MasterMarc: Hi MackWang. You’re a 20 years old guy living in Taiwan and it seems that you are totally into BONDAGE. Can you tell us, why Bondage is so fascinating and what the attraction is?
: Wow, that’s a good question. I never thought about that before but it is like a hobby. I reall love bondage the way others like to do shopping or watch movies. So I really like to tie up other sexy and young guys. When I look back than I have to say that I love bondage since I was 12. That was the age I started to watch bondage movies on Youtube. It was more or less one year ago I started to live my kink also in real life.

MasterMarc: Do you like just to bound other boys or do you like also to be bounded? And can you tell us a little about the feelings you have if you bound boys or you get bounded?

MackWang: I love both but I prefer to top others. If I bound boys i really love to know that he is in my hand now, that he is dependant and powerless. I really get exited because I can do whatever I want with him. I can play with his dick, his hole, his nipples … it really depends on my mood.


MasterMarc: So the bondage has also a sexual aspect for you? What kind of action do you love to do with your boys?

mackwang-1611-025MackWang: Of course there is a sexual aspect. As I have told you I love to use the boys for my pleasure and torture them a little. It is nice to see the boys suffering when I play with their dicks. To see the mix out of pain and lust in their eyes. Sometimes i fuck my slaves too but not often. I am a little picky and I don’t like to fuck everyone. 🙂 But if a boy makes me hot than I love to fuck him hard.

MasterMarc: You show a lot of your boys in bondage action on your twitter account. How important is it for you to present them and why?

MackWang: Am I a generous guy or not? Hehe. I really love to show my work, I love that people can see what I’m doing with my boys and probably I want to make others a little jealous. 🙂 To be serious it is fun and of course probably also a little vanity. But as you see I don’t show their face. It is important to be discreet because everyone has his life and you have to take care about it. We love to play and to show what we are doing. It are my friends and we love to live the moment. It isn’t a slave master relationship.


MasterMarc: As I have other Asian friends I know, that the society in Asia is not really accepting such action. Is it difficult to find gay boys who loves to get bounded in Taiwan? 

MackWang: Compared to other Asian countries Taiwan is open. But like at other places there is just a small percentage of the population gay and only a small percentage of all gays love BDSM. But with all the apps, social networks and chatrooms it has become easy to find other fetish lovers. Many young guys are curious and want to try it. That is great for me. Thanks to Facebook and other platforms the BDSM lovers of Taiwan are finding each other and we have fun.

MasterMarc: Hey Mack Wang. It was a great pleasure to talk to you. I hope you will find a lot of other kinky boys to play with and to present us on your twitter account.

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You can find MackWang on Twitter.

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