We are still in Corona-Lockdown-times and real action with play partners is not really possible. So it is still time to look back to the best memories of good action we have. Today I’m talking with Littlebondageboi, an american twink who is collared by The Shackler.


1995 | 178 cm | 80 kg
Minnesota (U.S.)

Hi Littlebondageboi. It is saturday and you’re doing a puzzle. Wouldn’t it be the time you would serve your Master normally if social distancing wouldn’t be a command of our goverments?

Yes Sir, it’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I’m sitting on the deck doing a puzzle to pass the time. It definitely would be about the time where we would have breakfast at Sir’s to begin the day. After we would have a day of play in front of us. I do miss being almost if not naked in his house with the collar around my neck. Bondage and serving is something I do miss most right now.

What is the bing naked and collared giving you and which feelings and sensations are you missing most?

Being naked and collared reminds me of my place below my Sir. He is clothed and I’m not. I have a heavy chain collar around my neck to remind me in his. I miss the sense of pride when I set the table and take the dishes back to the kitchen. I do miss the restraints while stuck in bondage and having my dick played with. I miss seeing Sir.

If you look back to your kink life which is the most memorable moment of your slave career and why?

Everytime I got to Sir’s is a memorable experience Sir. Lots of fun times and extremely hot scenes. Whether it was one of my first experiences to his place, I was lead up to one of the playrooms and restrained to the fuck bench. He and his husband used both of my holes. Or when I was unknowingly tied down to another bench and had my first hot wax scene. Or even when I was face fucked for the first time with a fuck machine, tied so tight I couldn’t move an inch. Sir edged me until I came. But my most memorable experience would probably be when I laying on my back suspended on a board hanging from the ceiling. Sir used a fuck machine on my ass, a fuck machine on my mouth and had a Venus attached to my dick. I was hooded and restrained so I was exposed entirely. I was fucked both was and edged for an hour him leaving and coming back making sure I hadn’t cum yet. My legs up in the air, arms tied away and head hanging over there edge. Drool running down my face. It was extremely hot and it was amazing when he finally let me cum!

That really sounds like a great experience. Can you explain us what kind of feelings and sensations you’ve had in this situation?

I felt helpless. I was in heaven, it was amazing. I don’t like to be fucked much but that was insane how great it felt. My mouth being filled with just enough room to let me breath. The Venus on a low enough setting to keep me on edge with Sir playing with it from time to time. It was extremely hot and I was helpless to the machines that were controlling me with the help of my Sir. Thankfully the machines weren’t on high!

Hehe. 🙂 That’s the nice think of fucking machines. You can use it for a long time and you can change speed and intensity. But tell us, why do you don’t really like to get fucked?

I don’t know honestly. The feeling of something in my butt doesn’t really do much for me. I know lots of bois who just love it and can cum from being fucked, but for me I get a sense of it’s a no go hole lol. There definitely are times where I want to be fucked on an occasion and yes my Sir will fuck me when he wants to. But if it was my choice, I don’t like to be fucked. I’d love to do the fucking though! Being fucked does give me a sense of being below people and helpless and humilated, so there are pros and cons I’d say.

So in your eyes it is much more important what the Sir wants for his satisfaction than your own desires?

Yes Sir that is exactly what I’m saying. I’m his property to do as he pleases. It gives me satisfaction to know that I’m making him feel good. Even though I have limits and he knows them well, he helps pushing them little by little to his own needs. It’s not often that he fucks me but when he does, he orders me up to the sling to fuck me. I cant say no but only yes Sir. Its a feeling when that happens that makes me feel little. That my opinion doesn’t matter and if i object, nothing good comes from it.

If you look back which has been the session you’ve got the most intense feeling of being an object and just getting used for the satisfaction of others?

Oh that’s a tough one to pick Sir. But I’d have to say the one where I was tucked into a rubber sleep sack after a long day at work. Whole in the sleep sack I a cocksucker hood placed on me followed by a gas mask Sir and I converted into a Fleshlight/cocksucker/gas mask combo. From there I was picked up and placed on to a board suspended from the ceiling and restrained with belts, head hanging over the edge. Sir then brought a fully rubbered friend (Pup Zuki) into the room. Sir and Zuki used me as a Fleshlight for the night. I was teased and edged the whole time, denied being able to cum. It’s an interesting feeling, not knowing when a cock is going in my mouth, when the magic wand will touch my dick again, being an object for amusement and gratification for them. Head filled with blood and mouth being used, nowhere to go. Finally my mouth being filled with cum and swallowing it all. Being left there for a later use. It was humiliating being an object, but that only made me harder! Wanting so bad to cum when they came, that would have been magical. After they came, they would tease me with just barely touching their dicks to my lips, only allowed to lick the lips clean. One of the best scenes I’ve had and it was amazing to be used like that!

So to get used seems to be a real turn on for you. But it seems that humiliation has also its attraction. Can you explain how humiliation feels and what is the turn on of it?

To know outside of kink that I’m a full functioning adult with a good job and lots of friends makes me feel superior. But when I’m kinky and I get humilated, I turn inferior and for some reason that gets me horny. I get a feeling of shame and disgust when I’m humilated but that only gets my dick harder. Being used as an object, being peed on, drinking pee, tied up and fucked, being in edge and begging to be allowed to cum, put into chastity, being made to wear and use diapers. Those are all things that I feel humiliated by. A sense that I’m not in control, where outside of kink, I feel in control.

