A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 7b

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“Yeah, mom! It’s fine, don’t worry! They can sleep in the room you got for me and I’ll share with Ed and big bro! It’s no big deal!”

Chris was upside down in Ed’s field of vision. He was standing on the other side of the room, pacing, on the phone with his mom who was a little more than upset that he had omitted such an important piece of information and that she had heard about his two officially uninvited classmates by their respective moms.

In the meantime, one of said classmates was skull fucking the hell out of old submissive Ed. It was Leo. Ace had already dumped his first, quick load directly into the fag’s stomach. Everything had happened so quickly. Ed had taken them to the famous room Mrs Hansson had rented for her little prince and Chris had immediately gotten down to business.

“Alright, fag! Get to work. You guys go first, I need to call my mom.” is what he had said. The two boys had immediately fished their dicks out and FagEd had started doing what he knew best. The second they were hard, they had told him to lay down on the bed with his head slightly hanging from the side. And they had started to face fuck him. It had been Chris’s idea, actually, since he had had the chance to experiment with Ed before. Now the smell of unwashed balls was filling his fag-head. Leo only had scarce pubes around his dick, which meant his balls were practically hairless, but they were clammy and smelled so strong. They smelled of sweat and testosterone and typical straight boy lack of hygiene. Ed couldn’t help feeling pathetically inferior to those two younger studs he had just met. They were straight and, as per usual, that was enough to make him feel that way. Besides, it was so fucking good to have a dick drilling his throat, everything else didn’t really mattered that much.

“Of course Ed’s fine with it!” said Chris still trying to convince his mom.

Ed gagged slightly a couple of times because even though Leo’s dick wasn’t particularly long, the boy was humping his face hole savagely, like a sex-crazed animal.

“Right now?” Chris asked in a panic, looking down at Ed’s face “Uhm… hang on a second…” the blond boy walked to his buddy, Leo, who was basically sitting on Ed’s face, watching a porn on an Ipad sat on Ed’s stomach “Get off him for a second!” Chris whispered through gritted teeth pushing stinky-balls-Leo off the fag.

“Fine…” the dark-haired kid grumbled and his stiff dick slipped out of Ed’s mouth, shining and dripping with fag spit.

Ed could now see handsome Chris bending over him with a hand over the speaker of his phone and a frustrated expression.

“Will you please make her stop nagging?” the boy asked him ever so impatiently. He was the cutest thing.

“Sure…” Ed said and took the phone.

It literally took him less than a minute to sort everything out and make Mrs Hansson a very relieved mom. Ed was good at solving problems, always had been plus he had made a friend of the woman during that short stay at her luxurious mansion. When he gave the phone back to Chris, the boy was already smiling, knowing he had gotten away with his newest mischief.

“Hey, can we start again? I wanna cum!” Leo said with a rather avid tone claiming Ed’s attention to himself.

Ed looked up at him. His tasty dick was still pointing forward like a wooden rod.

“Yes, of course! I’m so sorry, Sir!” Ed said and clearly witnessed the smirk on the boy’s eyes for the use of ‘Sir’. Leo’s six-incher slipped into his mouth and the face fuck resumed.

After a few minutes, the inevitable came to pass and Leo’s pulsing dick started to shoot like a cannon.

“Aaaahh… fuck yeah! ” his immature voice said “Oh fuck! That feels fucking good!” Ed got a hold of his ass-cheeks and pushed his pelvis down even more, so that he couldn’t even breath. Fag heaven.

“Hehehe! Look, guys! He doesn’t wanna let go of my dick! Hahaha!” Leo cackled and the other two joined in.

“Hahaha! What a faggot!” said Ace, sitting on the other bed stark naked.

Ed lingered for a few more instants before letting go of that tasty treat.

“C’mon, fag! You wanna taste mine or not?” Chris’s voice stung a little and Ed released the dark haired boy at once. Ed saw Leo and Chris standing next to each other, smirking over him. Chris had taken off his pants and his awesome cock was hanging limp.

“Yes, Sir! Please!” Ed said sticking out his tongue and making an exaggeratedly wide hole for Chris. The three straight boys cackled again. Ed stretched his neck and started tonguing Chris’s foreskin “mmmmm…” he moaned pleasantly to the taste.

Meanwhile Leo sat on the other bed: “Man, that was incredible!” the dark haired boy said all excited.

“Yeah, it was awesome! I came in like two minutes!” said Ace, enthusiastically.

