A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 3

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Ed woke up when he heard the door open. His neck was stiff and he was a bit cold. He had spent the night in the hall, on the floor right outside his room. He had found the door locked the evening before which meant Corey was probably entertaining that girl again. So, following their well-tested system, he had waited for a few hours for the door to be unlocked but then he had finally fallen asleep, exhausted. Now he was hearing kissing noises.

Then the girl’s voice whispered, “Woah! Is that your roommate?”

Ed didn’t move, he just listened.

“Oh shit! Yeah, that’s Ed! I forgot to let him in last night!” Corey’s slightly worried baritone said.

“You bad boy!” said the girl maliciously.

“Hey! It’s your fault, you’re the one who kept asking for more!” he said defensively and they both laughed softly before starting to suck on each other’s faces.

“Mmmm… I gotta go…” the girl said regrettably then she added “You’d better make it up to him!”

“Yeah, I will.” Corey assured her.

“Call me later?” she asked sweetly.

“Sure, babe!” and some more saliva was swapped.

“Bye!” she said softly and scurried off.

Ed finally opened his eyes and stretched his neck.

“Morning Corey…” he said a little hoarse looking up at Corey’s figure. He was bare-chested and was only wearing his checkered pyjama pants, so low you could actually see a bit of his blond pubes. The obscene bulge on his crotch told Ed he was clearly not wearing any underwear.

“Morning, buddy…” Corey said walking closer to him “Sorry bout the door thing…” he got so close that his bare feet were now inches from Ed’s face. He smiled down at his roommate who was still lying on the floor. Ed smiled back “Karen says I need to make it up to you.” Corey said throwing a hand down his pants and scratching his balls. Ed stretched his neck forward and started to kiss one of his feet.

“Mmm… you know you never need to apologize to me…” the boy cooed.

“Hehehe! Yeah, so you keep saying, but you know that I’m a nice guy!” Corey replied and they both laughed.

“Hehehe! Yeah, you definitely are!” Ed agreed, still kissing his roommate’s foot kinda hungrily “Mmmmm… you feet smell pretty strong this morning…” he added then.

“I’m sure they do!” replied Corey amused “How bout I let you lick them for a while? What do you say?” Ed looked up and gave him a complicit smile.

“I say best…” he planted a wet kiss on his foot “…apology…” a second kiss “…ever…” and third one.

“Hehehe! Great! Then why don’t we get inside so we can get a little more comfortable? It’s kinda chilly out here.” Corey said walking away from Ed’s face.

“You mean YOU can get more comfortable…” Ed teased, smiling.

Corey turned back and smirked down at him.  “Hehe! Yeah, I totally mean me! My bitch knows me so well!” both boys chuckled “Now get your fag ass inside!”

“Yes Sir!” said Ed all perky, got to his feet and followed Corey into their room. Ed welcomed the warm temperature. He was a New Yorker so he was used to real cold, but spending a late November night on a marble floor was… well cold, even in San Francisco.

“Man, that girl is annoying!” whined Corey walking towards his bed “I actually pretended to fall asleep because I couldn’t listen to another tirade on climate change! I mean I’m as worried as the next guy but I don’t wanna talk about it while we’re in bed, c’mon!” he sat down heavily and punched his pillow in childish frustration.

“You pretended to fall asleep?” Ed asked amused while taking off his jacket.

“Yeah…” replied Corey drily “…but then I fell asleep for real… and forgot to unlock the door…” he continued looking sincerely guilty “…again, sorry!” he flashed his cheeky smile at Ed and the boy shook his head:

“Hey, you’re straight! Your sexual amusement is way more important than a fag’s need to sleep!” he said with his index held high, teacher style.

“Hahaha! Right, right!” Corey replied quite used to this line of reasoning by now. He stretched on his bed and yawned widely.

Ed hurried to get on all fours at the end of his roommate’s bed, stuck his tongue out and gave one long, wet lick to one of Corey’s sole, from heel to toe, taking in the funk of his unwashed feet. “Mmmmm…” he moaned in pleasure.

Corey finished yawning and looked down with a smirk. “Taste good?” he asked.

“Yeah… I’m so glad you suggested this…” Ed said dreamily.

Corey laughed. “Haha! Dude, I told you I was totally kidding!” he said spreading his hands.

Ed smiled at him. “Well, it’s not like you tried to stop me when I started licking.” he teased “You just watched me do it and snickered the whole time!”

Corey shrugged, amused. “Hey, I thought it was funny!” he justified himself “Still do actually, hehehe!” he snickered “I mean I swear I would have never thought you’d actually do it! Who the hell does that?” he said, still having problems rationalizing it.

Ed smiled with his eyes. He was happily sucking on Corey’s long toes. He stopped long enough to answer.  “Faggots…”  Both boys laughed.

“Oh man, one of these days we’re gonna need to have that head of yours checked!” Ed smiled and Corey added “Not too soon though, hehe!”

“Nah!” said Ed “You wouldn’t want me to stop being your bitch, would you?” the boys looked at each other smiling and both went:

“Naaah!” and laughed. Ed started tonguing between Corey’s toes, enjoying the musky smell and the funky taste of stale foot sweat.

“So back to the girl…” the gay boy said conversationally “If she’s so annoying remind me again why you’re not breaking up with her?”

Corey sighed. “God, I wish I could!”, he said “She’s gonna get mean and then she’s gonna start crying…” he complained “It’s such a drag…”

Ed chuckled.  “Hehehe! Seriously man, you’re the laziest guy on the planet!” he said then added “And while we’re on the subject, lately you don’t even flush anymore after you take a leak!”

“Hehehe! Yeah, I know…” Corey replied without an ounce of remorse and smirked down at Ed “Hey! The left one’s dirty too you know!” he added shaking his other foot and Ed immediately moved his face and started licking it.

“Sorry Corey… mmmmmm…” said Ed and Corey laughed. He watched him clean his other foot hungrily.

“Hey, why don’t you break up with her for me?” he asked then, hopeful. Ed frowned.

“What is this, seventh grade?”

“C’mon, man, please!” Corey half begged, half laughed.

“Forget it, you’re on your own on this one!” Replied the other and Corey pouted in a funny, childish way.

“Hey! What’s the point of having a little bitch if he doesn’t do what he’s told?” Ed laughed.

“Hehe! Still not happening, man! Nice try, though!” he said winking at the blond stud.

Corey laughed. “Hehe! Fine, I’ll do it!” he said.

“Right! When?” Ed asked


Ed giggled.  “Of course! When you’re grandkids are ready for college!”

Corey smiled.  “Shut up, you queer!”

Ed smiled back. After a few moments he asked nonchalantly, “Are you going to class today?”

“Maybe Denton’s… that guy’s been gunning for me…” Corey answered vaguely.

“Ok!” Ed said passing his tongue on his roommate’s heel “I have class till three then I’m gonna do the laundry and clean this place up, the bathroom is kind of a mess.”

“Great…” said Corey “…but make sure you’re done by five, Josh is coming over with a shitload of hot new stuff he downloaded.” he informed Ed who nodded with all five of his toes in his mouth now.

Then the boy frowned and let them go for a second. “Oh, shoot! I was gonna meet the girls at 5:30!”

Corey sneered. “Then you better come up with a good excuse for your absence!” he said pretty smugly.

