Today a very frustrating month for many kinksters is starting: LOCKTOBER – A month in chastity. We have readers from all over participating this challenge and of course we have been interested to know why. But first we have to ask our sadOsam chastity expert Chirenon about his opinion.

Hi Chirenon. If Locktober would be as popular for heterosexuals like it is for gays we would really notice it in the birth rate of the month of july. 🙂 How can you explain the popularity that Locktober has got?

Chirenon on Twitter

I was a very early promoter of chastity for both gay men and straight men. When I began, I used Photoshop to create images of males in cages because such images hardly existed. Nowadays, the interest has exploded and there are more than enough real life photos. I’d say that the secret of Locktober is that it gives someone curious about locking an excuse to go ahead and try it.

Hehe. Yes you promote it often. For you good guys should be in chastity. Why do you think like that?

It’s exciting for a guy to explore his sub side: to give up control over something as basic as his cock. He’s probably so used to jerking off that it’s become routine. Now he’s experiencing this change which is out of his control. He can’t jerk off and he gets hornier and hornier. He quickly finds that he wants to service a Dom, which as you can imagine, is a condition that I find desirable from my own perspective as a Dom.

I love to have my boys in chastity too. They become more willing and they can take more 🙂 ! But what do you think … is Locktober a challenge or should it be a start for a life in chastity?

I think Locktober is a wonderful gateway, through which a guy can explore what chastity play is about. My advice is that he start an anonymous Twitter (if he doesn’t have one already) and post updates to #teamlocked. Otherwise, he might get frustrated or bored and want to quit. The attention and support of the other locked boys is vital. Then, after he’s experienced Locktober, he can decide next steps, whether it’s a life of chastity or occasional lockdowns.

Oh you’re totally right. But now we will present you six boys from all over who are participating on Locktober. Every week we will ask them for a feedback about the experience of the last few days. We will ask always the same questions to all of the locked boys.

The first question is about their motivation to be locked during Locktober.

Slave Kirby on Twitter.

Slave Kirby

1988 | 190 cm | 75 kg

A full month in chastity is a really big challenge for me. Usually I am chast for about a week or two, leading up to some bdsm-session. So going for 31 days will take a lot of effort. Luckily during Locktober you can find a lot of support online, both in other subs that are locked like me that give tips or just emotional support, and keyholders that motivate us every day to stay locked.

Plus my keyholder locks me up cause the more horny I get, the more I am willing to do to feel some relief. Going for a full 31 days means my keyholder will gain enough control over me to help me make many new steps in my kink life and break new barriers.

And of course, it’s so much fun! I already know that in two weeks I am going to be leaking all over the place and start drooling by simply watching some underwear ad on tv xD. And then I just open my twitter dashboard and see 50 subs just like me drooling and leaking all over the place too!

Ares on Twitter


1994 | 178 cm | 65 kg

First it’s the decision of my Master – @themaster_storm. Secondly id like to take this opportunity as a helping hand for my transformation – i expect the cage will help me to focus on changing my eating and working out habits. I also love to compete (even with myself) snd beat my personal goals.

Except my personal life, i expect the cage will also improve my sexual life. I want my hole to get used to be the only organ that could bring me pleasure. I want to trainit to reach my main goal – anal cum. A full squirt from my locked dick.

Jason on Twitter

Boy Jason

1979 | 183 cm | 102 kg
Chicago (U.S.)

My Alpha and I have been doing chastity on and off since April of this year. I’ve done close to a month before but it was done spontaneously and without planning for exactly how long. So, I wanted to take this challenge on both to prove to myself that I could do it and honor my Alpha. It also helps me be ready to submit and play. To be in the kind of headspace I aim and think I belong in. To keep me ready to play and be used in the way it is my honor and pleasure to. I am locked in a plastic resin chastity cage from

Ero on Twitter

Ero Sanzo

1988 | 170 cm | 67 kg

My motivations for participating in this years Locktober is the challenge of being denial of orgasm. Knowing that I am not able to orgasm normally is such a turn on, knowing that I’ll have to wait for a month to have a proper orgasm is worth going through Locktober. Going through all of the challenges that Locktober offers is such a fun and frustrating thing to go through. I hope that I’ll be pushed to my limits and my outlook on life changed. Just thinking about what may come is very exciting.

NerdyTwink on Twitter


1996 | 178 cm | 70 kg
New York (U.S.)

I’ve participated since I turned 18, when I bought my first chastity cage. This will be my fifth year. Part of why I continue to do it is so that I go through my undergraduate program locked for every Locktober. I enjoy the humiliation and subservience that comes with chastity. I use Locktober as a time to reconnect closely with the chastity community that I am a part of, as well as a time to improve my submissive skills.