“Told you so!” Chris snickered full of himself as he leaned forward and filled Ed’s hungry mouth.

Having Chris’s cock hammering his throat once more was indeed a truly undeniable blessing. And if there had been some doubts, now Ed was sure of it. Little Chris could definitely give Jeff Murphy a good run for his money in terms of roughness. They both clearly had the same goal in mind the second they stuck their very straight dick into Ed’s mouth: their own selfish pleasure, period. Not that Josh, Corey and even these new kids didn’t, because they definitely did. But with Chris and Jeff, breaks were not even considered. From the moment they started using his throat they went straight for the finish line a.k.a. emptying their fucking balls. The only difference between the two was probably in terms of stamina. Jeff, being older and having a lot more sexual experience, simply lasted longer. Chris was fifteen so he had large room for improvement, but apart from that, they were equally brutal. Needless to say, Ed was not complaining about it.

“Ah, look at that bitch’s tits!” Chris moaned watching his porn as he was shaking his hips maniacally. Ed’s face was a mask of spit and sweat as the third dick in a row was ravaging and abusing his throat. It was absurd how much being treated like an object, made him feel so ridiculously good. It was exquisitely humiliating being thought of as a convenient commodity for boys who momentarily pretty much only cared about getting their rocks off. And Ed loved being humiliated. “Oh, fuck! Imma cum!” grunted Chris before feeding him the third thick load of the afternoon.

“Oh man! I missed this! Hehe!” Chris said predictably, finally slipping his dick out of the fag’s face hole.

“Thanks for your cum, Sir!” Ed said to a smirking Chris who was looking down at him.

“Sure, faggot! Hehehe!” the three straight boys laughed together.

Ed got up from the bed and excused himself, heading for the bathroom. Before he closed the door he heard Ace’s immature baritone say:

“Hey, I wanna go again!”

“Dude, chill! We’re gonna be doing this all week, don’t worry!” Chris reassured him, throwing himself on the bed Ed had just vacated and cackled with the other two.

Ed took a deep breath and looked at himself in the mirror. His face was completely covered in spit and sweat. He washed it off. Not out of necessity but practicality. Now that he thought about it, he wasn’t sure how he felt about what had just happened. That is to say, he knew precisely how he felt about it (and the rock hard dick in his pants was proof of it) which that was the problem. That’s what made him feel equally guilty. He wiped his face with a towel and looked at his reflection in the mirror again. He didn’t entirely understand that sense of uneasiness, though. He had literally sucked hundred of cocks in his past days. Was it their age? Sure they were a few years younger but he was pretty much a kid himself. Nah, it wasn’t that. He sighed and decided to go back to them. When he opened the bathroom door his eyes hungrily caressed their teenage bodies. Chris was still lying on the bed, with his legs spread open, wearing only his t-shirt. Ace and Leo were comfortably sprawling on the other bed, one at the top, with his naked back against the headboard, and one at the bottom, leaning back on his elbows while his socked feet rested on the floor. Their dicks were pleasantly lying limp on their balls while the boys were snickering and chatting and totally kicking back. Ed’s weird feeling magically disappeared and his legs moved forward.

“…yeah and she was totally checking me out!” Ace was bragging.

“Yeah, in your fucking dreams, man!” Leo cackled and Chris joined in.

“Shut up!” Ace replied playfully, kicking his buddy on the leg. 

“Uhm… Chris…” Ed said after clearing his throat and the three boys all turned to him.

“Yeah?” Corey’s little brother said.

Ed swallowed. That kid was ridiculously handsome “Can I ask you a favor?” he said.


“Could I please lick your balls for a while? While you guys relax?” Ed asked politely. Chris smirked widely while the other two snickered.

“Knock yourself out, fag! Hehe!” Chris said and Ed smiled at him.

“Thank you, Sir!” Ed replied and immediately dove face first between the boy’s thighs “Mmmmm… they taste so good!” he moaned, tongue out, smiling up at him.

“Hehehe! What did I tell you, guys? Faggiest queer on the planet!” Chris said smirking at his too buddies who cracked up.

“Fuck yeah, man! Hey I wanna have my balls licked too!” Leo said, sounding a little childish.

“Yeah, me too!” Ace chimed in. Ed laughed.

“Hey, I’m really proud of that title, thank you very much!” the gay boy answered Chris, then “And, sure! No problem boys, I’ll lick all of your balls, just be patient!” he said with fake resentment to the other two and they all shared a laugh.