Ed stuck his tongue out and gave his whole sole one long, lustful lick.

“Yes, Sir… mmmmm… whatever you say…” he said submissively.

Corey snickered. “Good bitch! Hehe!”

Ed loved it when Corey took that tone with him. It made him want to be even more servile, even more subservient. “Would you like me to set up the room the usual way, Sir?” he asked, still passing his tongue furiously on his soles.

“Yep, it’s pretty comfy.” the straight boy answered.

“Will you please let me pay for the beer and the weed, Sir? As usual?” Ed asked hopeful and Corey smirked.


“Yes, Sir, please!” Ed begged. Corey shook his head amused and said rather loftily:

“Sure, bitch. No objections here, hehe!”

Ed smiled.  “Thank you, Sir!” he moaned licking.

Corey snickered.  “Dude, hell if I ever understand how you get off on this shit!” he said.

“Mmmm… you don’t need to understand…” Ed answered still licking “You just have to enjoy the perks of…”

“…of having a faggot as a roommate, I know. Hehe!” Corey cut him off “And trust me, I do enjoy them!” he added.

Ed continued licking. Then after a few more seconds he asked, “Would you like me to change your sheets before I make your bed?”

“Sure!” Said Corey stifling a yawn. Then he smiling down at him and they exchanged a look.

“Corey?” Ed said.


“Thank you for letting me be your bitch…” Ed had a grateful expression “I love it…”

Corey smiled back. “I can see that! Hehe!” he replied a bit smugly.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Ed asked still licking those soles famished.

“You done lapping all that yummy grime?” Corey asked widely entertained.

Ed answered diligently. “Yes Sir! Your feet are clean now… mmmmmm…” he moaned giving his foot another lustful lick.

Corey snickered. “Well…” the straight boy smirked “I’m actually kinda horny…” he massaged his crotch. Ed smiled knowing full well where that was going “…get your fag mouth over here and suck my dick, bitch!” Corey said.

“Yes Sir!” answered Ed all perky and instantly crawled on the bed between the other boy’s legs. He pulled down the waistband of his pyjama pants and his incredible 9 incher came to view as proud and awe-inspiring as ever. It was so beautiful, resting limp on Corey’s massive, hairless balls. Ed pushed his face on it and took a deep breath. He grimaced and looked up at Corey who frowned.

“What’s the matter?” asked the straight boy.

“It smells funny…” Ed said a little disappointed “…smells like her… thing…” Corey grinned.

“You mean her pussy?” Ed nodded.

“You know it’s not my favorite…”

“Hehehe! Well too bad, since it’s MY favorite!” Corey teased then he lowered his hand, grabbed his dick and peeled off his foreskin right in front of Ed’s face “Well, if you don’t wanna suck it, I can still jerk off myself…”

Ed looked shocked.

“…Haven’t done it in a couple of months but I think I can still remember how to…”

Ed cut him off. “No way, Sir!” he stuck out his tongue and licked his roommate’s cockhead lustfully “As if I’d let you waste a drop of that precious cum of yours!” he said rather apologetically.

Corey smirked. “Thought so! Hehe! Now c’mon! Open up and take it balls deep, you know how I like it!”

Ed smiled up at him. “Yes, Sir!” and went down on him enveloping his huge meat in a warm, wet embrace, pressing his nose to his dark blond pubes, inhaling and moaning shamelessly.

Corey closed his eyes and sighed. “Fuck yeah… suck it all clean…”

“So what is it that you wanna do exactly?” Josh asked Ed.

“I dunno, man… some kind of intervention, I guess!” answered the boy.

Josh looked uncomfortable.

Ed pressed on “He’s flunking all his classes, Josh…”

“You don’t know that…” Josh replied but there was no real conviction in his words. Ed raised his eyebrows and Josh gave in “Ok, fine…” They were outside the history department. Josh had a class there and Ed had gone find him because he really wanted to talk about Corey. “But how do we do this?” the black haired boy asked him.

“Well… we need to talk to him…” said Ed.

“Yeah, I figured that much…” Josh said, kind of impatiently.

“Ok… I have this idea but… I need you to help me…” Ed said.

“What idea?” inquired Josh.

“Well, we could tutor him.” Ed threw it out there “Between the two of us we should be able to cover most of the courses he’s taking.”

Josh looked very unconvinced. “Dude, Cor is great but he’s like the laziest guy on the planet!” he said.

Ed smiled and scratched his head. “Yeah, we kinda covered that this morning…” he said “…but he doesn’t have to get straight As! He just needs… not to suck!”

Josh smirked. “Right! He’s got you for that, hehehe!”

Ed chuckled. “Damn right! You both do!”

“Hehe! You little cock gobbler! Did he tell you about this afternoon?” Josh asked.

“Yep! He said I could pay for the beer and the weed…” Ed replied proudly “…if that’s ok with you…” he added.

Josh shrugged. “It’s your money, dude! If you wanna blow it pampering us, I’m sure as hell not gonna stop you!” he said.

Ed beamed at him. “Awesome! Thank you!” Josh shook his head amused “Right, so what else should I bring?” the gay boy said,

Then Josh smirked again. “Your mouth…” both kids chuckled.

“Oh, this filthy hole…” Ed pointed at his lips “…is always ready to serve, hehehe!”

“I swear, fag, you’re such a dirty whore! Hehe!” laughed Josh.

“Hey! How dare you speak to him like that, you jerk?” The boys both turned a little startled as a pretty blonde in a skimpy skirt popped out of nowhere.

“Hey Jen!” Ed said smiling “This is my friend Josh and he was totally kidding! Hehe!” Ed said to his friend. “Josh this is Jen!” he introduced them.

“What’s up!” Josh said flashing them both with his perfect teeth.

“Nice to meet you, jerk!” said the perky blonde.

“Hey, I really was kidding!” Josh said a little defensively.

“Jen! Play nice, he’s one of the good guys!” Ed said and Jen still looked a tad unconvinced.

“If you say so, Gorgeous.” she said glaring slightly at Josh then she turned to Ed “But I’m mad at you! You’re totally blowing us off!” she said to him pouting.

“I know, I’m a total dork! I forgot I had to tutor this kid today! I’m so sorry!” he lied looking pretty convincing. She smiled at him.

“Fine, you’re forgiven!” she said “But we’re having lunch together tomorrow! You and me!” she pointed a finger to his face.

“It’s a date!” he said as perky as she was.

“Ooh, I wish I could date you for real, Gorgeous! Why do you have to like boys? It’s soooo unfair!” she sighed regretfully and kissed him on each cheek “I gotta go! I’ll see you tomorrow, Hon!”

“Bye, Jen.” said Ed and Jen turned to the other boy.

“Later, jerk!” she said wiggling her fingers at Josh who smiled intrigued and waved back.

“See you around…” he said staring at her ass.

“She totally digs you.” Ed said and Josh snorted sarcastically.

“Yeah right!”

“I’m serious!” Ed said.

“Dude, were you watching a different conversation?” Josh continued with his skepticism.

“Trust me on this one. She’s so easy to read. Most girls are.” said Ed.

Josh laughed. “Hahaha! Dude, you have got to be the first guy ever to say that in history!”

