Before we start to publish the next Kinkyboys podcast, which is planned for beginning of March, we start with the former 16 episodes. Here you find the episodes 9 to 16.

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(1989) a kinky student originally from Kent living in London UK

Adam about Craig:

Craig is an amazing boy, a massive geek and a skilled kinkster. We met at a recon party and since then he’s become one of my best, kinkiest friends. He’ll always put others first whether in service in the bedroom, making their gear look perfect as a boot black or dropping everything to help out a friend. We’ve worked together on everything from teaching kink online to in person to slaughtering kobolds in fantasy worlds. I’m so glad I get to call him a friend.



(1990) a kinky student originally from Hampshire living in London UK

Craig about Adam:

Adam had become one of my oldest friends and one of the first people I got to know in the London fetish scene. A full time puppy with a big heart, he seems to have an endless eagerness to help others and a filthy, filthy mind. He is well experienced beyond his years in the local fetish scene and a huge geek to boot. Since joining the podcast he has been a lively and informative voice of knowledge on the show.

Episode 9: Barebacking as a fetish, cultural narratives of safe sex,

August 19, 2015

This episode we have sexual health worker and former pornstar Jason in our new studio to talk about the nature of barebacking as a fetish and it’s evolution in tandem with safe sex messages. We discuss:

  • The fetishisation of condom-less sex due to it becoming a taboo
  • Reasons for barebacking
  • Jason’s experiences in porn
  • The current attitudes sexual health
  • Safety steps for bareback
  • the psychology of the BBBH
  • The cultural messages of gay sex being dangerous
  • Eroticising condom usage
  • What is a bottoms best friend?

Episode 10: The Symbology of Collars

September 9, 2015

Today’s topic of talk is Collars and their meanings, including:

  • What collars can signify to which people
  • Our own collars and the stories behind them
  • different types of chains and locks
  • the fantasy vs reality of a collaring ceremony
  • Safety concerns for wearing a collar

Episode 11: Sir Dart on bondage and forced apperance changes

September 29, 2015

Today we are interviewing a friend of the show Sir Dart; An experienced kink educator, former bounded and gagged model, host of the darts domain podcast and Adam’s Grand-Daddy.
Dart today talks with Adam and Craig about his history with bondage as well as his view on forcing appearance changes on someone as a form of domination, dealing with one of his biggest mistakes in a scene and much more.
we cover:

  • Dart’s exposure to bondage and his ‘coming out’ about his kinky side
  • Acting in porn
  • First bondage experiences in bars
  • The differences between Shibari and practical bondage
  • The Psychology behind forced transformations and appearances
  • Personal experiences with Forced changes to appearances
  • The difficulties of coming out about an uncommon or unique fetish
  • The pros and cons of analyzing the roots of a fetish for people
  • Learning from your mistakes and putting other peoples safety before pride and ego
  • Mistakes in play we have made
  • dealing with jealousy and feeling compersion

Episode 12: Nipple Play and Muslce Growth with Dadddy Chris

October 21, 2015

This episode we have Adam’s Daddy (and Darts boy) Chris with us today to discuss two of his favorite fetishes: nipple play and muscle growth.
Chris takes us through:

  • How to start nipple play off right. Don’t just grab and yank
  • How to best play with them. manipulation techniques.
  • Best and worse toys for nipples and why
  • How to grow your nipples and make them huge.
  • Safety concerns for nipple play
  • What is muscle growth in a BDSM setting
  • The fantasy of ‘forced’ muscle growth and the reality
  • Growing to please dominant
  • Deliberate uneven growth to make a ‘muscle freak’
  • Starting out at the gym
  • Synthol:just say no!
  • Safety concerns for undertaking muscle-growth.

Episode 13: Exhibitionism For subs

November 11, 2015

Today we have Adam takes center stage to talk about Exhibitionism and the love of being on display and objectified. We go through the whys and hows of what makes a good exhibition scene from a subs perspective.
Of course it was only sensible that for this episode Adams daddy had him wearing the most revealing pair of shiny spot shorts available:

Episode 14: High Protocol with Pup Brock and the 1st Mr Puppy UK

November 26, 2015

This Episode we Talk with the eloquent pup Brock on his experiences using high protocol for his power exchange relationships. We also get a report on how the first Mr Puppy UK went at the 2015 November pup social.

Today we cover:

  • What is meant by “high protocol”
  • Brock’s personal experience and examples of high protocol
  • Why would you use protocol and its benefits
  • Safety concerns when using protocol in private and in public
  • The first Mr Puppy UK contest
  • what its been like setting up a contest
  • Advice for those wanting to start a leather/kink title

Episode 15: Saline and Pumping With Pup Sparks, and contest launch

January 13, 2016

This week we have the lovely Pup Sparks talking us through the do’s and DO NOTs of saline and pumping of the balls and cock. We hear about his experiences and errors.

We also are super excited to announce our first ever competition! In celebration of our Sponsor, Pablo Greene, releasing the 3rd how to kill a superhero book we are giving away one of his sexy singlets.
To enter just send us a selfie or an illustration of you as a superhero (pre existing or made up) to with “superhero selfie” in the subject line. Good Luck!

Also, our guest was kind enough to give us a photo example of the results:

Episode 16:Furry porn Fetishes, recon’s bot problem and kink comunity drama

February 8, 2016

In light of the recent news article about Tony the tiger being bombarded with fury porn, we thought it would be timely to talk about the often niche fetishes found in furry porn.
We also have a discussion about what to do when names in a comunity stur up drama and recons growing bot problem

What do you think about our podcast? We are happy to get comments, ideas and other inputs!

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