“Hey man, you know I had my first real blowjob three weeks ago?” Chris said to Ed suddenly “From a girl, I mean!” the boy precised proudly, smiling from ear to ear, like a good little school boy who really wants to impress a teacher.

“Really?” Ed said still lapping at those tasty balls, enjoying every lucky second of that awesome treat.

“Yep! Sophie Banks when down on me in the janitor’s cupboard, right in the middle of history class!” the boy explained.

“Yeah, and by lunch break everybody at school knew!” Ace commented smirking.

“Hehehe! Hey, I only told you guys…” Chris said, snickering.

“Yeah, and the baseball team…” said Leo.

“And those guys at the cafeteria…” added Ace.

“Hehehe! Well, I guess it’s normal to brag about it, a little!” said Ed now concentrating on the sparse pubes on the lower part of the boy’s big ballsack. The smell of his young manhood was so strong.

“Tell that to Sophie! Hehehe!” snickered Leo.

“Yeah! Everybody’s calling her a slut now and kids actually walk up to her and ask to get their dick sucked!” Ace informed them.

“Yeah, including you!” Chris said and Leo cracked up.

“Hey! If that bitch sucked your dick she can suck mine!” Ace retorted, amused and the trio cackled.

“And how was it?” Ed asked curiously moving onto the side of the ballsack. He couldn’t see Chris’s face but he could tell the boy hesitated slightly.

“Well… it was alright, I guess…” the boy said finally.

“What do you mean, alright?” said Ace “You said it was fucking epic!”

“Dude, I had just gotten head from a chick!” Chris said resentfully and the two other boys looked at him confused “What I mean is that she kinda had no idea of what she was doing.” Chris explained “And it’s not like I could just grab her head and started fucking her face!”

Ed smiled thinking that was exactly what Chris had done to him the very first time he had blown him.

“Of course not! She’s a girl!” he concurred, starting to lick the limp shaft.

“Exactly!” said Chris “And I’m a gentleman!”

“So you’re saying it didn’t feel good?” Leo asked.

“Well… let me put it this way…” Chris said “This fag’s mouth feels waaaaaaay better!”

Ed was suddenly so happy he couldn’t help smile like an idiot.

“Yeah, well… That WAS friggin awesome!” Ace’s voice chimed in now looking at the gay boy.

“Oh, you guys! Thank you!” Ed said modestly.

“Why can’t you come teach at our school or something! That’d be awesome! We could get our dick sucked all the time!” Chris said suddenly, half-joking.

“Yeah, and get straight As for it, too! Hahaha!” added Leo.

“Hehehe! I don’t think it works like that guys.” Ed replied amused “I’m a freshman in college, with my qualification maybe I could go for the janitor post.” the older boy explained.

Chris shrugged “Works for me! You’d still be sucking on our dicks! Hehehe!” the boys all laughed.

“Hehe!” Ed laughed with them “Well, I think there’s another way…” he added and immediately got their attention “Why don’t you find another ‘me’ to service you? Maybe a kid at your school?” the gay boy suggested “That’d be way more convenient, not to mention doable.” he finished, sensible as usual. There was an odd silence, for a couple of seconds.

“Dude, we’re not fags like you!” Leo’s cheeky voice said.

“No, hang on! Let’s hear him out!” Chris said, suddenly super interested. The other two boys frowned slightly.

Ed smiled. They desperately needed to be instructed.

“Well…” the gay boy said getting up from the bed and kneeling down between Leo’s legs “You see, from what I learned in my experience as a cocksucker, girls don’t really like to give head.” he said and then he started working on Leo’s musky crotch “mmmm… so tasty…” he moaned slightly, then took up where he had left off “Which is a huge problem because boys really like having their dick sucked, am I right?”

“Fuck, yeah!” the three boys agreed hotly in unison.

“Well, that’s where fags come in handy!” Ed educated them “You see, we’re different from girls…”

“Hehehe! Yeah, we noticed, hehe!” Leo snickered while enjoying Ed’s tongue bath.

Ed smiled.

“What I mean is you don’t really need to be that nice to us, you know?” he said “Well, maybe a little, at the beginning. But really, all you have to do is find one of us and talk him into sucking your dick once. Just once, that’s it! Trust me! He’ll be hooked and he will definitely come for more, you’ll see! And you’ll have him under your thumb!” Ed ended, gently suckling on Leo’s cum smeared cockhead and enjoying the taste. The boys were all looking at him.