“Hehehe! Well, be that as it may…” Ed replied “…She still digs you. Want me to set you up?” he smiled with complicity at the handsome black haired boy.

Josh looked really tempted.  “You’d do that?” he asked.

Ed smirked. “Mmmm… will you let me do that thing I like?”

Josh shook his head amused.  “Hehe! Sure! You pig!” he said.

Ed smiled. “Then of course! Like I said you’re a nice guy! She’d be lucky to have you!” he cooed.

Josh still looked indecisive. “She seems nice…”

Ed raised an eyebrow. “Nice? Sure! She is!” Then he smirked. “But that’s not why you were checking out her ass just now, is it?”

Josh chuckled. “Shut up! Hehe!” they both laughed “She sure did a number on you, that one, huh?!”

“What do you mean?” Ed asked frowning slightly.

“Well, how long has it been? A month?” Josh asked.

“You mean since I met her? Almost two, actually…” Ed said “She hit on me at that party, remember?” he continued “The night, you raped my mouth for the first time…” He smiled at Josh. He joked about what had happened that night pretty often, mostly to rid the two straight boys of any trace of guilt they might still carry.

Josh smirked back at him. “Hehe! Bet you still dream about that, don’t you?”

“I have to admit it was pretty magical! Hehe!” Ed smiled maliciously.

Josh shook his head again. “Man, you’re hopeless! Hehe!”

Ed winked at him. “Anyways, what do you mean she did a number on me?” He asked then.

Josh gestured at his whole figure.  “I’m talking about all… this! You don’t exactly look like you did when we met!” he said. It was true. Hanging out with ‘the girls’ like Ed called them had pretty much given the boy a complete, and very much overdue,  make over. They had, to be more precise. No more glasses, no more nerdy clothes and shoes. New look and Ed 2.0 was a much more pleasant sight to behold. Ed smiled and shrugged.

“Oh, that…” he said “Yeah, they said the nerdy look was ‘like totally so passée’…” he said, using a girlish voice for the last few words to match his friend Jen’s.

“Hahaha! Well, good for you, man. You definitely don’t look like a nerd anymore.” Josh said.

Ed smiled, maliciously. “And what do I look like?”

Josh caught the glint in the other boy’s eyes and smirked. “A pretty cock-sucking queer.”

Ed chuckled. “Nailed it! That’s what I was going for! Hehe!” They both laughed “So, how bout Jen?”

“Ahw, man… I don’t know…” Josh said scratching his head “I still don’t know exactly where I stand with Amy…”

“Are guys back together?” Ed asked a little surprised after their umpteenth break up.

“Hell if I know!” Josh said bitterly “It’s complicated…” he added.

“Ok, well, let me know if you change your mind.” Ed said then in a more businesslike way “Now, back to our favorite stoner…” Josh groaned slightly “…you in?” Ed asked relentlessly.

“You’re not gonna let this go, are you?” The straight boy asked rhetorically.

Ed smiled. “Not a chance.”

Josh sighed. “Fine, I’m in…,” he said, not sounding particularly ecstatic.

“Yeeee!” said Ed smiling “Thanks Josh!”

“You do know he’s totally gonna say no, right?” Josh asked.

Ed smiled kinda cheekily.  “And you do know how persuasive I can be, right?” the boy bragged.

Josh smirked. “Well, what I do know is how good you are with your mouth! Hehehe!”

Ed chuckled too. “For once I didn’t mean it like that, hehe!” he said “But I’ll take it as a compliment, Sir!” he bowed his head dramatically.

Josh laughed. “Hehe! Alright, you little homo. I gotta get to class, I’m already late.”

“Ok, so when do we break it to him?” Ed asked as Josh was already walking towards the building “Later? After our little get together?” he suggested.

“Whatever, man…” Josh said dismissively “See you at lunch?”

“Sure!” Ed answered. Josh waved his hand and started running.

“Later!” Ed said looking at his athletic figure get further away. He sighed

“Earth to Jen!” Jen looked at her friend Courtney.


“Are you even listening to me?” Courtney asked a little annoyed.

“Of course!” Jen answered. The other one raised an eyebrow.

“Really? And what was I saying?”

“You were bitching about Mark!” Jen replied kinda loftily. Courtney scowled at her.

“Lucky guess…” she growled.

Jen raised an eyebrow.

“How can you still be with that homophobic, big-headed, arrogant jerk? I swear that guy makes me wanna kick him in the balls on sight!” she said.

“He’s not that bad!” Courtney replied a little resented but she didn’t sound particularly convinced herself.

“Yeah, right!” Jen replied sarcastically.

Courtney pouted for a few seconds until Jen winked at her and the two girls shared a laugh. They were in the cafeteria, half way through their lunch.

“Hey, do you know that guy, by any chance?” Jen asked changing the subject and pointing at someone in the line of students standing to get their own lunch. Courtney turned around.

“Which one?” She asked.

“Dark hair, green hoodie… cute smile…” Jen said.

“Mmm… yummy!” Commented Courtney meaningfully “No, I don’t. Who is he?”

“I just met him this morning. His name’s Josh. He’s a friend of Ed’s…” Jen explained.

“Is he straight?” Asked Courtney.

“Think so. He looks straight…” Said Jen hopeful then added “But then again, so does Ed.”

“True that!” Courtney agreed then she smirked “So you wanna do him?”

“Shut up!” Jen threw a few fries in her friend’s direction and Courtney laughed. Then she looked back at the line and squinted her eyes a little.

“Hang on…” she said “I… I think I know the guy he’s talking to!” She said and Jen looked at the tall blond boy standing next to Josh.

“Who? Piercings?” She asked.

“Yeah! I’m pretty sure I hooked up with him at a party.” She said.

“You slut!” Jen teased.

“Right back at ya, sis!” Courtney replied smiling at her “Yeah, it’s definitely him!” She added.

“Well, do tell! How was he?” Jen asked curiously.

“Hehehe! I was pretty wasted that night but I remember he was BIG! And when I say big I mean crazy big!” Courtney said maliciously.

“Really?” Replied Jen.

“Biggest one I had so far!” Courtney confirmed still looking at him.

“He’s kinda cute, too!” Jen said conversationally.

“Yeah, I guess… I don’t know about all that metal on his face though…” Courtney said.

“As long as he doesn’t have any on his dick! Hahaha!” Said Jen and both of them laughed high-fiving each other.

“Didn’t he say he was having lunch with us?” Josh asked finally finding an empty table.

“Yeah, but then he texted me saying he wanted to start the laundry now to be absolutely sure he’s done cleaning the whole place up by five.” Said Corey sitting down with his friend.

“Damn, you’re sure keeping him busy!” Josh commented while eating a handful of fries.

“Yeah, like I’m forcing him to do all that stuff!” Corey snorted “He loves it! He actually gets off on it, you know he does!” The boy added innocently.

“Right! Of course!” Josh teased “And that’s such a biiiiiig inconvenience for you, huh?”  He asked smirking.

“Hehehe! Oh yeah, huge! Hehe!” Corey chuckled and Josh joined in.

“I don’t know where he finds the time to do everything…” Josh said “He’s even tutoring that guy…”

“What guy?” Corey asked frowning. Josh shrugged.

“Dunno! He mentioned him to that Jen chick this morning…” he explained “…said he had to tutor someone so he couldn’t meet her…” Corey laughed.

