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Minnesota (U.S.)

Hi Littlebondageboi. Over one year ago you have given us a first short inside into your fetish life and I think it is time to go a little deeper. You’ve told us that im March 2018 you’ve met TheShackler for the first time and you have become one of his collared boys. How was your last year serving your Master?

Hello Sir! It’s been a wild ride! I’ve met a lot of people, had so much fun being tied up, and have learned a lot being collared by my Sir! He collared me in September of 2018. From there I’ve gained a collared brother named Pup Gabriel! He’s really cute and really fun! My sir has introduced me to so many great people, that I hang out with them outside of kink. My Sir has taught me a lot about life, how to serve him and about how to tie up and “Dom” others. I’m still rusty with that lol! He actually took my anal virginity as well. He’s a very special person to me.

That is the best what can happen also to a Master if he becomes a very special person in his slaves life. What does it mean for you to be collared?

To me it means responsibility, loyalty, trustworthiness and respect. I feel responsible for helping him when needed, and I try as well to do things that haven’t been asked yet. I’m loyal to my Sir when it comes to playing with others, I’ll ask and let him know about who wants to play with me and let him know how it went after. I will be honest with my Sir about how I feel with things and we will talk about life and kink and it’s the respect of us being honest that helps us grow together.

Trust and honesty are really the base of good BDSM. That sounds also that for you, as it is for me, sm is much more than just sex. What is in your eyes a good BDSM lifestyle?

In my eyes, I would say communication. That is key for how a good BDSM lifestyle should be. Talk about how you would like things to go, talk about what you like, talk about what you want to work on and talk about what you dislike. It goes for both the Sir and boi in the relationship. A good lifestyle is where the boi and Sir understand each other and know what their likes, dislikes are. They know what the boi is supposed to do. They both work at getting the boi to understand what is expected. And the boi helps the Sir when needed. Also bondage, lots of bondage is good in a BDSM lifestyle haha!! Bondage should always be expected!

Hehe, I see you’re a rope addicted boi. Rope is one of the tools to limit somebodies liberties. But does such a life as a boi also have other restrictions in life? Do you have rules and orders which affect also your daily life, the time you aren’t with your Master?

Yes I really do enjoy bondage a lot lol! And yes Sir has made it clear that I’m not allowed to cum without his permission. I must ask and wait. Other than that, if I want to play with someone, or someone is asking to play with me, I must let my Sir know and get permission. Those restrictions are the only ones that we have talked about.

How is it for you that you don’t have controle about your own sexual life?

It’s interesting to say the least. I know after work I get home and shower and really want to play with myself haha! But I know that if I ask too often I will be denied more often. But it is rather exciting to think that someone controls your penis even if it’s not in Chastity. We’ll occasionally do Chastity, but due to my work, it gets in the way. Looking at Twitter at night is not a good thing to do when you aren’t allowed to cum lol!

Have you ever had a guy you wanted to have sex with and it got denied by your sir?

Yes Sir, once actually! The only time I’ve been denied was 3 weeks ago at MAL. We just got to the hotel and I was super horny due to not cumming in 2 weeks. I have been talking to this boi for a while now and was gonna meet him at the hotel. Him and I were gonna go see the monuments before the event started and Sir knew I wanted to fuck him. But Sir needed to fuck him first so he locked me back in Chastity at the hotel before we went sight seeing. I’m not one really for fucking someone or being fucked but this boi was gonna get my bone that weekend lol! Sir eventually let me fuck him after he had the honors which I was thankful for!

If he can tell you to don’t have sex with someone he has also the power to order you to satisfy somebody. How would you react if you get the order to have sex with somebody you don’t like?

I feel as though we have built up enough trust and communication that if Sir saw that I was uncomfortable with something, he would stop and ask. Sir’s never had me do something I didn’t like and I feel as though he hopefully never will. But if he ever did, I would try my best to please the other person for the scene then ask Sir and talk about the scene afterwards.

Mostly if a good Master does something it has a reason why and I’m sure your Master would have a good one if you ask him afterwards. For me it is also clear that the boy is doing that not for the other he is having sex with but for me, to satisfy me and follow my orders. Do you think I’m right?

