Sizes: S-M-XL- XXXL

S: 9.75″ Tot. Length
9.50″ Circ.

XL: 14.75″ Length
 9.25″ Circ.

Med Firm / 75% Soft

Texture: Realistic

Extras: Vac-u-Lock

The Lampwick is a one of the favorites of Hankey. This virile looking Dong was completely sculpted and designed from clay. You can see that in it’s organic looking form, and all the little detailing. It also feels very comfortable inside, and slides right in. So you’re gonna have a ton of fun with it for sure 😉


This one is a very nice dildo for those who wants to go from practising depth to width. Easy to slide whens you started to get yourself open and on to it. Soft silicone which makes great comfort.

Lampwick is a dildo great for duo-play. I can see myseöf tied down and having this pushed in.

This one quickly has become one of my favorites. It’s just so snug, and I can ride it for long times without it tiring me out, or feeling specially sore in some spot inside, as many others do cause of their special shape. It just slides in and gives you a good feel, with a good softness to make it very comfortable.

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