Tuesday, October 19, 2021

points & badges

We reward your activities and loyality

On sadOsam you can earn reward points, we call them Kipo (Kinkster points). You can gather them simply by being active on sadOsam, wether thats posting content, liking other peoples posts, updating your profile and status, etc., etc… . By gathering these points you can earn new ranks, which will be shown on your profile page. Everyone will start out as a rookie, but be an active poster and contributor and you can climb up all the way and eventually become a Legend Rank!

Not only that, but by being active and doing stuff on sadOsam, you can also earn badges. These are rewards for completing specific (and hidden) tasks and achievements. They will also appear on your profile, so you can show them of as a sign of pride here on sadOsam 😉 And some of them are gonna be really rare!

Backers Badge

Be a backer and supporter of sadOsam.

For members of the first hour

Welcome Badge

Successfully register to sadOsam.

New You!

Successfully update and complete your profile.

Best Friends

Reward for making 10 Friends.

Social Butterfly

Reward for making 20 Friends.

Community Builder

Creating a group with group cover and avatar.

Team Player

Join 3 groups.

Smooth Talker

Write 100 messages.

Social Chameleon

Join 5 groups.

Team Leader

Become a group moderator.

Conversation Starter

Start a new topic in a group forum.

Forum Contributor

Answer/Post 10 times in a group forum.


Favorite 30 timeline posts.

Social Post Bronze Medal

Publish content 10

Social Post Silver Medal

Publish content 25

Social Post Gold Medal

Publish content 50

Responsive Badge

Write 20 approved comments.