Yes Sir, I think you are correct! My job as a boi is to please my Sir. Make him feel good and happy. And if I don’t follow through, then it would disappoint him.

What has been in the time you’re together with your Sir the hardest order you’ve ever got?

That is a tough question, not that I’ve had a lot of hard orders, but that I don’t remember anything that would be that bad. I would have to say the hardest order I’ve gotten would be when Sir had me do locktober. I know a lot of boys would say this would be easy for them, it was tough for me. Even though I wasn’t able to finish it (did 16 days) it was the longest time I’ve been in Chastity. I love cumming and having my cock in my hand. I had a lot of mixed emotions during the time of Chastity. Sadly couldn’t finish the task due to a family matter (which Sir thankfully understood). Other than that, I don’t believe I’ve had to many tough/hard orders to follow. I’m very thankful for that.

But aren’t the hard orders something which brings you further? But aren’t challenges made to develop a boy? Ok it can happen that you fail as you have done with locktober, that is not so important, you have tried and as you have told us it hasn’t been your lazyness who has been the reason why you stopped it. It’s a little the olympic spirit … it is important to participate not to win, but of course everyone has to try to win.

Yes sir, I agree completely. Through his orders I’ve grown more to be his boi. Whether it was a scene, a weekend, a dinner or even through text. He expects me to do my best and be his boi. Locktober was definitely a challenge and I accepted it. Even though I didn’t complete it, I know he had me do it to help me be better. Challenges are made to be accepted and achieved. And also winning is everything, second place is the first loser lol.

How important do you think are external controle, constraint and challenges in a boi’s life? And why do they have this importance?

I feel they are really important. They give the boi structure, they set limits and goals for the boi. It’s a way for the boi to become more submissive and for the boi to understand their place. And I feel that my Sir uses these to help me be a better boi. He uses Chastity and cum control on me to help me realize my penis is his play thing and not mine. It helps me focus on more important things than when I will get off next. He also challenges me with trying new kinks and pushes some of my limits. It’s always interesting to see how much more I can take each time. Bois need challenges and control to help them be better for their Sirs.

Do you want your life even more restricted by rules and orders of your master? Do you win by loosing liberties?

This is also a tough question. I would love it, but in my vanilla life, it would be hell. It would be very interesting, exciting, and rather humiliating to have more and more rules and lose more freedom. I have a great life outside of kink, to take more of that away would be depressing for me. My family, my friends, my job, and the freedom to choose what I want to do and when is something I love and cherish. But to live with a Sir and be there with more and more rules, more and more freedoms lost, it would be extremely exciting to try. Would I win in loosing my liberties, yes and no. Yes, I wouldn’t I have to worry about anything except keeping my Sir happy. No, I would lose a lot of things I take for granted in my vanilla life.

But now you have also to give us some insights to the sessions you’ve had since we have talked last time. What have been the real hot moments of the last year?

I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of really fun doms, sirs, bois and pups through my Sir. Some really fun hot scenes have been had in my Sir’s dungeons! I’ve been locked in cages while Sir fucked and played with other Bois in front of me. I’ve been dommed by some fun Bois while stuck in Chastity. @BDChainDragon visited this past year. He and my sir had suspended me over a bed while I was in Chastity. He and my Sir unlocked me and edged me for so long! Each time I was close they would wait until I was limp and went right back at it. They put weights on my balls, even got it up to 20pounds for a minute!!! They had their fun and put me back in Chastity for the night.

ChainDragon woke me up at 6 am the next day to play with me more before he eventually, thankfully let me cum! Another fun scene was when @LightningRoxas visited. He played with me and used me as a canvas when he came all over my cage and made me eat it all. I did Dom a couple Bois but it’s few and far between. I have put @mnpizzaslut in a cage while I played with @Pup_Gabriel in front of him. Gabriel was strungbup to the hoist and stretched out with a cocksucker hood on for me to play with his mouth and hear all his moans. Edged him for a good 30 mins before he begged me to let him cum. I did polish his cock a little after so he knew that cumming didn’t come without a cost. It’s been a fun year! I can’t wait for many more years of fun!!

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