Master and i are not active participants in the BDSM community. We went to Citadel once (my first and only visit) and that’s all. Master has several friends in the community and Sir Ray is one of the few. i served Sir Ray a couple times when Master and another slave were there together, and a couple months ago Master sent me to serve him at his place for several hours. i was very excited that time as it’s my first time to be used really like a owned property lent between Masters which i had no say in it.

Last Friday when Master told me i was to go to Sir Ray and serve him during the weekend, i was exited, but soon i started to feel a sentiment like home-sick. i’d be also spending a night with Sir Ray and i already started to miss Master before i left. Master told me that it was a lesson of being a real property, and that He can lend me to anyone if He wants and i had no choice. Such fact just got me excited again and i was determined to make Master proud of me by being a great slave serving Sir Ray.

Making my way over to Sir Ray’s place, I carried 3 bags full of leather, whips and electro gear. After i arrived, Sir Ray picked the shock collar (for actual dog-training that many people are against) and put on my neck securely, then sent me out to run errands for him. Sir Ray is big into public humiliation so i would’t just go yet – he had me kneel in the bath tub and spread his fresh piss all over me. i had to mention it made some quite interesting wet pattern on my t-shirt.

i went out with a load of laundry to do and felt panic. Sir Ray did put on a chain and big lock on me and send me out before, but a shock collar meant for dogs with a flashing light was a different thing. It was more humiliating. i just kept my head down and rushed through the streets, where i also passed by group of tourists waiting for the famous cable car. i never used a public laundry before and it took some time to get things right. i went back late and got some good face slapping for punishment.

Then i had to go out again to buy lunch. Sir Ray’s favorite place seems so popular that people always waited in the long queue at the door. i still don’t know how i survived the waiting that seemed forever long. i ran back with food and some fresh produce and was 2 minutes late, some more face slapping for me.

After some more back and forth with the laundry shop, i finally got things done. Sir Ray tried some stun batons on me in a playful way, then sent me for grocery shopping at a Trader Joe’s while keeping a pair of chained nipple clamps on me. i felt so owned… but had to go anyway. It was Saturday-afternoon crowded in the supermarket, and i wandered in the popular fresh produce aisle, while the nipple clamp chain dangling under my thin t-shirt. i guess i finally had a break-through and calmed down. i got everything and even asked some people about where to find stuff.

In the evening, Sir Ray put on a leather uniform and used me for some fun. He whipped me at back and front, and shocked me all over. He didn’t hurt me as badly as Master, but he was pretty good at it too. After Sir Ray was done with me and satisfied, he put me in a leather mailbag on the floor and locked me in it to sleep through the night.

In between the errands and use, i was not free. i worked as a house boy for Sir Ray, cleaning his dishes, scrubbing his toilet and bath tub, brushing and wiping his all floors. i was happy to take care of a superior man’s life in this way. Sir Ray took good care of me too, giving me nice food in the dog bowl and allowing me to eat from his boots sole. Sir Ray also made sure his piss didn’t go wasted and i got as much as possible. He would always order me to hold the dog bowl and let me watch he took out his cock and pee in it, then let me drink it all. Once some was spilled on the floor and i was ordered to clean it with my tongue. It just felt so naturally rewarding to me.

On Sunday, Sir Ray told me we were going to his friend’s place, and we packed 4 bags of gears to bring. Master told me there would be a special event so i was very curious about what would happen. After a short ride, we arrived at a normal house in a normal neighborhood. But after entering the front door, i already saw a play room full of BDSM furniture and settings. Entering another room, i realized it was not just a play room, it was also a studio. welcomed us. As i mentioned before, i didn’t really had any experience of interacting with BDSM community so my etiquette needs improvement. Fortunately Sir Ray asked me to take the dog bowl out and poured water for me to drink, and i found my right place and became at ease. seriousmalebondage considered me well trained and i took it as a compliment to my Master, which made me proud and happy.

Even at the moment that i started to fill in forms, i still thought it might be a video taping for private entertainment and we just borrowed the cool place. But gradually i realized it would be a video on the website for people to watch me getting tortured… i was going to star in a porn! i was thrilled as it was like a fantasy too wild to come true, but i felt quite natural about it and curiosity occupied my mind. my Master arrived before we started, and i was so happy to see Him again. His presence made me feel much more relaxed and confident.

Master helped me put on leather mask that we often used at home, and Sir Ray put on nice leather gears, then the camera started rolling. There was a very cool concrete cell in the ground that i instantly knew Master would love to have back home. The whole setting had an interesting tech factor and the electro theme is one of my favorite. Making a video requires a lot of work and it’s different from a play session, but i still had a lot of fun – actually Sir Ray and even my Master did most hard work, and i was just laying there enjoying the zaps on my nipples and balls and in my butt, while letting all the struggling and screaming flow out of me naturally. Master liked how i looked and how His property can be used in this way, and i was so happy and grateful for the experience. Cannot wait to see the final version online.

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