Master Walter’s boi presents the basic slave positions his master has teached him.

Position 1: Standing

The legs are lightly spread apart and the hands are folded behind the neck with the elbows spread wide. By this the body and especially the vulnerable chest, genitals and ass are exposed and unprotected. Ideal position to talk to the boi and give orders. Also ideal positions to do a complete body check. This is often the prefered position in which I display My boi’s body to other Master to check it out.

image image image

Position 2: Kneeling Upright (Attention)

The knees are lightly spread apart and the hands are folded behind the neck with the elbows spread wide. Belly muscles retracted, and erect cock sticking out slightly. Ideal positions to play with slave’s nipples, to abuse slave’s balls and dick with My feet (or to kick in its balls). Also ideal position for getting sucked while standing.

image image image

Position 3: Kneeling (Waiting Position)

The slave kneels with spread legs, the hands rest on the thighs, palms up. This position shows the will to serve and the position of the hands with palms up also signals that their is no aggression and total surrender while waiting for further instructions (psychological effect).

image image image

Position 4: kneeling face down (submission)

The arms are spread forward or folded on the back. The neck is down and with that the slave shows complete submission. The ass is up and shows its vulnerability and availability. ideal position to do a thorough ass inspection. Also to step on the hands of the slave as a sign of helplessness and surrender. Also good position to get My boots cleaned.

image image image

Position 5: On All Fours (as furniture, chair, table, doggy-style)

This position has certain animalistic aspects as well as the aspect of humiliation. If you use your slave as a chair, make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on his spine. Try to sit as close to his butt as possible. Also good for ass and balls inspection. Start position to go walk around as a dog.

image image image

Position 6: Belly (flat on ground)

The arms are either spread in a 90 degree angle (butterfly) or spread forward at each side of the head. The legs are slightly spread and can be pulled a little towards the body in order to lift the buttocks a little bit upwards. Stiff cock and balls need to be folded backwards in strained position toucing the rough surface with the slave’s glans. This is another great helpless position. Used to step on the slave’s hands to show who is boss. Also to step on its vulnerable genitals or even kick them. Good position to give a nice buttocks spanking too.

image image image

These are the basic positions My boi has to act out immediately. I have trained it well on it (and punished for mistakes ofcourse well too). If I give the verbal commands or just shout out the number, the boi has to get into the right positions within seconds without hesitation.

Master Walter


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