A report about his holidays with Master Walter in Thailand written by cuteyoungslaveboy.

The Flight

Master ordered me to get you an extra update about our trip to Thailand. Many Masters had more questions about it. 

As always already the flight to my destination is an excting thing when travelling with Master. During the whole flight i am not allowed to speak a word to anyone except answering questions to my Master. 

Master always carries a toiletbag in His handluggage with some toys that pass customs easily. During the flight Master orders me to go to the bathroom and put several toys on me to keep me uncomfortable and in slight pain during the whole flight. Nippleclamps, my balls bound off tight with elastic bands, plastic dildo in my slavehole. 

Master always puts me by the window sitting next to Him so i am not disturbed by another passenger. Then i have to put on the nightblinds and put the blanket over me. Master can easily go under the blanket with His hands and pinch my hurt nipples and play with my slave genitals. Master loves to tease me like this and keep me busy in discomfort during the whole flight. I am not allowed to eat anything also, while Master enjoys its meals several times. Sometimes He feeds me some scraps from his plate. I am allowed to drink though when master offers it to me. 

That’s about the flight. 


Totall we spend 18 days in Thailand. We arrived in Bangkok. Master had booked a gay hotel The Heritage in the gay Silom area. We stayed there for three days. We enjoyed some sightseeings around the city and bars and clubs. Master loved pimping me out and i got me share of being fucked and played with over the nights. Always safe though. There were a couple of Masters with some slaves around too. They enjoyed playing with me. Master had also had contact with five Masters from Bangkok by Recon and arranged some playtimes with Them too. 

After Bangkok we did some slight travelling to other touristic places. Then we travelled on by night train to Chiang Mai. Here also Master kept me busy. We had to sleep in tights bedbunks sealed off with a curtain. We hadn’t much privacy, neither much toys by hand but Master still ordered me to hurt myself my nipples and bound-off dick with a pen He had by hand. Master told me to arouse myself during the night and get into a painorgasm four times. Master slept under me and as a proof i had to show the pictures to Him afterwards. 

Chang Mai

In Chang Mai Master had found a Master on the net with whom i would have to stay and serve during 9 days. It was a desolate house with some enclosed farming fields around it. Filming or taking pictures was not allowed except for the few rare ones that Master had taken. 


The Master wasn’t really a farmer but cropped some trees and had some rough grounds to cultivate. During that stay that Master had invited three Master friends of Him too. And daily other Masters showed up to. 

It was a tough time for me. During the day i did all kinds of chores, constantly followed by one or more of the four Masters and merciless stimulated mostly by bamboosticks, belts or whips. These Masters loved to put me at work under the burning sun. Hard work: dragging trees, shovelling, cultivating. Often the Masters got excited and i was subjected to some painplay and fucked hard too. There was a constant threat of abuse and pain. Although hard, i liked it and was excited most time of the day. 

Two of the Masters were also jungle knowers and we regularly did a trip into the jungle. It was totally desolated and they made me cross the jungle totally naked but for good walking boots. I had to carry all Their belongings. They took ropes with Them and toys and stopped regularly to make me suffer hanging in some kind of bondage and playing with me. It was clear They had been looking forward to this and planned many scenarios from long before. They were very excited about it. 

One of the worst things was that They knew all about the most painfull plants and leaves to be found. (like the local stinging nettles (Nilgiri nettles and Tree Nettle) who are far worse than ours, the leaves of the Blinding Tree, Rengas Gluta, Burma Lac tree, Cowhage. These are the ones Master had noted.) They had always wanted to try them on a victim and know They had Their volunteering victim to do it. Especially my tits and cock and balls got tested on toxic plants a lot leaving my skin burning often for several hours after contact. Also They have tried internal too, showing some parts in my slavehole and even poking it down my pisstube which was very very extreme.

Often They brought me to tears, but They knew very well how far They could go and didn’t show any mercy watching and enjoying me struggling against my bonds or on the ground. 

After there field trips we returned home. I was totally exhausted but allowed few rest because often one to three invited guests were already waiting to get Their hands on me. The evenings of service were hard and lasted untill long in the night. I got beaten and fucked a lot. Also my nipples were hurt a lot. Bamboosticks were used to clamp off my tits and balls painfully. 

Ko Samui

Finally after many days of suffering we took a flight to Ko Samui. We stayed in a local gay hotel at Chaweng beach. Master had arranged some contacts here to but they were all very vanilla and soft compared to my experiences at Chiang Mai a couple of days before. We had some relaxing time at the sea and pool too. Master told me i had been such a good and brave slaveboy and had spoiled me these last few days. It was heaven. And i was always sexually excited also by remembering what i had been put through before. I still get a hard-on easily now thinking about my hard slavetime in Chiang Mai. 

I hope i have given a satisfying report of our trip to Thailand. 


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