pair of wet warm lips planting a kiss on my forehead before putting a rubber hood over my head. Momentarily, I stopped thinking and I was enjoying the pleasure that the vibrating butt plug was giving me. After the rubber hood was over my head, I panicked and hyperventilated. I felt a warm hand patted my rubber hooded head to pacify me. I started to take deep breaths from the mouth piece. Then, I felt a gloved hand touching my restrained naked body. I was not dreaming!

The gloved hand fondled my caged dick touching something sticking out from my pee hole. It was a rubbery tube sticking out of my pee hole! I was catheterized! I guessed my captors catheterized me when I was drunk. What was going to happen to me next?

I peed myself uncontrollably as I was scared. Or, I had no control of my peeing because I was catheterized. Then, I remembered that my captors threatened to leave me all bound and gag for 24 hours unless I obey them totally. It was a training to make me totally obedient. I was released in the evening. I was used before they fed me. Then, I was bound again before they left me alone for the night. I had some time to recollect my memory but I could not connect what happened between the nightclub and waking up in the grip of my captors. I was released in the morning to clean myself and to feed before I was tightly bound and gagged. I was tied to a chair watching videos of me being raped. They unlocked my dick and removed the stainless steel balls stretcher. Embarrassingly, my cock erected and became very hard watching myself being fucked. I was so horny and they knew it was time to gangbang me. I was not bound or gagged or locked. I was totally naked wearing nothing. I did not try to run away. I was totally in their control after they made me smell something. I was not embarrassed being totally naked with my erected hard cock. After a while my dick went soft but my hole opened bigger than ever and welcomed all the cocks.

In my ecstatic state, they carried me out of the house. I could feel the breeze on my naked body. I was blindfolded. There was a chain around my neck and it was secured to something low. They teased my soft dick before leaving me alone. When I heard no voices of my captors, I removed the blindfold as my hands were not bound. I found myself completely naked and leashed by a chain. I realized that the place was a spiral staircase. I was at the foot of the staircase at my lodging! I was confused. How did I end there? I tried to get up but I could not because the chain was very short and it was secured to the railing. I could not stand up straight.

Under the dim light seeping from under the back door, I looked around for my things but none was found. The place was dark and quiet. I tried very hard to get free from the chain but it was hopeless. There was no way to break the metal chain. There was nothing I could do other than playing my soft dick as I was still horny but my dick did not get hard. I also fingered my hole. I found out my hole was wet with cums when I smelled my finger. I was feeling weak without strength so I rested myself on the railing.

The sky was getting brighter. It was the break of dawn. I was afraid that passerby might see me naked and chained to the railing. I struggled to break free but it was hopeless when the back door opened and a guy came out. I could not hide myself. I could only hide my face with my hands. I was so shameful of being naked out in the open. The guy was only wearing a pair of underwear. He walked straight to me and touched my body and grabbed my dick. I tried to stop him but he hit me. He lowered his underwear and made me sucked his morning hardon while he lit a cigarette and smoked. He held the lit cigarette close to my face and threatened to burn me if I did not do as he commanded. I submitted to him as I was afraid he would hit me or burn me. Then, he fucked me. His hard cock entered my hole easily. While he was fucking me, another guy came out. He was wearing a sarong. It was humiliating not only was I naked and chained outdoors and also being fucked in the open. The other guy watched as he brushed his teeth with one hand and fondling his own dick with the other hand.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a car driving towards us. A man stepped out. It was Riko! Then, I realized it was Monday morning and Riko was here to pick me and send me to the hotel in the city which I planned to do some sightseeing. The cigarette guy was done fucking me and pulled his cock out of my hole. I involuntarily moaned as it felt good.

“Good morning, Ben, I see you are not dress yet.”

As Riko spoke, he held the chain which was leashing me by the neck. At the same time, the brushing teeth guy lifted up his sarong and pushed his hard cock in my hole and began to fuck me. I embarrassingly moaned as I was fucked.


Inbetween my moaning, I whimpered as the brushing teeth guy has a large thick cock and making me very aroused and moaning.

I was shocked when Riko fondled my cock.

“You must be enjoying. Your cock is hard.”

Riko said as he playfully stroked my hard cock. I tried to respond to Riko but I did not know what to say as I was distracted by the thick cock ploughing my hole. While still trying to figure out, I saw Gusti walked out of the back door. It was most embarrassing as I always presented the best of me in front of Gusti because he was the most handsome and charming guy in school. It was the first time I saw him only in his underwear. He has the most athletic body and beautiful eyes and long eyelashes. Riko and Gusti chatted with each other as if I was invisible. I was moaning as the thick cock ploughed my hole. It was humiliating to be seen naked by both Riko and Gusti. But they were not astonished even a little bit. What was going on? I could not think properly with a thick hard cock in my hole.

Gusti came over to me and patted my head.

“I am Jboymaster.”