“Hahaha! No, bro! That was an excuse!” He said “He was gonna meet ‘the girls’ at five thirty so I told him to cancel cause you and I needed his mouth.”

“You did not!” Said Josh a little amazed.

“Did too!” Replied Corey rather smugly.

“Poor son of a bitch…” Josh commented “And he just said yes? Just like that?” He asked then.

Corey smirked. “You know it! I believe his exact words were ‘Yes Sir! Whatever you say!’ And then he thanked me for allowing him to be my bitch, hehe!”

Josh snorted and shook his head.  “Man, that guy!” He commented “Gotta say I’m soooo grateful he’s such a hopeless cock junkie though…” he admitted “I don’t know what I would have done without his mouth in the last two months…” he took a sip from his soda.

“Amen to that!” Corey replied.

“I mean, do you know how many times I’ve had actual sex since we started college? Twice, bro! Two fucking times in two months!!” Josh vented.

“That’s just wrong, man!” Corey said sympathetically.

“I know, right?! Amy has been driving me crazy!” Josh continued “To be honest, Ed’s probably the only reason I haven’t dumped her ass for good!” He was chewing on his hamburger and talking at the same time “I mean, I care about her and all, don’t get me wrong! But I’m guy and I’m 18! I need to have sex… like… all the fucking time!”

“Hear, hear!” Corey agreed dramatically.

“There’s always something with her! Even when we manage to see each other!” Josh vented on “She’s not in the mood, she has a headache, her frigging horoscope said not to do it!” the boy fumed frustrated “And when we do actually have sex, it’s the most vanilla kind you could imagine and… well… I don’t wanna say it’s boring but… it kinda is, bro!” he confessed wholeheartedly.

“Really?” Corey asked.

“You’ve no idea, man! Get this: she won’t let me lick her pussy… she says it’s ‘dirty’…” Josh made quotation marks on the last words and used a high pitched voice to imitate his girlfriend’s.

“So I guess getting head is out of the question, huh?” Corey asked rhetorically.

Josh laughed bitterly. “Haha! Well, that’s a given. You know she won’t even touch my dick after I cum till I get rid of the condom and clean up because ‘cum is soooo gross’!?” He used that high pitched voice again and they both chuckled.

“Man, that kinda ruins sex altogether! Haha!”

“No shit, bro! Hehe!” Laughed Josh and sipped on his soda again. They stayed silent for a few seconds then  “But then on the other hand there’s Ed…” the black haired boy continued “…who has no problem letting us use his fag mouth pretty much like a frigging fleshlight whenever the hell we want…”

“No problem? He begs for it!” Corey chipped in.

“Right!” Agreed Josh “He never bitches about anything, swallows our cum by the gallon…” The other boy chuckled.

“Yeah! And says ‘thank you’ every single time, don’t forget that!” Corey said.

“I know! He even spoils us rotten! I don’t even know why he does that!” Josh added. Corey shrugged.

“He just says it’s part of the deal, cause we’re straight and he’s a faggot…” he said.

Josh snorted. “Which is crazy, bro! Can you even believe that?” Corey shrugged again, smiling “And on top of that…” continued Josh “…he’s the nicest guy and he’s pretty great to hang out with!” he finished.

“Couldn’t agree more, man! He’s awesome!” Corey said.

“Know what they should do?” Josh said smiling “They should make him a college professor or something and he should teach ‘Cocksucking 101’ to all the girls in the country! Hehehe!” he joked good heartedly and sipped on his soda again.

“Hahaha! Better to start in high school! Hahaha!” Corey said and Josh almost choked on his soda cracking up then Corey raised his own can and went “Well, here’s to Ed!”

“Yeah!” Josh copied him still coughing a bit “To Ed and his mouth!” The boys both chuckled and sincerely toasted their out of the ordinary new friend.

The laundry room was predictably empty. There were a few machines running but no one to be seen. Ed found an empty one and loaded it up with Corey’s stuff and his own. He checked his watch. He was gonna meet the usual guy at 2 to get the beer and the weed for the boys which meant that he still had a good 45 minutes to kill. He pressed the start button on the washing machine and headed back to the dorm humming to himself.

The room looked neater already without Corey’s dirty clothes all scattered around the floor. There were still a few empty cans and food wrappers to pick up but it was an easy fix. That straight boy ate so much junk food it was unbelievable that he was so thin, he should have weighed 400 pounds easy! Ed finished picking up the garbage then proceeded to put clean sheets on Corey’s bed after airing it for a few hours. He had always liked doing that sort of things, since he was a little kid. He liked tidying things up, it gave him a sense of purpose. And the fact that he was doing it for his hot straight roommate was such an arousing bonus. Ed found himself thinking about Corey and Josh, those two boys that had occupied most of his thoughts and time for the previous couple of months. They were somewhat different from the guys he had met in his old high school. For the first time in a very long while he was hanging out with people. Not just in the toilets but for real, out in the open. There was Jen and the girls who couldn’t stop fussing over him and treated him like a real friend. And to his utter surprise, so did those boys. He was reluctant to consider them as friends. His training prevented that. They were straight and he was a fag, which meant they somehow were his superiors, not his friends. Yeah, considering them so was just wishful thinking. Ed knew that and he was fine with it. But the mere fact that they were friendly was awesome enough and he surely appreciated the change of pace.

He finished making Corey’s bed and checked his watch. He still had a few minutes before heading out to meet the guy. He decided he was gonna clean the bathroom later, after his class but he had time to set up the room for the mouthwatering session that was gonna take place in a few hours. The boys loved to watch porn, that much had been established. So the three of them had come up with this awesome idea: instead of using their phones or tablets, Josh would download a few chosen clips from the internet, put them in a pen drive so they could watch them on the TV screen Ed and Corey had in their room, comfortably sprawled butt naked in the two fluffy leather armchairs that Ed was now moving and placing right in front of the TV. Needless to say his place was on the floor, on his knees, working his fag ass off to service them as best he could. The idea was to maximize their pleasure and to make the whole thing last as long as possible which was incredibly hot and gave him the chance to taste their dicks thoroughly and the reward was usually a huge load from both of them. It really couldn’t get any better! Ed looked critically at the whole room and decided that it was good enough. He smiled to himself and checked his watch again. It was time to go meet the guy.

“Mr. Hansson, could you hold on for a minute?” Professor Denton said, peering at Corey from behind his round spectacles. The boy made an uncomfortable face but answered.

“Yes Professor…” and as his classmates were filing out of the classroom at the end of the lesson, Corey walked towards the middle aged man at the big wooden desk. The man waited until the last student was out of ear reach then said.

“I’m not going to beat around the bushes with you.” the professor started taking off his glasses “You are failing this class, Mr. Hansson. Were you aware of that?” he added flatly. Corey looked even more uncomfortable and a little surprised.

“Uhm… no Sir, I hadn’t really thought about it…” he answered quietly.

“Shocking…” the man commented stiffly then continued “Well, you are, son.” he said “Dismally, I might add…”

“Uhm… sorry?” Corey said almost asking if apologizing was the right answer. The professor raised an eyebrow, completely unimpressed.

“You do know that your father’s name is not going to help you at all with me, right?”

Corey looked surprised. “You… you know my father?” he asked.

