A story written by sirsleatherboy.


The video images on the wide screen TV were as erotic as they were shocking. The trim and quite handsome blondish haired young man was fully nude, wearing only calf high, shiny black leather boots while positioned submissively on his knees. He had a wide black leather collar locked to his neck with a thick chain fastened to the large steel ring on the front of the collar. His wrists were also cuffed in thick black leather and were chained very tightly behind his back.

On close inspection you can see that the boy’s smooth bubble shaped bottom was almost a crimson red in color and that his quite ample circumcised cock was pointed upward and was pulsing and hard. It was sheathed in some kind of black leather straps that spread his large balls and surrounded the base of his straining cock. This helpless looking quite boyish man had a slight all over tan and his body appeared youthful and completely without hair. His trim yet somewhat strong looking arms had some muscular definition as did his legs and thighs. He was motionless, and seemed focused while looking straight ahead.

It was so hard at first to realize that the video images were those of myself. I was yielding to the teachings and training of a true lifestyle gay Master who I had come to love dearly both as a person and as my possessor. I was “his boy” and the video images made clear what my “place and position” was all about. The approaching man a few seconds later made the purpose of my apparent plight as clear as could be. He was tall, handsome and stood holding his huge man cock in his hand. I knew it to be over nine very thick inches in length when hard. I was so smitten by this massive tool of his and as I was also so infatuated by him.

Now I watched the large screen wide eyed as my face was being pummeled by his hard long heavy huge cock as I was slapped hard on my cheeks and chin by it. It was so big and thick that it was almost like being hit with a hard rubber bat! Master was teasing “his boy” before his young seventeen year old would be once again trained in deep throating techniques. I so enjoyed this training in spite of the power of the intensity and concentration required on my part. If I was good at pleasing my Master, I would be pleased with myself. I watched trying hard to understand how I could be so patient.

Illustration by Theo Blaze

What brings a seventeen year old boy to find such extremes? It all happened in a manner I would never have dreamed of or thought possible. I never contemplated whether I was gay or not in High School most likely because I had a very pretty girlfriend with whom I was quite intimate. Now in the summer before college I had begun exploring the world more earnestly. Going to a gay beach on Cape Cod opened my eyes to a new form of sensuality that I found very intriguing. My constantly hard cock straining in my speedo on that beach was embarrassing. I was fascinated and turned on as I viewed naked and near naked men on the quite scenic beach and meant much more than I knew at the time.

When I was younger I met an older openly gay man who lived in the neighborhood who had always joked with me about how cute I was. “Paul” said I should be careful around guys like him! I loved hearing the wild stories he often told me about gay life and I must admit I enjoyed the flattery he had for me about my body and appearance. I loved to hear his stories about his friends and even about what gay sex was about.

Though quite underage for drinking, I would sometimes be invited in for a drink at his house when he saw me pass by. He was nice and I sometimes did stop in to talk. One day he told me about the leather scene and about a man he knew who trained boys as sex slaves and servants. It seemed so incomprehensible to me that such a person existed. I think Paul thought I’d be freaked out yet his portrayals of these men secretly caused me to become fascinated and even titillated from his descriptions.  I also soon couldn’t figure out why I began having erotic dreams about what it would be like to be to have submissive experiences with an older and dominant man. After a few days I found myself frenzied by this crazy fantasy and I subtly managed to get myself to get more information about this specific guy from Paul. When I found out his name I just knew I had to at least meet him and hear more about what he did with “his boys!”

When my neighbor Paul suddenly realized that I was actually “interested” in this man, he warned me up and down about what this was all about. Oddly it seemed the more he warned me the more I was intrigued and even captivated. Finally I asked Paul if I could at least meet him. Paul insisted that he wanted to be present to “protect me” but I convinced him nothing would come of it. Paul was always kind to me and I know he would have liked for me to have sex with him but he still reluctantly arranged the meeting between me and Master M at a coffee shop. He warned me to be careful, over and over again.

I was never so nervous about meeting someone in my young life. I knew so little about gay life other than what I had heard from Paul. I expected a mean, ugly, bully of a man who would brag about his exploits. When we met it was the complete opposite of my expectations. Master M was warm, witty, handsome and even seductive. From the moment Master M handed me my coffee I was smitten with both he and the idea of “being trained to be a boy by a man!”

As the video continued I realized that I had been at Master’s house for every weekend in the month of July, August and now early September. Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays were so magical to me that I was becoming quite “permanent” in my “boy” training role. Master’s home was elegant and quite large. It had six bedrooms, an in ground swimming pool and an elaborate dungeon in the basement.

The video was emanating from the dungeon area where most of my training took place. Knowing that video was from Master’s home surveillance system in which there were eight cameras in the home lessened my discomfort, but realizing that I was watching some intense pornography in which I was the central “star” was incredulously erotic as well! I was not worried about the quite personal footage as over the past few weeks I had come to trust my Master implicitly.