He showed me his tattoo on his buttock. It was the same as my newfound friend from a BDSM website. His profile nickname was Jboymaster. The whole kidnap thing was masterminded by Jboymaster. After knowing my travelling plan, he planned the kidnap together with Riko. I was their targeted pray as Gusti, the Jboymaster, knew I was a submissive. It was a trap when Riko offered me free lodging. I was dumbfounded when Gusti explained everything to me.

“Let me go, please…”

I managed to utter softly.

“Not yet.”

Then, a pickup truck drove in. Gusti shooed away the brushing teeth guy and unlocked me from the railing. He led me by the leash and ordered me to climb up the truck after a muscle bearded man lowered the tailgate. I was ordered by Gusti to crawl into a dog cage on the back of the truck. Then, the muscle bearded man placed a lock to the cage imprisoning me inside. The stupefied me looked at both Gusti and Riko as the truck drove off. I was naked and locked inside a dog cage at the back of the truck.

It was a long journey. There was not a thing along the way except for trees. It was hot and I was dehydrated under the hot sun. On arrival at a wooden house, three men came out of the house and all four carried the dog cage with me in it into their backyard over a drain. They took me out of the cage and hosed me like a dog. I welcomed the hosing as it was warm and I was dehydrated. They wasted no time to fuck me one by one. When they were done, I was locked back inside the dog cage. I was a little dizzy because I was only given food and water at night. I did not think anything. I was like a dog eating, sleeping and getting fucked. The following day they fucked me again. Other than that, I was kept in the dog cage. I was hosed down whenever I made a mess peeing inside the cage. Passively, I stayed in the dog cage quietly.

Later in the day, the muscle bearded man douched me and hosed me down like a dog. I thought I was to be fucked again but he led me by the chain around my neck up the back of his truck. I was chained to a bracket and the bearded man drove off with me totally naked at the back of the truck. After a while, I began to have some sense and sat at a corner as I was afraid that other road users might see me. I guessed he was sending me back to Gusti but in the middle of nowhere I was led down the truck. The road was hot under my barefoot. The bearded man led me to the trees along the roadside. I followed quickly because the heat from the road was burning hot. The bearded man chained me to a tree by the roadside. The dry soil under my feet was equally uncomfortable because the rough surface was poking my soles. I tried to speak to him but he only spoke the native tongue which I do not understand. Then, he drove off leaving the naked me chained to the tree. I was worried. Then, something stung me. It was an ant. I quickly shooed the rest of the ants away. When I looked up, I saw a motorbike approaching. I was worried that the driver would see me naked and chained to a tree. I was in distress when the motorbike slowed down and stopped by me. I was greatly humiliated and kept my head down when a man came down from the motorbike and stood over me.

“Is this what you fantasized?”

It was Gusti! I was so happy to see him. He was in his usual black leather jacket and looking charismatic and dazzling wearing his sunglasses and black leather gloves. Finally, I thought I would be released. But Gusti only took out his handphone and took photos of me. I was embarrassed. After taking photos, he took out a cigarette and started smoking. He patted my head as if I was a dog. He played with my dick and teased me by blowing cigarette smoke on my face. I submissively took it without moving away because he was the master.

Then, another motorbike came our way. I was distressed as I was naked and chained by the roadside but Gusti was calm. He knew the motorist. That man came over and wasted no time to push his hard cock in my hole once he unzipped his jeans. He spat saliva on my ass hole and raped me while Gusti videoing all of it.

After that, Gusti took the keys out from his jacket and unlocked the chain. He put me on the pillion seat of his motorbike and drove me back to the lodging. For decency sake, he gave me a small piece of rag to cover my dick during the motorbike journey. I was shameful but happy that Gusti came for me.

When we reached the lodging, he chained me to the railing of the spiral staircase. It was already Tuesday and my flight back home was Wednesday. I thought Gusti would let me free but I was chained up and thirsty and hungry. I was horny too as I dick was hard.

“Let me go, please…”

I begged shamefully.

“But your cock is hard and want to play.”

Gusti grabbed my hard cock and stroked it.

Then, a vehicle approached the lodging. Riko stepped out of the car. I was happy to see a familiar face but I was also humiliated as I was chained and naked. Riko was carrying a lot of stuffs with both of his hands. He ignored me. Gusti went to help him. Both of them went into the house. I was left chained outside.

Then, Gusti came out. “You want to be freed?”

“Yes, please.” I pleaded.

Gusti unchained me and led me into the house. Everyone clapped. I felt embarrassed as there were many people and I was the only one naked. Then, someone handed a sarong to Gusti and he helped me to wear it. After that we had a feast on the food that Riko brought. It was officially over. I was freed. That night Gusti slept with me. Both of us were naked in bed.

On Wednesday morning, Gusti bid me farewell and Riko drove me to the airport. On the way, I found out that he was the owner of the lodging house. I did not get to tour the city but I had experienced more than that. Thanks to my newfound friend Gusti, the Jboymaster.

The end.


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