“Yeah, you make it sound easy, man but… I mean, how do we do that?” Leo broke the silence.

“Yeah! We can’t be seen talking to a fag, that’d be social suicide!” Ace said like it was obvious.

“Right! Of course!” Ed said giving one last lick at Leo’s smooth-skinned balls then moving on to Ace’s ginger crotch under the watchful eyes of the three amused boys “Well, maybe you can slip a note in his locker or something.”

“And say what? ‘Hey fag! Wanna be our cocksucker?’ Hahaha!” said Leo and the other two cackled.

“Hehe! Well, why not?” Ed replied “I wouldn’t have to think twice about it!” he said winking up at the Irish-looking boy he was licking clean.

“Hehehe! Yeah, but you’re a total pushover, man!” Chris said crossing his hands behind his head “I mean, look at all the nasty shit you do for my brother! You’re his fucking slave!” the boy said all that in a very conversational way, like he was simply stating the facts.

“Yeah, those videos are pretty fucked up, dude!” Ace chimed in and Leo agreed with a:

“Yeah, no shit!”

Ed stopped for a second. They knew about the videos. No, they actually made it sound like they had seen them. Apparently Corey had shared yet another piece of juicy information with little Chris who had obviously kept his friends in the loop. So? It was no big deal! The vids were out there and tons of people had probably seen them. Yeah. Ok, they were people he didn’t know personally but this really wasn’t a big deal. It couldn’t be. Ed put his uneasy mind to rest and smiled.

“Yeah, I know…” he said “…but you see I do that because I’m completely addicted to cock and cum…” he explained “I can’t live without having a tasty cock inside my mouth at least once a day… I’d probably go mad!” he continued as the other three snickered, ever so amused “It doesn’t matter what I have to do to get it… I’ll do anything!” he said “And on top of that I’m… well, you’re right when you say I’m a total pushover and I’m also super submissive and I like to be bossed around…” then he added “I like it a lot, actually…” he paused an instant “But you know that already…” he added then looking at Chris.

“Not like it’s hard to notice, bitch! Hehe!” Chris said smirking and the other two snickered.

“Yeah…” agreed Ed “…and you’re all more than welcome to consider me your slave too, you know!” he said in his usual chipper tone. The three boys laughed.

“Hahaha! Good to know!” Leo snickered.

“But trust me, you need to find a faggot who can be available 24/7!” he insisted “I mean, come on, you’re three super hot studs. There’s no way every single fag at school isn’t jerking off thinking of you!” he said.

“Eew! That’s fucking gross!” Ace said, amused.

“Well, my point is, if you find the right one, you can train him and turn him into a nice, obedient slave…” he said “…like me… just…” he hesitated for a second “…promise me you won’t hurt him or treat him too badly, ok?” he added in a breath.

“Hehehe! Well, we’ll give it a try when we get back.” said Chris “What do you guys say?”

Leo shrugged “Yeah, I guess. If it’s as easy as he says…”

“I guarantee it!” Ed confirmed.

“Hey, what did you say your name was?” Ace asked looking down at Ed.

The gay boy smiled up at him and went:

“Why don’t you just call me ‘fag’?” the three boys cackled.

“Hahah! Fine!” Ace said smirking “And since you’re down there, gimme another blowjob, fag!” Ace said impatiently. Ed smiled.

“Yes, Sir!” Ed said and immediately started to suck on the boy’s cock. The three kids laughed at his eagerness, mimicking his ‘yes sir’ in a girlish voice and cracking up again.

“Hehehe! Fuck yeah, we definitely need to get ourselves one of these! Hehehe!” Ace said and shared yet another laugh with his buddies.


Dinner was fun. Ed and the boys were joined by Josh, Corey, Jen and Karen (aka chatterbox) and they all enjoyed great pizza and San Francisco by night. As Ed had predicted, Corey didn’t really make a big deal out of the two unexpected guests. Quite the opposite, actually. Ed found out that Leo and Ace were childhood friends of Chris’s which meant both Corey and Josh had seen a lot of them ever since they were all little kids, all hanging out together in the ridiculously luxurious Hansson mansion. Ed got to hang with Jenny which didn’t really happen too often these days due to her and Josh’s seemingly unquenchable lust towards each other. Good food, great company and rowdy laughs made the evening fly by very, very quickly and at around midnight they all begrudgingly decided to walk back to campus.