The scene where I take him is incredulous and mind blowing. While I am watching the video footage with my Master at my side, I am in my simple “boy” uniform. I am naked in my thick leather collar, black leather high laced boots and leather cock and ball harness. Master is giving me advice and pointers about the details of accomplishing the full and complete deep throating a man of his ungodly size. I watch as my cock strains and pulses mesmerized and so aroused while I am completely riveted to this intense scene.

Suddenly after a last flog to my cheek by that monstrous, ungodly and huge sized cock, Master takes firm hold of my head and simply shoves his cock deeply into my mouth. There is no audio but I know the choking sounds I make are loud at first. Master begins thrusting forward in what is at first a gentle rhythm into my mouth and throat. He is so long and thick that it appears that it is absolutely impossible to make his member go anything beyond but possibly half way into my mouth and throat. With arms firmly chained behind my back I am in full and the most complete form of surrender.

I so know and now fully comprehend what Master has taught me about sucking his cock. Thrust, thrust, thrust, breathe, or one, two three breathe. I am completely helpless yet I love the condition of my surrender. After the third thrust I gasp through my nose for the precious air that keeps me doing my duty. My gag reflex is always challenged yet I find myself falling into the rhythm of Masters teaching. The way I breathe during this assault that continues is without mercy is the real key to this lusty struggle. I wriggle my body to maintain my balance on my knees with my arms firmly chained behind but the firm hold Master has on my head steadies me in spite of my vulnerability.

Inch after inch disappears into my mouth and throat until finally his pelvis is against my nose and my lips are at his balls. This pause as he is fully inside me is immensely difficult yet I am as thrilled to fully consume my Master. Master’s groans make me even more eager to please him. I count one two three, one two three incessantly until he is sliding in and out of the depths of my throat so deeply that his huge cock completely disappears inside me. His balls pound my chin and my nose buries into his pelvis further complicating my now very desperate attempts to breathe with any fluidity.

This is the reason Master has us watching this scene. What should I do when Master chooses to expel his hot streams of masculine essence into my throat and stomach? I know clearly that trying to swallow every ounce of this man’s breeding fluid is the ultimate deep throat challenge. A boy like me wants desperately to please his Master and my goal (and Master’s goal for me) is to do so without the awkward and desperate choking I have encountered when his fluid sometimes finds my wind pipe. I have now been working on this for several weeks and I fear the feeling that he is half drowning me with his sweet cum.

Regardless, I still so want to accomplish the drinking of my Master’s essence in complete and yet with more comfort. In the video I almost succeed for the first time. Now Master kindly explains how to position my throat to allow his cum to shoot down and away from my wind pipe. I am told I am an advanced learner and my willingness to work and listen is without peer in my Master’s experience. I am thrilled by his encouragement. My next chance may possibly be later on today and I can’t wait!

As we watch and as I swallow and gag I confess to Master that I am fighting my own need for orgasm. Master is pleased at my personal discipline and enthusiasm as I explain that I get so turned on and excited when I have brought my Master his pleasure. I tell him honestly that it is such a thrill to have his personal essence fill my stomach. I so feel that I am truly his especially when Master pulls me onto my feet and I get a greedy, deep tongue swirling kiss from him. This act makes my eyes tear in pure joy. I am so happy, so thrilled and so proud to be his. “I love you Master” I confess and his smile makes me feel that I am truly the luckiest boy in the world to have the privilege of serving him.

Master’s pleasure IS mine. That is to me the real joy of submission. Most people don’t get that at all. In giving so much you get so much. I have orgasmed simply when he has kissed me in the past. I must take care to not do so without his explicit permission as I do not enjoy the stings of the crop consequence on my bottom. The redness there now is a loving glow from the conditioning spankings that come with his own bare hand. I feel totally complete in my role as his boy yet the day in his service is still quite young. I sigh and take a deep breath knowing I have chosen a path that is perfect for me and for who I truly am. I have given myself fully to this man.

It is almost lunch time and I am told to go back to my cleaning while our meal is delivered to Master’s home. In spite of my many domestic duties I feel spoiled by my circumstance. I enjoy cleaning his home for him and cleaning the guest bathroom in my “uniform” is joyously enjoyable. I love to steal sexy looks at myself and at my constantly hard physical condition in the mirrors. I don’t think Master has ever seen me in any other way other than “hard” except after 48 hours of sexual servitude when I have been allowed the joy of multiple orgasms from being bred so completely by him.

I am so fortunate and smitten because Master is also VERY handsome. He is well over 6 feet tall, has a salt and pepper goatee and is quite trim. He is also virile beyond belief. Master is about 8 inches taller than me and almost three times older, so I truly feel like his own boy! Master is also kind enough to tell me how much I excite him. I am very grateful for that as I know I do my best at all times with him. His encouragement is far more effective than the spankings or even the crop.

As I eat my lunch across from him my collar chain is draped across the dining room table into his lap. I love the constancy of the reminders about who I am and my purpose. Even as we eat it is clear that I am his. I am owned in the most perfect of ways. I focus on him and his every word and thought. I don’t need the spankings or even the chain, but the symbolic nature is so powerful and so meaningful to me. I am spanked quite often just simply as a conditioning reminder that I am his boy. My cock always strains in excitement the more stinging his spanks become. Perhaps only submissives understand these feelings and emotions but I am truly all his and all in.

