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Sub, Son, Puppy or Slave?
a Slave

You are the slave type. You feel the most comfortable if you have a really dominant Master that leads you, uses you and brings you further. You need the feeling that your counterpart is superior to you. Wimps just don’t do it for you, just as people that aren’t aware of their responsibilities. But as soon as you found a Master, you want to submit to him. Completely.
a Puppy

You are the dog type. You want to submit, but still want your little freedoms. The playing and rolling around with your friends is important to you. Fun is the main objective, but you want to be kept appropriately too. Your keeper should be caring but consequent too. The leash is important, but it should be an extendable one, so you can go your way once in a while too.
a Son

You’re a son. You search for a responsible older guy you can look up to. He should guide you, educate you but you want to submit to him sexually too. But simultaneous you still want to have your freedoms, so you can go your own way, gather experiences and have your fun out of the house. But sure, if it crosses the line, then punishment is needed too.
a Sub

As a sub you’re the born little slut. You like to be the submissive in bed, but once you’re out of it the other fellow should be talking to you on par with you again. Your submission is a game that brings you sexual joy, but should not infer to you as a human being. A hot guy is only hot for you if he knows how to treat you and your holes right.

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James Oakleigh

Correct! Wrong!

I like the objectification and humiliation of it, to serve dominant/superior men whilst being degraded to nothing more than a feminine fuck boy. But is important to say, that i I see me as feminine fuck boy and not as sissy.

Osiris Blade

Correct! Wrong!

Lots of guys enjoy smelling my pits because of the two scents they smell. Some people smell a cum scent ... others smell poppers. It's the reason I have a pig tattoo under my arm pits.

Pablo Bravo

Correct! Wrong!

All my friends was fucking a sassy boy I found them . So decide to try too and I fucked this way for the first time as a top.

Jacen Zhu

Correct! Wrong!

It’s something hot and sexy about a guy in “feminine” clothing. It brings out a different side of them which makes me really hot.

Timmy Treasure

Correct! Wrong!

Some time ago, I was walking the dogs along the beach promenade, and I saw a super hot blond twink straight boy walking in my direction with his girlfriend. They stop and the guy jumped a bush and got into a garden and he pee on the bush. Then he came back to the promenade where is girlfriend was waiting for him. At the same time I was walking to their direction with the dog and got into the garden to take a look. I saw the bush all wet with that super hot straight twink so... I touch it with my fingers, started to get super horny and ended puting some in my mouth to taste it a couple of times. I got a big erection so had to stay in that garden for a while till it went down and I could leave the place

Avery Monroe

Correct! Wrong!

In a completely consensual planned situation, I wouldn't be against the idea of being blindfolded, bundled into the back of a car and kidnapped to some remote location to get abused really hard. ;D

Dirty Secrets of Porn Actors

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