“We’ve met…” the man said vaguely “And I really doubt he would approve of you cutting so many classes.” he added.

“Sir, I…” Corey started but then didn’t really know what to say so he stopped and his teacher looked at him.

“Yes?” he said expecting some sort of explanation.

None came. Corey simply lowered his eyes and stared at the floor before him.

The professor cleared his throat “Let me give you a piece of advice, young man…” he said closing his bag “…I suggest you clean up your act, start coming to class and hit the books like never before.” he told the boy “Of course that does not guarantee you will pass but it will at least give you a chance…”

“Uhm… ok…” said Corey not at all convinced. The professor gave him one last hard look, then picked up his bag and started walking towards the door.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Hansson.” he said as he was leaving.

“You too, Sir…” Corey said a little disheartened and sighed.

Was he really doing that badly? Sure, he was cutting a few classes but he was a freshman in college! Who doesn’t do that? The guy was just trying to scare him off or something.

“Hit the books like never before… yeah right!” Corey snorted and headed out of the classroom himself. This whole thing was nothing to worry about. He was gonna get by as usual after all he was just having a little harmless fun, nothing more. He checked his watch. It was 4:09. He had time to grab a quick snack before getting back to his bedroom. Ed was probably still cleaning it. Thinking about his roommate cheered him up. He was in need of some good stress relief and he was gonna get plenty in less than an hour.

“There’s no way they’re real, bro! Look at the way they bounce around!” Josh said to his buddy, pointing at the TV.

“Who the fuck cares if they’re real or not, man! They’re huge!” Corey replied from the adjacent armchair.

“Yeah but they’re kinda weird looking!” Josh insisted.

“I think they look juuuuust fine!” Corey said ravenously.

“Hey fag, back me up on this!” Josh said looking down between his spread legs where Ed was lapping furiously at his balls. The black haired boy’s dick wasn’t too hard and was resting on his stomach. Ed’s mouth and nose were pressed adoringly against his ballsack but the boy looked up at him and Josh continued “Tits are better looking when they’re real, right?”

“Are you seriously asking HIS opinion on tits?” Corey said amused and the three boys laughed.

“Hehe! He’s got a point there!” Ed pointed out “Don’t know much bout tits…” he admitted amused “I could write a book on sweaty balls though!” he concluded putting one of Josh’s balls in his mouth and moaning lustfully.

“Hahaha! Yeah, bet you could! Hehehe!” the straight boys laughed. Then Josh said “Look, all I’m saying is that when they’re real they’re way more…” he was looking for the right adjective but he briefly glanced at Corey who was smiling stupidly and he rolled his eyes “Aaahhh, forget about it!” he said smiling himself and Corey laughed.

“Well, you don’t necessarily need to agree on this one!” Ed said then “I think there’s a Latin saying that goes ‘you can’t argue about taste’!” he informed them, know-it-all style.

“And the nerd is back! Hehe!” said Josh and Ed smiled.

“Yeah, well, if you’re done lecturing us how bout you give my dick some attention?” Corey smirked at Ed “It’s getting limp again, you’re gonna have to start all over!” he finished.

“Yes Sir! Gladly!” Ed said then gave one last cute little kiss at Josh’s balls and crawled over to Corey’s monster cock.

Having that amazing piece of meat in his mouth was incredible. Ed loved sucking Josh’s cock, he really did, especially when the boy grabbed his hair and started fucking his throat. That was the best. But Corey’s cock was so big, it filled him up so completely and it reached all the way to the back of his throat, sometimes causing him to gag slightly. He hadn’t encountered many dicks that could managed that in his remarkable career. As for the smell and the taste they were both incredibly mouthwatering. Josh had a wild nuance of masculine musk that he never seemed to be able to get rid of, even after he showered. Corey had a slightly milder fragrance but he always smelled like stale sweat between his legs. Young Ed was well aware of how lucky he had been to find these two gorgeous boys and he knew that he desperately needed to cherish those moments and create some wonderful memories for the rainy days to come. He moaned tonguing Corey’s foreskin and reaching underneath it with the tip of his tongue. He looked up. The boys were both watching the video, commenting on the scenes, laughing and paying very little or no attention to him, as he knew they should. It had probably been about half an hour since the actual sucking had begun, maybe a bit longer.

Ed, famished as he was, started to deepthroat Corey, slowly at first, then faster and faster for a couple of minutes and he could feel his dick gradually getting harder and harder till the blond boy looked down at him and said, “Woah, slow down, man! I’m gonna cum if you keep that up!” And Ed obeyed instantly, he gave his dick another couple of slow suck then let it go with a loud ‘pop’.

“Aaahhh…” he said satisfied “Sorry, it tastes so damn good!” He said smiling and immediately stuck out his tongue and started licking his ballsack. The straight boys laughed.

“Yeah? Still all nice and ripe, huh?” Corey asked amused.

“Yeah… mmmmm…” Ed answered lustfully “…no matter how long I suck on them, both your dicks never lose that pungent, unwashed taste… mmmm… it’s awesome…” he finished

“I’ll say it again! You’re such a pig! Hehe!” Josh said.

Ed smiled up at him.  “Yes, Sir! A filthy fag pig, here to serve you, Sir!” He answered perky as ever.

The boys snickered again.  “Well, go serve him for a while, let me take a break. I wanna last a little longer!”

Corey watched his roommate go back between his buddy’s legs and get to work on his dick.

“Yeah, suck it nice and hard.” Josh said and the fag complied instantly, like he always did with each and every one of their sexual requests. Corey took a sip from his beer bottle. It was cold and pleasantly thirst-quenching. The weed had also been very appreciated. Josh and him had shared a fat joint which they hadn’t had to pay for. None for Ed though. He had preferred spending those twenty minutes sniffing the bulge he and Josh had underneath their boxers saying that put him in a way better mood that actual pot. That little queer said some really funny shit sometimes.

Corey sighed, contentedly thinking ‘Man, this is the life!’ He then focused his attention on the TV. The porn they were watching was homemade, meaning there were no pro actors in it. They were real people which was pretty fucking great in his opinion. Josh had found this really awesome website called sex4hire, where people from all over the world who weren’t shy about showing themselves would become porn actors for money. Horny bastards would contact these improvised performers with requests of particular scenes and they would shoot the vids if they felt it was worth it. For a price of course. Josh, being quite the competent hacker, though, had cracked their firewall and had pretty much access to a bajillion gigs worth of porn flicks of all kinds. Not all of them were good of course, there was some truly crazy shit here and there but some were off-the-charts hot. Like this one. One very lucky guy, two chicks fighting over his cock. The thought that somewhere in the world real sluts like those still existed gave Corey some real hope for the future.

“Sir, can I please do it? You promised!” Ed’s voice made him turn his head in their direction.

Josh was frowning slightly probably trying to understand what the fag was talking about.

“Oh, right!” the dark haired boy said after a couple of seconds sliding down the armchair seat “There! Knock yourself out!” He continued with a little smirk

Ed buried his face between his ass cheeks. Corey cringed and made a face.

“Dude, do you have to make him do that? It’s fucking gross!” He said to Josh who snorted.

