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Today I will write about the concept how to train a slave and what the principles of training a permanent slave are.

I wrote before about it. Successful conditioning and training of a slave involves constant repetition and reinforcement until all the important principles are totally internalised.

What principles are this?

  1. You are a slave and you have to obey – no matter what.
  2. You are a slave and as a slave you don’t make decisions anymore.
  3. You are a slave and don’t have any rights anymore. You are property.
  4. You are a slave and you will have to suffer pain to satisfy my sadistic needs.
  5. You are a slave and both your holes are for master’s pleasure and satisfaction.
  6. I provide you with a good home, best food, best medical treatment. In exchange I take your freedom and you become my permanent property. Quid pro quo!
  7. You will be kept in chastity and I am the only one who will  decided about your sex and satisfaction.
  8. You are my property. It is my right to sign and mark you as I see fit.
  9. You are a slave. You will be treated like a slave and you will be kept like a slave. You will be kept naked, chained and collared at all times.
  10. You will get whipped daily. Every single lash of a whip makes a slave more submissive and more eager to serve. This is a fact. For that reason you will feel the whip on your body daily. It’s for your own good.
  11. You are a slave. Slaves never had safe words. This is real slavery and you don’t have a safe word. Your owner is experienced enough to see when you have reached your limit.
  12. You are a slave and as a slave you will follow these principles or you have to face the consequences.

These are the basic principles that each slave has to understand and to learn if he wants to become my permanent property. If I accept a slave as my permanent property I am responsible for his well being for the rest of its life. This responsibility is not only about the physical part but also about the psychology aspect.

I am responsible for you from the point of time that you wear my collar. That’s the reason why you will learn the principles and why you will live by them and why you will follow them.

A slave has to understand these rules and as soon as his training starts the principles will be repeated over and over again. Some call this brain washing. I call this the conditioning of a slave. Only if these principles are totally internalised you can start to train the slave in other aspects or to start to give him some privileges.

I repeat once more that everything I have written about so far is only valid for 24/7 slaves or permanent slaves. However you want to call it. Both terms mean the same. (Some days ago someone was asking what 24/7 means.)

Can a slave have limits? Of course can a slave have limits. But if you become a permanently owned slave you should be aware that I will definitely start at some point of time to push your limits. The maxim of physical health will never be touched by me but all other things will definitely be pushed.

You don’t like electro? I will teach you how good it is. You don’t like needles? You will learn to like them. And so on.

I am speaking here about real enslavement. I am not talking about sessions or meetings that only last some hours. All this is about real slavery. Some of you have this desire to become a REAL slave. I know that very well. From time to time people like you contact me.

So if you really want to offer yourself to me try to get familiar with those principles. Try to understand them, try to learn them, try to internalise them.

And just for those who hear and read about me for the first time: I am very picky about with whom I spend my time with and whom I accept as a slave.

You want to apply to me as a slave? Than please have these preconditions:

  • not older than 40
  • fit and healthy (physically and mentally),
  • no hiv+
  • slim, normal, defined or muscled
  • NOT a white german
  • preferably from black or arabic race
  • educated and financially ok (I don’t pay for a ticket, I don’t pay for your debts etc.)
  • Not a psycho (I am NOT into snuff or other illegal bullshit)

Ok that’s it for today. Stay safe, have fun and if you want to start a new life as a slave don’t hesitate to contact me.



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Master Ferdok

Master Ferdok

I am 47 years old and I am from north-western germany. I am located in a very small city called Leer(Ostfriesland). It's close to the dutch border. Our next bigger cities are Bremen which is at the same time my nearest airport and Emden. I am married since almost 5 years and I live openly gay. I own a house at the country side here in north-western germany without direct neighbours. My next neighbour is about 100 meters away from my property. I am into SM for more than 25 years now. I always was a master, active and dominant and sadistic by nature. Let's start with a very stupid thing I hear over and over again: "You can only be a good master if you have started as a slave". Sorry but that's bullshit. All you need to be a good master is a working brain to be able to watch your slaves how they handle things. So don't let noone tell you that bullshit sentence. It's simply rubbish. Every once in a while people ask me what I like and what turns me on. Usually I am tired to answer those questions cause you just need to look at my blog and you can answer it yourself but today I feel like in a mood to write a bit about it. My favourite tool is the bullwhip. I like to tie slaves up in a spreadeagled position and to whip them. It turns me on to see the whip impacting on a slaves body. It turns me on to see the body reacting to the inflicted pain. I like to see how the muscles react and I am curious how much a new slave can take. I like it rough and extreme. But whatever I do I always do it safe, sane and responsible.



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