“So, what do you kids think bout college?” asked Corey to the three high-schoolers.

“It’s awesome!” said Leo all excited and Ace agreed enthusiastically with a “Totally!”.

“Yeah! Can’t wait to move here!” Chris said knowing all too well that his old man was going to insist that he’d go to the same school.

“Yeah, but you also have to bust your ass and study shitloads, squirts! It’s not all fun and parties, you know!” Josh said, walking behind them, his arm around Jen’s shoulders.

“Shut up, grandpa!! Don’t ruin it for them!” Corey said looking back at him. Everybody snickered, even Josh, as he shook his head.

Then, when Corey was sure his old buddy was busy making out with Jen and Ed was nodding periodically, pretending to listen to Karen’s relentless jibber jabber, Corey lowered his voice and said to the boys “Hey, by the way, I kinda need to ask you a favor, guys.”

“What?” Chris asked, frowning.

“Look, I’m sure you let them in on Ed and his… hobby?” Corey asked his little brother.

“Well, duh!” Chris replied.

“Hehe! Yeah, we already used him twice each, this afternoon!” Leo snickered ever so proudly.

“Haha! Good for you, squirts! I’m sure you made that fag’s day! Hahaha!” Corey said as butch as ever. The three teenagers cackled. Then he continued “And did you tell ‘em about the videos too?”

“You know it!” replied Chris cheekily.

“Awesome! Well, here’s the deal!” said Corey coming down to business “You see, I got this new client who’s into pissing,” he explained “All kinds of crazy shit, really, but the point is the fag needs to learn how to drink it without barfing.” he said like it was normal and the boys all grimaced.

“Drink piss?” Ace said utterly disgusted not to mention incredulous. 

“Yeah, I know! It’s fucking gross but, hey! He’s the one doing it, so who the fuck cares, right?” Corey said shrugging insensitively “Anyways, here’s where you come in…” he continued “I need to train him to do that but I can only piss so much in a day soooo…” pause for suspense “I kinda need you guys to make him drink a whole week’s worth of piss. Four guys is way better than one!” he said “You think you’re up for it?”

“Dude, are you for real?” Leo asked and Ace added “Yeah, exactly!” in pretty much complete disbelief.

“Totally!” Corey replied, showing them he meant business “And if you do this, he’s yours for the whole week, boys! You can make him do whatever the hell you want.” he added with a smirk.

“You mean even all the stuff in those videos?” Ace asked all excited, forgetting to keep his voice down.

“Yeah, sure! Anything goes! Just do me a favor, though! This stays between you, me and the fag, ok?” Corey replied looking back nervously to see if Josh was still out of earshot. Luckily, his tongue was deep inside Jen’s throat which meant they were safe.

“And he’s gonna do all that shit? Just like that?” Chris asked, a little pleonastically. Corey smirked.

“C’mon, squirt! You know, he is! He does whatever I tell him to!” the blond college kid said now cocky as fuck “He’d let me shit in his fucking mouth if I told him too!” that last nasty comment sent the three high schoolers into hysterics and Corey snickered with them. Then he added “Besides, it was him who asked me to be trained, so…” he left it hanging “What do you say?”

“You got it bro!” said Chris still snickering.

“Fuck yeah!” Ace and Leo said together.

“Hahaha! Awesome!” Corey replied “Wait till he hears the news! He’s totally gonna cream his panties!” the boy continued with the mean streak.

“Hahaha! What a loser! Hahaha!” the three younger kids commented.


“No, Chris! You’re not sleeping with your brother. You guys will be uncomfortable!” Ed said once he and the Hansson brothers had said goodnight to their friends and were back in their dorm “You take my bed and I’ll sleep on the floor! It makes way more sense!”

“Dude, you serious?” Chris asked, a little unsure but clearly entertained.

“Absolutely, I insist!” Ed said “You’re the guest. Besides I need to pay you and your friends back for helping with the training! Again, thank you for that! I appreciate it!” he continued, all chipper.

“Hahaha! Yeah, no problem!” Chris snickered then he looked at his older brother who simply shrugged in a just-go-along-with-it kinda way.

“He’s used to it. I lost count of the times I locked him out because I had a chick in here and he had to spend the night in the hall…” the big brother said, half yawning.

“Fine, I’m taking your bed!” Chris finally said, smirking visibly.

“Thank you, Chris!” Ed replied smiling even wider and Chris shook his head, amused.