“Yeah, you’re one to talk!” he replied “You have him lick your stinky feet on a friggin daily basis!” Corey chuckled “If he can lick those nasty fuckers without barfing, he can totally lick my ass!” Josh said then added turning to Ed “Besides, he loves it, don’t you fag?” Ed moaned lustfully and Josh had a shit eating grin when he looked back at Corey, as if to say, ‘told you so!’.

“Not as much as he loves my feet, he doesn’t!” Corey retorted a little childishly “Right bitch?” Ed smiled and Josh chuckled.

“Are we seriously having this conversation? Haha!” Asked Josh totally amused.

“Damn right we are!” Replied Corey in the same childish tone “C’mon dude, you gotta settle this!” He said then to Ed who stopped licking for a second and looked just as amused as the two of them “Which one do you like better, my feet or his ass?” Corey asked and both he and Josh were now looking at Ed expectantly.

“Uhm…” Ed said, clearly uncertain “…that’s a real tough one…” he continued, smiling and looking from one to the other.

“Come on dude, you’re killing us!” Corey joked.

“I’m afraid I simply can’t chose…” Ed said shrugging “You’re gonna have to make me lick both of them a lot more so I can make up my mind…” he added innocently. The two straight boys cracked up and Ed joined in.

“But anyways, it’s not a fair contest!” Ed complained kissing Josh’s balls “I should taste your feet…” he said to Josh “…and your ass…” he turned to Corey “…and then decide! Now that would be fair!” Ed finished smirking to the both of them.

“Man, you’re totally disgusting, you know that?!” Said Josh and the three of them laughed again.

“Yeah, you’re right when you say he’s a pig! Hahaha!” said Corey between laughs.

“Fine, fine!” Said Ed chuckling “For now I’ll just enjoy this juicy appetizer here, hehe!” And he glued his lips to Josh’s ass again moaning “mmmm… make sure you both feed me a huge load, as usual, please!”

“Well, that only depends on you, cocksucker!” Said Corey.

“Yeah, the harder you work the bigger the load, you know the drill!” Josh chipped in. They were both smirking and Ed chuckled.

“Oh, I know…” he replied “…and I’m so grateful you guys let me do this… mmmmm…” he licked Josh’s ass again. The two straight boys snickered but didn’t comment this time. They went back to watching the porn and Ed spent a few minutes enjoying that hot stud’s ass. The taste was strong and nasty as usual. Josh had a nearly hairless chest and a thick bush of jet black pubes. His balls were almost without hair but he had a little bit of fur on his ass. Not too much of it but enough not to be smooth as a little kid. Ed loved slurping on those hairs and make them as clean as he possibly could. It was such a thrill and the boy was fairly sure that had everything to do with the fact that, like licking Corey’s feet, it was such a degrading act. And the thing was that doing it for those two hunks felt so fucking good.

Josh couldn’t deny the fact that he enjoyed Ed’s tongue right there where it was. The ass licking had definitely become a pleasant addition to the long list of reasons that little queer was so awesome. There was no way any girl would have been ok with trying stuff like that which was such a damn shame. It felt good, so fucking good and it was clear that Ed loved giving him that service just as much as Josh loved receiving it. The straight boy was also enjoying the hot video very much indeed. Those two whores were moaning like bitches in heat as the lucky guy was ploughing one’s cunt and fingering the other’s.

Josh moaned contentedly then said, “Hey fag, I think I wanna fuck your throat today…”

Ed looked up at him and stopped licking for a second.  “Mmmm… yes Sir… I love it when you do that…” he said and Josh smirked, then turned to Corey.

“Is it ok if I go first, bro? I’m almost ready to pop!” He asked and Corey shrugged.

“No problem, man! I can hold out for a few more minutes… just don’t take too long!” He said.

“He won’t, five minutes tops!” Ed bragged, now licking Josh’s balls.

“Someone’s pretty confident, huh?” Josh said smiling and Ed grinned back.

“Hehehe! Yeah, but can you blame him? He’s hands down the best cocksucker in our proud country…” chuckled Corey “…and we got him aaaaall to ourselves, don’t we, fag?” he said smirking. Ed winked back at him.

“You betcha, Sir!” he answered, almost patriotically and laughed.

“Yeah, yeah! Now c’mon, open up!” Said Josh amused but a little impatient.

“Yes Sir!” Answered Ed, then added maliciously “And please, Sir, remember to be as rough as you want, don’t worry about me, ok?!” He said putting the boy’s cock in his mouth. Josh snickered as he grabbed a hold of the queer’s hair and suddenly pushed his face down hard till lips and pubes touched.

“You know I never do, fag! Hehehe!” And Corey joined in the laugh. Ed probably would have too but his whole throat was completely full of Josh’s chubby, tasty cock.

Ed simply adored the feeling of a hard cock-head hammering the back of his throat, it somehow gave him physical pleasure. He clearly had an oral fixation of some kind and his throat in particular was one of his most sensitive erogenous zones. That’s why blowing Josh was so pleasant. If Corey was a humper, he was definitely a skull-fucker. He was relentless and, now that he knew how much Ed loved that treatment, he never stopped once he started. Both his hands were firmly holding Ed’s head and were pushing and pulling it in the exact opposite way he was shaking his hips. At each and every thrust his whole fat eight-incher was shoved unceremoniously inside the cocksucker’s mouth finding that perfect amount of slimy friction Ed’s lips, tongue and throat willingly provided. Ed kept his eyes on the dark-haired boy’s handsome face. His hazel eyes never once looked down at him. He kept them on the TV, clearly enjoying the show, grunting softly at every thrust of his hips, at every bump of his pubes against Ed’s nose. Ed’s eyes were watering but he didn’t even think of complaining. He was loving every second of that.

Josh literally exploded into Ed’s throat. He started humping more viciously towards the end and when his dick began spewing his orgasm he buried the fag’s face into his pubes. It was incredible. Corey was right, he had to be the best cocksucker in America. He had obviously never experienced that with a girl from a blowjob. He hadn’t even ever cummed in a girl’s mouth. It was quite uncommon. But this guy… he was something else! They had talked about it with Corey several times: fucking a girl was obviously better but those sessions were definitely something to look forward to.

“Oh, fuck! Oh yeah!” Said Josh as he kept on shooting like a fountain. Ed had such a happy expression on his face, gulping down his cock snot. He really was a pro cum guzzler, no question about it! He kept swallowing till the last volley of cum had squirted out of his dick. Then, as Josh collapsed in his comfy armchair, sighing contentedly, Ed started slowly pumping on his softening cock, trying to milk every drop of sperm from his balls like the greedy queer he was. “Oh man…” sighed Josh “I think I gave you all I had…” Ed smiled and gave his cock one last suck.

“Mmmm…” he moaned “…thanks Josh, it was delicious, as always!” He said and Josh snickered.

“Hehe! My pleasure, bitch! Hehe!” Ed snickered too.

“Hey, hope you’re still hungry!” Said Corey and the boys turned to him. He was holding his huge dick in his hand. Ed smiled at him.

“Always, Sir!” He said and crawled back to him as the straight boys snickered. He licked his cock-head a little, then plunged in and swallowed his whole meat. It was time to make him come.