Hehe. Of cousre we want to know your most humiliating experience now.

Sir was hosting a party and he just made a new piece of bondage furniture. It’s a table that has a sub kneel on padded planks connected to wheels. Next it has a hole in the table for the head and cuffs behind the back on the pole. I was placed in this piece of furniture for an hour with a muzzle on and naked while Sir and his guests played with, teased me, placed their drinks and food by my head, not even giving me attention. Wheeled around and kept on edge while the party is going on. Knowing most of the people there are friends of ours that we play with. It was exhilarating and humiliating to know most of the people there, to be a piece of furniture for their benefit and amusement. Would definitely love to do it again Sir! Maybe even next time as a urinal in the bathroom for quests to pee on.

Oh …. you have been missing the dirty aspect of a slaves life. 🙂 What kind of good dirty experiences do you have? And can you tell us why piss has an attraction to you?

Pee is something that I want to get into more. I only had a couple of experiences with it like being peed on a couple times by some kinky friends or drinking Sir’s pee a couple times. Nothing special yet. I guess being covered in an alpha/ Dom’s piss is like being marked by them. Another way of knowing I’m below them. Being forced to drink it, wear it, smell it, that does get me going lol! There are a couple times where I’m in a sleep sack with a gas mask on that is connected to a bubbler full of Sir’s piss. That is always a hot scene, breathing in his pee and nothing I can do about it.

Oh that’s a nice idea. 🙂 Are there other humiliating desires you have you haven’t lived yet but you’re totally curious to get this experiences?

Diapers, wearing, using, having sirs use them while I’m wearing. It’s an interesting concept for me. The abdl aspect has always intrigued me. Adult baby, being made into a baby and treated as such. Diaper lover, being forced into it and use it while still being a sub and bondage slave. It pairs well with watersports. It’s something I’ve always wanted to really try, to be forced into wearing diapers and pee myself, go in public with a Sir, being the only ones knowing you have padding on. It’s humiliating cuz someone might see. Humiliating cuz you can’t close your legs, having a Sir tease you and remind you of what you’re wearing. And then back at their place, only the diaper is on and your are still serving then while you are wearing your piss. Something I’ve never had done before and want to try.

My Sir is not into diaper play but he does allow me to look for others that are so that I might be able to play and try it sometime soon.

ABDL seems really to be a fetish which is becoming more and more popular. And I’m sure that you’ll find a partner to play with diapers. Btw. we haven’t talked about pain and punishment which is also an aspect of a slaves life. Which was for you the hardest experience yet?

Due to me hating pain with a passion Sir, I don’t get into trouble much and need punishment. If there is punishment, it’s light pain/ no pain, mainly Chastity. I hate pain, mainly impact, but I do enjoy having my balls pulled, lightly slapped, some clothespins/pegs on my body. I’ve had a zipper of clothespins done to me before but the hardest experience would have to be the hot wax scene. Sir had me strip right away when I got to his house, then he brought me straight up to the bigger playroom. I had a cocksucker hood put on me and was restrained to a bench face up. I didn’t think anything of it, thought we were going to do a long edging scene since I was in Chastity for a week. He took the Chastity off and started to edge me, he got me really close then left the room. About 5 minds later I hear him in the room then I feel a sharp pain on my stomach. It was my first hot wax scene and it was incredible! He went on for about 10 mins with different colors, up and down my thighs to chest to dick. At the end he had 3 candles dripping at once. It was interesting to know that I hate pain, but that was an exception of say. Slowly he’s been getting me to increase my pain tolerance, this was one of those scenes. I still hate impact and wish to never do it though lol!

Hehe. Ok but a slave doesn’t have to like everything which happens to him. Even less if there is a reason why to punish him. 😉 Last but not least, if you look back on all your experiences and combine them to make your ideal session, what would that look like? Would there be anything that you haven’t tried before that you’d like to incorporate?

Yes I know that and I feel like I’m extremely lucky to have my Sir! My ideal session, something fun, long, hot, wet and full of cum. I would love to have a scene where it’s a day/night long. I get to my Sir’s, get naked, collar and chastity locked on and have wrist and ankle cuffs locked on. I help get everything ready for a party that night. During this, I help Sir relieve stress by getting fucked. Then I’m stored away in a sleep sack with a magic wand on my cage and head phones playing mind fucking sounds.

Later I’m allowed out, drink Sir’s piss and brought downstairs for last minute preparations. I’m then hooded and looked into the table on wheels and unlocked from Chastity. Played with during the party, halfway thru I’m brought up to the bathroom to be locked in Chastity and put in the tub to be a urinal and cum rag for the guests. At the end when everyone has left, Sir has me take a shower, then I’m bound in bed with him. In the morning I’m led to a playroom for an incredible edging scene with my balls being pulled, smelly socks in my mouth taped shut and finally allowed to cum into a glass. When I’m released, Sir makes breakfast and has my cum dripped onto my food before I’m allowed to eat. That is a fantasy of mine Sir.

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