KinkyKush on Twitter


2000 | 183 cm | 53 kg
Glasgow (UK)

Well it’s my first locktober with a working cage so that certainly helps 😁. I’ve always liked the idea of locktober but I never actually thought I’d be taking part in it, a month without cumming to a horny 18 year old would feel like an eternity 😈. However I recently completed 28 days with weekly milkings and I managed to survive, so it seems like an appropriate next step in my quest to be a good boy. Lord Chirenon’s also very interested in locktober so I’d love to experience it under his guidance, I feel like it would make him super proud to see his boys complete a month lock up – and that in turn makes me really happy too 😋. Overall I’m just really excited to be locked up and crazily horny again, it’s a nice mindset and something I’ve missed during my wild time 😅.

Hehe, totally different motivations. 🙂 But as top I’ve to say that I like all of them. And as Master I can just say: Yes boys, improve your submissive and ass skills, that’s never wrong. 🙂 But now we have to know which device our boys will wear during this month and if they have a key holder.

Ok, today Locktober starts but what have been the longest time in chastity of our six boys?

31 days. Last year locktober. I got super horny and went crazy… Eventually I was horny enough I let myself be dragged completely naked (still chast of course) through a busy street in Amsterdam.

My personal record is 30+ days in cage and 45+ days without cumming (i dont remember exact figures). It was a preparing month for locktober and also training month for my analgasm.

Almost a month. I love being locked even though it is hard. I feel like it keeps me in the right mindset, it’s a great way to remind me of what a great boy I am as well as to honor my Alpha, and best of all it keeps me horny and thirsty for play. Which is a real goal of mine: to expand who I play with and how much more. WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL BE

If I remember right, it could be a month and a few weeks. During this time, I’ve notice that my balls were starting to feel full and my cock was getting smaller. The first week was a bit difficult the urge of jerking off was there and it was frustrating, having my cock getting hard inside the cage was not helping one bit. So every night I would sleep frustrated and wake up with a hard on.

Last Locktober, I was collared by a local Sir, who agreed to extend my chastity sentence to 50 days. This would take me exactly to the start of my Thanksgiving break, as well as break his record for longest time holding the key for a submissive. I was locked in my metal cage, my most well-loved cage. My Sir used this time to train my nipples, cock, and body to take more pain, my ass to stretch for larger objects, and my mind to be more submissive. I always love being pushed further than I’ve ever gone, and that’s a large part of Locktober for me. He made sure I was pushed in every way possible!

As I mentioned before I completed a month (28 days), with an attempt at release via the tapping method at the end of each week. I struggled with it more than I care to admit, the tapping release is like a ruined ruined-orgasm in which you feel nothing but the faint hint of pleasure before it quickly fleets into an intense frustrating lust😅. It’s incredibly disappointing for us unsuspecting boys that expect some satisfaction, I think it really put being caged in perspective knowing that my releases weren’t conducted with the intent for my pleasure 😁. Like most boys I sometimes I’d get a little overwhelmed with my horniness but I learned that you have to just embrace it or it’ll take over, I also had lord chirenon and my locked brothers helping me though it which were instrumental in helping me stay locked .

Last but not least: What do you think will be your biggest challenge during the next month?

Plan on biking through the woods with a dildo attached to my seat. Also want to go for a full naked walk on the streets at night. My bf has also stored about 4 cum loads of me in our freezer. He will feed this to me during this month… Even writing this down makes my cage feel very, very tight xD

Id really love to cum from prostate teasing. I have already managed to leak some cum but i wont be satisfied until i cum (not just few drops) while my dick is still locked. By that time i could proudly say my locktober was successful.

The length of time combined with knowing that I will not be able to release. Often I can ask my Alpha to unlock while playing with others so in the past I usually have that out (whether I use it or not). But not this month!

That would be the interaction with guys/gals that might be interested in bedding me. Most of them won’t understand why I’m doing this. And having to explain this would be troublesome.

My biggest chastity challenge will be not letting it lead me back to distractions. Often when locked, I go back to porn and like to imagine myself in the scenarios, even if there’s no way with my cage on my nub. My biggest personal challenge, combined with the chastity, is hopefully getting the in-person keyholder! And the biggest overall challenge will be midterms… fingers crossed!

I don’t think the horniness will be my biggest problem, it’s the blue balls that I’m a little concerned with 😅. I’m not sure why but after about a week locked it can become a serious problem, it’s like being hit in my boi balls and the pain remains constant for ages. So far I’ve been able to control it with medication, exercising and sheer will but if it started happening a lot then I’d have to request a milking. Hopefully it doesn’t act up that much throughout locktober as it would disappointing to be the only boy that gets milked, although I’m sure if it becomes an issue Lord Chirenon will instruct me how to deal with it 😁.

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