Josh relaxed for a few minutes, then he checked his messages on his phone while Ed was deepthroating his buddy. It was past six and Corey was gonna be done any minute now. The moment he dreaded was coming. They were gonna talk to him about the tutoring thing. Josh didn’t wanna go there. It kinda felt like betraying some sort of unspoken bro code they were supposed to have. He and Corey had been good buddies since junior high and getting on each other’s case was definitely NOT a thing between them. He turned to look at them. Ed was working his ass off sucking on his dick like his life depended on it. Josh felt a little ashamed of himself. That guy that they had just met two months before… was he being a better friend to Corey than he was? He must have cared a lot to go to all the trouble of offering to tutor him. Of course Josh knew it was probably the right thing to do. Cor had brought his laziness to a whole new level this year. He had never been that bad before but then again his stuck up dad wasn’t around to keep an eye on him on a daily basis anymore. ‘Man, this sucks!’ Josh thought.

“Aaah, Imma come! Aaah!” Corey moaned as Ed was jerking the lower half of that beautiful cock with his hand while sucking on the upper part voraciously. And then his hot, sticky snack started invading his mouth, with that strong, savage taste Ed had been addicted to for a while now. The texture and the flavor of the boys’ cum was different and Ed could have recognized them even if he was drinking it from a glass. Corey’s was thicker and saltier while Josh’s was slightly more runny but also kinda gunky and the taste was a bit stronger. It wasn’t a competition of course and anyway the only thing they could compete in was the amount their young balls produced and in that regard they were both champs. Each one of their orgasms seemed endless and Ed’s efforts were always entirely rewarded with a couple of very tasty, very satisfying mouthfuls of ball juice.

Ed swallowed gratefully then went, “Thanks Corey!!” And the licked the tip of his dick playfully.

The straight boy smiled contentedly and a little out of breath he chuckled, “Anytime, man… anytime… hehehe!”

Ed smiled at him “Oh fuck that was awesome!”

Corey continued and closed his eyes for a moment. Ed turned to Josh and eyed him meaningfully. It was time. The black haired boy looked kinda troubled as he scratched his head uncertain of how to go about doing what they had to do.

“So… uhm…. Cor?” He said clearing his throat. His buddy looked at him.

“What?” He was smiling.

Josh felt even more guilty.  “How… uhm… how was class today?”

Corey frowned, sincerely surprised by that totally unexpected question. “Class?” He asked then shrugged “Ok, I guess… why?”

“Oh… no… no reason, really… just curious…” Josh answered a bit too nervously for Corey not to notice. Ed raised his eyebrows at the dark haired boy who gave him a weird look, half way through a ‘hey I tried my best’ and a ‘gimme a break, man!’

Corey shrugged again and went back to relaxing, crossing his hands behind his head “Hey, don’t you wanna lick our balls today?” he asked Ed, knowing how much he loved doing that right after their orgasms.

“Of course! I was just about to ask if I could!” said Ed smiling “Can I start with you? Since I’m right here?” he asked still on his knees, his face inches from his roommate now soft dick. Corey smiled, amused.

“Sure, fag! Go ahead, enjoy that shit! Hehehe!” the blond straight boy said playfully, closing his eyes again and smirking widely.

“Thank you, Sir!” said Ed and right before sticking out his tongue he turned to Josh with a glare and mouthed “Tell him!!” to which the black haired boy replied.

“Fine!!” kinda angrily but without making a sound. He cleared his throat as the fag started to lick his buddy’s ball sack.

“Say Cor!” Josh began “Remind me again, what classes are you taking right now?” his very blond friend turned to him and frowned even more pronouncedly.

“What’s with the third degree about classes?” he asked half annoyed, half amused.

Josh raised his hands.  “What? No, I mean… I was just… you know…” he blurted. Corey looked ever so confused. Ed rolled his eyes and stopped licking.

“Oh, for God’s sake!” he said and both the straight boys turned to him “What ‘silver tongue’ here is trying to say is that we’re a little worried about you Corey!” Ed said and Corey simply couldn’t frown any harder than he already was.

“Worried? Why?” he asked to the both of them.

“Your attendance…” said Ed then added “…or lack of it…” Corey rolled his eyes.

“Guys, please! I’m fine!” he laughed it off.

“Are you?” asked Ed. Corey sighed again and turned to Josh for support but the expression on his face wasn’t the one he was expecting.

“I don’t know, buddy. You sure have been skipping a lot, lately…” Josh said still pretty guiltily “I get that you wanna party all the time but… you know… maybe learn a thing or two in the process wouldn’t hurt…” he suggested then immediately added “Hey, I’m just throwing it out there, bro!” Corey looked a little stunned.

“I can’t believe it, man! C’mon!” he said to his buddy “I got everything under control!” he assured him.

“Do you?” asked Ed, this time a little more sarcastically. Corey turned to him way more annoyed than Ed had ever seen him.

“No offense man but stay out of it, alright!” but Ed pressed on.

“You’re flunking all your classes Corey!” now the blond boy looked positively mad.

“Yeah, well, at least I don’t beg to suck cock!” he lashed out angrily, dramatically raising the tension in the room.

“Dude!” Josh admonished him and the room fell dead silent. Ed swallowed and looked at the floor. That hurt which was so strange. He had been humiliated and insulted in every possible way before and those words were actually pretty gentle compared to others he had received. Then why did it hurt? A few seconds passed in excruciating silence.

“Sorry… that was uncalled for…” Corey said.

Ed looked up so quickly his neck almost snapped. The boy had a regretful expression on his handsome face although he was still a little mad.

“Yeah, no shit it was!” Josh said hotly “Look man, you’re being a dick, here!” he said to Corey “Ed’s just trying to help you out, you know? He even came up with a solution to YOUR problem, shithead! He was gonna tutor you to let you catch up with everyone else and he even made me promise to do the same which if you ask me was pretty damn nice of him!” he ranted. Ed was positively stunned. Corey kept looking at the floor without speaking. Josh sighed and calmed down a bit “Look bro, we’re your friends and we’re worried…”

“I didn’t ask you to…” Corey said stubbornly.

“You didn’t have to! That’s not how it works!” Josh said, going back to his previous tone. Silence. Then Josh resumed “As I was saying, we’re your friends and we’re worried so IF you let us…” he said like it was a threat “…then we’d like to help you…”

Ed still couldn’t believe Josh’s tirade. But most of all he couldn’t believe he had included him in the ‘friend circle’. It was probably just talk but still…

The three boys were quiet for a few seconds in that room that smelled strongly like sweat and testosterone. Each of them felt different shades of the tension that was palpable. From Ed’s astonishment to Corey’s shame and Josh’s anger.

Then Corey sighed, “So you think I should ‘clean up my act and hit the books’?” he made quotation marks and pulled off such a good impression of an old guy’s voice. Ed and Josh looked at each other and frowned slightly.

“Well… we probably wouldn’t phrase it like that but… yeah, kinda…” Josh said and Ed nodded encouragingly. Corey smiled bitterly.

“Denton said that to me earlier…” he admitted then sighed again looking at the both of them “…were you serious when you said you’d help me out?”

“Yes, of course Corey!” Ed said eagerly.

“Yeah, like I said… if you let us…” again that not so subtle tinge of threat in Josh’s voice. A third sigh from Corey.

“But it’s such a drag…” he whined. Ed was afraid that smoke was about to come out of the black haired boy’s nostrils.

