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Hello dear readers, today I got the honor of talking to not just one, but two interesting kinksters, Kinkswitchpig (formerly @caged_sub) and his Dom Magistrale. Tell me, could you you please introduce yourselves? What do you guys like?

M.: I myself am a Switch and do like both sides very much. As a top it is especially fun to see the reactions of my pig. As for my interests, I am very broadminded there. It starts with using him and goes over humiliation to hard SM.

K.s.w. : I flourish in the role of the sub and find it hot to give the top free reign. First for me comes the complete satisfaction of the top, and mine comes only second, or even last.

How did each of you find yourselves pulled towards fetish and SM? When did you guys find out that’s an interest? And how was that for you?

Looking back at my youth I have to say I already had a very early interest in tying up games – without connecting that with sex back then. Then, with 16 years old I got to know a class comrade with hom I was able to make my first real bondage experiences.

At one point I came in possession of my very own laptop and with that, got access to the internet world. After that I relatively quickly got to know people from bht BDSM Scene and got my first dates. With 18 I found out over a friend about the Quälgeist club in Germany, and started to go to the U35 parties. That whole topic and area has got an immense attraction since then for me, and it became a very intense hobby.

Funny enough for me it was very similar with the tying up games. It really started to get rolling with my bondage tryouts when I got my first boyfriend and the purchase of a bondage guide book and 100m cotton rope.

From there it went on by itself almost with rubber outfits, soft sm and sneax&sox. Back then mostly as a top – only in my mid-twenties got to my passive side through a young and very dominant top, and with that also to the scene really, where we went to a few different U3x parties.

That was also where I really developed my passsion and started to be more open with my Likes. That top also brought me to the world of intense roleplay with humiliation and submission.

And today? How would you say do you see your fetish development so to say in comparison to back then?

Today I know what I want and what brings me the most fun, as a top as well as a bottom. I am faithfull to the Quälgeist and am still a member. I found out that it is a mad joy for me to bring my play partner to a moment of going to the brink of his limits, or even above them, and in the next moment do something that makes him completely horny again.

Nowadays I can read the body language of a sub and tell in which state he is, whether I can still continue, or if he needs another form of attention or care. Furthermore my fetish and SM life does not only extend to sex anymore, but also my social activities and the support of the scene and community.

Of course today one is much more experienced and knows what makes one horny or what the personal trigger points are. However you also know what you dislike – even if that, as in my case, is only very few things 😉 I get extremely much horniness out the dynamic between top(s) and sub(s) – the roles, the usage, the humiliation.

The play techniques are very situation- and type-dependant and just tend to “happen”. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes dirty – sometimes everything together. But one thing stayed since the beginning. The excitement and appeal to try something new, to get pushed towards the borders and limits, and test them out and find something new.

How did your journey together start? How did you guys find each other?

That is a very classic tale, without Romeo, Recon or Grindr. One afternoon C.S. accompanied a friend to an appointment at our shop. After I finished that customer appointment C.S. spoke me up and asked me if I was able to tailor his leather pants.

After a quick talk I told him I could do that right now if he wanted. He took me up on the offer and took of his leather pants. And now he stood there, lower body naked, just with a t-shirt, obviously sniffing white sox and a chastity cage, in the middle of my workshop.

It was easy for me to notice how embarassed he was having to stand in front of me like that. So the first getting acquinted went by, and afterwards we got to know each other over the following weeks with intensive chatting.

For me it went like this: With relatively few expectations I decided on that morning to accompany with my buddy to his leather tailor, to go to Schöneberg afterwards for a bite together. My expections of likely and older, more grim Man were quickly thrown out of the window when a very sexy young guy opened the door for us.

The both of them continued to very relaxed discuss their leather project together. It was therefore all the more embarrassing the moment when Magistrale then told me to take off my pants to change them spontaneously.

Only when I got the request over my buddy to give him my number that afternoon I was able to get something horny from that situation. The request for the pig to really properly introduce itself to him came quite quickly after. I though and sat on that answer almost 2 days, and wanted to please and become favorable to the potential new Top. The following 2 weeks of intensive sexting made me almost mad in chastity, and I could barely wait for the first live date.

What do you guys like about each other. And what do you think gives you two a good dynamic together?

I love about my pig that he gives himself completely to me, gives me free reign, and that I can nowadays do extreme hard and intense things together with him. For me the most fun is to think of new things that can bring him to his various limits. That does in not a few cases not even got anything to do with pain, but currently also a lot with humiliation. And to get back to our first date – back then I very much liked that I could be the first to make him my fist pig.

That is very complex and multilayered – with Magistrale I already had during the sexting before the first date a very good and close connection, and we very intensely talked about what makes us horny and positive as well as limitreaching experiences. That increased very strongly, so that he could – partially even during the normal day by day – give me small triggers, that directly brought me into the role, or even one tested one of my smaller limits. So the borders between fetish and day-by-day, between roleplay and normal together started to merge much more strongly.

Its not a big session every day, but maybe the spontaneous action during a joined trip or vacation, where he during the evening suddenly stops at the Autobahn, pulled me to the toilet and starts something spontaneously. And last but not least – his smell does get my pig gears going all the time – even without fetish outfit or equipment. That or a specific sentence or tone, that signals me the pig is asked for and there is no objection.

What is important to you guys in your dynamic together? What’s paramount there? Is it control, fun, the person?

Essentially it should be fun for the both of us, although there are sure phases where I know that it’s not fun for my pig what I do with him. For me what makes the whole thing exciting is when I can have a normal day with him and converse with him in that way, but also can have at any time the absolute power.

First and foremost it is of course the person – if we wouldn’t harmonize that well together, we also wouldn’t be able to build up ourselves sexuall naturally. There the absolute control and firm roleplay are in the foreground.

There it is also just a thrill to integrate that – partially even unnoticed – in the normal day, or also very promintent and intensively live that.

That interplay makes even the corona time without scene events, bars and clubs extremely exciting.

Tweet translation: Could have been a cozy day after work. But the pig was cheeky and his ass had to take the consequences. Next day I took him to work and chained him up.

How is your dynamic normally? Do you have continously your status/SM-Etiquette in the foreground when interacting with each other? Is it less so?

In the beginning it was indeed a complete Top & bottom relation with clear rules and roles. With the passing months out of that a relationship started to develop. When love came to it, it first become more difficult for us to play with the intensity we used to and liked together. But we talked about that issue openly with each other. That way we found a good way for us, our equal relationship on one side, and our uneven top/bottom relationship on the other. Both come interchangingly, at times also together come into their own. To give a small example: We use different chat programs for the respective communication.

Final Question: Do you guys still have something you’d like to try with each other? Plans for more toys or play space? Or are you simply happy with what you have together now?

For me as a top I miss the open play with my pig very much. The last real even was in march last year – Darklands in Antwerp. As I already have a pretty well furnished playroom at my home, there are enough toys around. But you surely know it well enough. There are always again new things that allure someone.

Well right now I am very content with what I have experienced and currently experience together with him. Of course though I also miss the events and exchange with other kinksters, and the open play. Magistrale does often set new aspcets and we steadily continue to try out new things – at times also with new toys. But we still havent tried out every toy in his playroom 😉 At the moment our journey goes more in the humiliation and ff training direction. But who knows what may still come in 2021.

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