We have already brought up one of his songs, Sinsation, on our page, but Dorian Reland just keeps on making great songs, so here we bring another one.The Songwriter and Singer is living a kinky life in London, where he already stood on the Pride stage. His new single “Life Is Hard” has been released now and I am sure its catchy refrain will be remembered by your brain in no time.



Dorian Reland Life is HardSev: Hello Dorian, its nice talking to you again. When I take a look at your previous videos a lot seems to have changed over the years^^ where do you see the differences if you compare your last video to the previous ones?
Dorian: So, I would say that the aesthetic in “Life Is Hard” has always been present in my work. My first video ever “Wasting My Time” already had that dark aspect. I only ever did a bright coloured one which was “Are You Ready?”. I’ve always been drawn to the Dark. It is where human truth is revealed, when you contemplate existence from the darker side. I feel the mainstream is killing our individuality in a way.
Sev: That can be the case, but you seem to be unaffected by the mainstream. Instead your personality seems to grow with every new song. Your videos get kinkier and kinkier^^ does that have to do something with your lifestyle?
Dorian: Mmh. I think I’m a child of both worlds. Growing up, I was only exposed to mainstream culture. I was a fan of most pop divas, starting with Britney Spears!! As of lately, coming out as a gay man and exploring London, having moved out of Geneva. I’ve realised that there is a world of possibilities and taste and I have found a certain aesthetic in fetish and alternative culture. However, I still love to dance to a Beyoncé track and binge watch Disney movies. People like to see things either in black and white. I see things in shades of grey, no pun intended 🙂


Sev: As long as you dont start quoting the book haha:-) You show us those shades very good in your art. Some of those persons in your video definitely have a very light and funny, yet dark and skurrile character. What drove you to making Life is Hard like that? How did you come up with it?
This past year in London has been difficult, trying to break through and living off music, which is my utmost dream: just to do what I love full time. After getting the blank page syndrome someone told me “you should write about what you know” . And I decided to channel that pain and anger and turn it around and create something fun and liberating. You know, people always associate sad songs and ballads to real feelings and deep thinking. Playful song and joyful sounds are looked down upon as “silly” and “basic”. Well, I can tell you that it is way easier to let yourself be taken by sadness and anxiety than to really be happy. Isn’t happiness the ultimate goal? Is it really shallow? Or is it actually the whole point of life. I am an epicurean, so I wanted Life is Hard to reflect that and there is a level of goofiness that comes with loving life. It shouldn’t be always serious. Mix that with my penchant for fetishism and you get that explosive cocktail that the video embodies 😉

Sev: Sounds like a nice drink to order. I wish you a lot of success with it. Do you have any last words to the readers?

Well, I’m looking to perform all around Europe as soon as possible so I’m hoping to see some leather/rubber pride out there in the crowd don’t let me down guys haha. And if you liked the video please download the song on your android/apple device. Would love to be part of your music library, even if you don’t pay for this motherfucking record! 😀
Sev: I did! I swear!! Hehe. Thank you for your time Dorian. And good luck with your performances.

You can find Dorian Reland on his webpage or on:


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