“Oh, yeah because it’s gonna be soooo much fun for us!” Josh said with heavy sarcasm “And by the way: you’re welcome dipshit!” he added venomously.

“Ok, ok! Sorry!” he said raising his hands apologetically “Thank you! Both of you!” he hurried to say “And Ed, man, you know I didn’t mean what I said, right? Your cocksucking mouth has been the best thing EVER!” he added a little cheekily. Josh smiled and went:

“Amen to that, bro!” Ed was a little embarrassed. That was more than he had ever experienced in terms of friendliness. They were being so nice to him, it was hard to get used to that, even after a couple of months. He smiled and shook his head.

“It’s not like you said anything that’s not true!” he shrugged trying to ease his guilt “I did beg to suck both your cocks, didn’t I?” he asked rhetorically.

“Yeah but…” Corey tried.

“And you know you guys never need to apologize to me, we’ve been over this!” he cut him off raising his finger like an old fashioned teacher. The two straight boys chuckled and the tension was definitely dispersed.

“Whatever! Have it your way, as usual!” said Corey shaking his head.

“Alright, so we’re doing this?” Josh asked in a practical way.

“Yep! We start right after Thanksgiving!” said Ed all perky.

“Hey! I didn’t say I’d do it!” Corey whined with so little conviction that Josh simply went:

“Shut up, dork!” Without even looking at him and resumed talking to Ed “Ok, so I can do Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, I have a couple of hours before soccer practice.”

“Great, and I can do Monday and Friday, it’s perfect! And I can help him with…”

The two boys went on for a few minutes discussing how they were gonna divide their own free time to help Corey out. The blond boy was not thrilled at the thought of having to change his idle routine but he looked at those two with a grateful smile on his face. Josh was right, he had been a dick and the fact that they cared this much was beyond appreciated.

“Oh, yeah! Totally cute!” Ed said to his sister Carol as they were setting the table “He’s tall, blond, he’s got awesome blue eyes…” of course telling his older sister more than that was NOT entirely appropriate but Ed was skilled enough not to mention anything too weird when he talked to his family.

“Yeah, and then his friend Josh is awesome too, you know? He’s so nice even though he’s kind of a hot head! Oh, and he’s totally hot too! Hehe!” Carol listen to her little brother go on and on about his friends in college. There were those two boys he kept mentioning and a bunch of girls that he saw pretty much on a daily basis. That was new. She was not used to seeing him so… radiant. There was no other word for that. And the way he had changed! She could have never thought her nerdy sibling could become such a looker! She smiled at him, genuinely happy.

“Told you college was great!” she said after a while and he smiled back.

“Yeah, it’s awesome!”

“Oh God!” their mother came dramatically into the dining room shaking her phone in her hand “Set up another plate, would you? Aunt Violet has decided to grace us all with her presence after all!” she said ruefully.

“Oh, noooo!” the kids moped in unison.

“She changed her mind AGAIN! Can you believe it?” she shook her head disapprovingly.

“I am NOT massaging her feet, you hear me?” Ed stated looking at the both of them.

“Hey! I had to do it last year!” his sister complained and the two siblings looked at each other and smiled.


“Yeah, ok… I’ll see you later…” Josh said a little coldly and hung up “Bitch…” he muttered. They had just had another fight. It was probably number six-hundred and twenty four. It had to be by now. He threw his phone on his bed in frustration.

“Joooooosh!!!” A little kid’s silvery voice came from the hall.

“I’m in here, buddy!” the black haired teenager said turning to the half opened door of his bedroom. A six-year-old boy who was a mini version of Josh entered the room. He was pouting visibly. “What’s wrong, little guy?” Josh asked affectionately and his little brother ran towards him and crawled up onto his lap, burying his small face in his hero’s chest in a usual gesture.

“Mommy won’t let me be in the kitchen…” he whined two steps away from crying. Josh couldn’t help smiling.

“Well, it’s dangerous there while she’s cooking, you know that Sammy!” he explained gently, stroking his hair affectionately.

“But I wanna go!” the kid said childishly stubborn.

“Oh really?” Josh said playfully then started tickling him all over. The little boy went into hysterics and begged him to stop. They laughed together.

“How bout we watch TV here in my room for a while?” Sammy’s eyes lit up.

“Yeeeee! Cool!” he squeaked hugging his big bro.

“Hahaha! Yeah, man! We do it almost every day!” Corey bragged cheekily to his fifteen-year-old brother as they were lazily kicking back on the couch in front of the TV, waiting for their parents’ numerous snob friends to arrive and join them for a super fun Thanksgiving lunch.

“Shut up, big bro!” the kid answered very impressed indeed.

“Hahaha! You just wait and see, squirt! You go to college and it’s chicks ahoy! Hahaha!” the two boys laughed.

“That is so fucking awesome! I can’t wait!” Young Chris said to his older brother “And how bout your roommate? He totally looked like a nerdy pain in the ass!” He asked then.

“Ed? Nah, he’s way cool man!” Corey said earnestly. He was probably about to elaborate but a familiar stern voice came from behind them.

“Boys…” the kids turned around. Their old man was standing in the doorway leading to their living room, looking as austere as always.

“Hey dad!” they both said.

“Corey, I need to talk to you, please come into the study.” the man said tartly, turned back and walked away. Corey frowned and looked uncertainly at his little bro as to say ‘What did I do?’. The younger boy shrugged and Corey got up to follow his father.

“You’re cutting me off?” Corey said outraged after listening to his very unimpressed, very unhappy parent.

“Oh, so you do know how to listen when you want to.” Mr. Hensson said coldly. Dear professor Denton clearly had to have made a phone call he didn’t have the right to make.

“No, no, no, dad, please! You can’t do that.! I… I know I screwed up but I’ll… I’ll get it together, I promise! I’ll ace all my exams!” the boy said desperately. His father snorted but there was no amusement in his eyes. None whatsoever.

“Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it!” He said. Corey was panicking. He wanted to tell him about his plan to catch up, the one Ed and Josh had lovingly forced on him. But he was lost for words and all he managed to say was:

“Dad… how… how am I supposed to… live…” the man raised an eyebrow.

“Your tuition is paid for and you have a place to sleep, you’ll survive.” He said completely unsympathetically.

“But I…” Corey tried again.

“You can save your breath, Corey. It’s my decision and it’s final.” the man said dismissively and got up “Now c’mon, our guests will be here in a few minutes and you know how much I hate tardiness. Go get ready, boy!” and he left the room.

Corey was astonished. ‘What the fuck just happened?’ He thought ‘What am I gonna do?’ The truth was that he was used to a very cushy life. His family was obviously loaded and his father had never denied his boys the kind of pleasures that money can buy. Love and affection, sure, but not money! That was unexpected to say the least. And it was also a huge problem. No money meant no more eating out, no more booze but most importantly no more pot. That was fucked up! It was totally unfair. He didn’t know how to live without money. He needed to do something. Maybe his mom was gonna help him if he pouted dramatically enough. She was the sweet and loving one. She could have convinced the cold hearted bastard not to go through with the whole crazy idea. Yeah, that was a good plan. He was gonna be extra cute with her and she was gonna melt. Yeah… piece of cake. Why was he so worried, then? The blond boy took a deep breath, stood up and with a heavy feeling in his heart, he left his father’s study.


To be continued …

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