The boys started to take their clothes off and prepare for the night.

“Corey, where’s that extra pillow we had?” Ed asked in front of his opened closet. The straight boy was barely listening, looking at the screen of his phone

“What? Mmm… I think we left it in Josh’s room, the other day, when we shot that video…”

“Oh…” Ed groaned, looking around for an alternative.

“Dude, you can have the pillow, here!” Chris said handing it to him.

“Well… no… I…” Ed tried to explain but he got cut off by a half distracted Corey who seemed to have had a bright idea.

“Why don’t you use that nasty shit Squirt left down there, beside my bed? As a pillow, I mean…”

Both Chris and Ed looked down.

“What, my sneakers and socks?” Chris asked, trying not very successfully to hide a laugh.

“Yeah, they’re fucking gagging me! Just put them somewhere else!” Corey added half-laughing. He probably wasn’t entirely serious but Ed made sure to answer eagerly.

“Of course, Sir! That’s perfect! Thank you!”

“What? Hahaha!” Chris exclaimed as he watched Ed bend over and pick up the smelly sneakers and socks the teenage boy had just taken off. Corey smirked.

“That comfortable, fag?” Corey asked, snickering when Ed lied himself on the floor and rested the side of his head on the stinky shoes.

“Yes, Sir! Very!” Ed replied immediately, sticking his nose into one of them and taking in another smell he was bound to fall in love with “Thank you, Sir!” he repeated, his words were muffled by the socks. Chris snickered.

“Well, you should thank Squirt, here! It’s his nasty shit!” Corey said even more amused.

“Of course, Sir!” Ed said and immediately got up on his knees, crawled to the end of his own bed and started kissing the stinky fifteen-year-old-boy soles that were in front of him.

“What the fuck, dude!” Chris said smirking from ear to ear.

“Thank you sir, for letting me use your shoes and socks as a pillow.” he said, enjoying those soft feet that smelled so strong of boy sweat and testosterone.

“Hahaha! Sure! Hahahaha!” Chris was enjoying himself.

“Hehehe! Nice huh?” Corey snickered as cocky as fuck turning sideways to look at his younger sibling.

“Hahaha! Fuck yeah! He’s fucking kissing my feet! For real! Haha!” Chris stated, a mixture of extreme amusement and surprise in his voice, a little like he still couldn’t believe it.

“I know, lil’ bro! Hahaha! Hey, watch this!” Corey said then with an even cockier tone “Yo, faggot! You can do better than that, c’mon! Show him how much you really love that shit!” he teased.

“Yes, Sir!” Ed said and sure enough he immediately started to lick Chris’s toes. The high school boy cracked up.

“Haha! Yeah, that’s more like it, fag! Hahaha!! Lick his feet, like a fucking bitch! Hahaha!!” Corey was obviously showing off for his little brother but it was all very hot for Ed “What do they taste like?” the older boy asked.

“They’re so nasty, Sir! They taste really strong… mmmmm…” Ed said lustily, between wet licks.

“Hahaha! Yeah, I’ll bet!” Corey answered, while Chris was still cackling “Now be a good fag and lick them aaaaaall clean, got it? You don’t want him to go to bed with dirty feet, right?”

“No, Sir! Of course not!” Ed, hurried to reply.

“Hahaha! Oh man!” Chris finally said, after gaining a bit of self control “This is fucking hilarious!”

“Yeah! Feels good though, huh?” Corey said smirking.

“Fuck, yeah!” Chris replied, smugly.

“Thank you for letting me lick your dirty feet, Sir! It’s really generous of you! I feel so lucky! Mmmmm…” Ed piled on it.

“Haha! You’re fucking welcome, bitch! Haha!” the kid replied “I could totally get used to this, you know?” he added.

“That’s why I told you to find yourself another ‘me’ when you go back to school.” Ed said with his tongue furiously working on the boy’s clammy soles.

“Did you?” Corey interjected “Well, why not! It’s pretty convenient! Hehe!”

“Yeah, no shit!” replied Chris “It’s the first thing I’m gonna do, trust me! Hehe!”

“Hehe! Yeah, ‘atta boy, squirt! Hehe!” Corey snickered but Chris wasn’t really listening.

“Hey bitch! Stick my whole foot down your throat, like you did in one of those videos!” Chris ordered, cockily, smirking from ear to ear.

“Yes Sir!” was Ed’s happy reply.

To be continued …

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