After lunch I am thrilled to be told to kneel on the bed and to wait. I am hoping for certain attentions but Master loves to trick me or surprise me at times so I can deal well with the unexpected. Boys, servants, and domestics are best when they are able to be flexible and ready to adapt says Master. I work at whatever he tells me to work on. I wait on hands and knees trying to keep a clear mind. I try to be patient but if I had a tail it would be wagging like crazy as my cock is dripping in pre-cum. The unknown has put me in a state of anticipation that has led me to assume or wonder just what Master has in store for his boy.

I am further heartened when I see the black leather belt with the two steel handles in his hands. It is a fuck belt and it was most definitely what I am hoping to have strapped around my waist! Master seems to be on a mission. He often gets this way when he wants to fuck his boy. I am beside myself in anticipation but trying not to get overly hopeful. In spite of Master’s ungodly size and thickness, my ass has learned to take every inch as long as I have prepared myself properly which I have learned to do each and every time I am with Master.

To me having my Master inside my ass is the ultimate expression of who I am and my role as pleaser. It also helps that I so love having him ravage me there that I can orgasm simply from the raw experience of being filled by him. As Master approaches I remain dutiful and properly still. I am suddenly stung by a stinging spank. Then I get another and another. I have been taught to thank Master for each and every spank I receive and I do so respectfully. It may not be his cock but my ass so loves attention. When I feel his warm wet tongue enter my ass I am beside myself with joy as I fight every natural urge to meet his tongue with my backside. It is his way. I fight the desire to orgasm by biting my lip and by taking deep breaths. The intimacy is enough to make me crazy and lose my mind.

When he fastens the belt around my waist my cock pulses in its tight sheath. It allows the dominant to have complete control of his submissive and allows him the ultimate tool to penetrate his subject as deeply as possible. All I will be able to do is feel him ravage my insides and hold on to my position on my knees while being used for his pleasure. My hope surges as I feel him insert his finger into my opening and I squeal in delight. Then I soon realize that this is but a training exercise as I am told to clench my sphincter around his finger ten times and then with his knuckle deeper, ten more. Master is pleased with my tightness and he says the exercises will keep me that way. I am obedient of course.

Master already has his boy in such a state of need. I am crazed in want, lust and an almost burning desire for more of his attentions. The belt was a ploy and now he removes it. I love being fucked by him and my emotions now surge in frustration. My attentiveness and focus need to be completely sharp as I am “his” and must follow his course. I am soon blindfolded and now being led down the stairs to the basement dungeon. It is a place I am so familiar with now. I feel the cool air on my exposed somewhat perspiring and hairless skin. I wonder about the many implements in the dungeon wondering what Master has chosen for me next. The blindfold just magnifies my awareness and all of my senses. I am in such a state and yet Master knows what the unknown can do for his boy!

His dungeon is unique and is far from what even the most accomplished dominant would call standard or ordinary. There is a wooden bondage cross that is fashioned from wood dating back to the sixteenth century. There is a bench and some wooden restraints that have historical revolutionary war significance. More than anything though – it is elaborate with both ancient and modern devices that makes a boy’s head spin just to think about. Master has preferences but rarely signals those to his boy. All I knew was that in the dungeon I am almost always restrained and I could only hope that it was for the purpose I always dreamed about!

I was being clipped and fastened into some type of sling like device that I did not recognize in my blindfolded state. The awareness one has while blindfolded causes such a heightened state of cognizance and emotion. My dominant Master uses blindfolds and hoods to cause doubt and uncertainty in his boy which stands to light up each of my senses. Each and every touch, smell, and sound seems magnified and it so effects my emotions and spiritual state. As my arms and legs are bound and are being hoisted, I realize that this device is one I have never experienced. It may be new or had been kept in the dungeon storage area.

In this state of capture I find my feelings and my helpless state to be unfamiliar. Only my nude ass is touching a leather seat or a leather covered pad. I am spread and almost literally hanging from both arms and legs. I feel so helpless, so vulnerable, so submissive and yet so incredibly happy. Surrender includes trust and the joy of being “kept.” Being bound and in trust of one’s Master sets a boy free. I am again hoping that it is my time. A boy wants nothing more than consummation with his Master. It is what a boy considers the nearest thing to everything and to all that is a boy’s role and place.

The sling causes me to hold on to the chains where my wrists are bound in leather cuffs. My ankles are helplessly hung well above me and this sling like device spreads me with unmistakable purposefulness. I have been in a similar device but this bondage experience is new to me. Master always seems to put his boy in new situations to help me learn and grow as his boy and this predicament just has me crazed in lustful anticipation yet in quite a confused state as being blindfolded has me spinning in fear of the unknown.

Master’s skills are evident in everything he does. The pressure on my arms and legs from my almost complete suspension is equal and yet eased by the soft fragrant leather that my smooth upper ass and lower back rests upon. I am comfortable enough and yet I could not be any more “his” without him penetrating me. I so hope for that from him. I quiver from a sudden warm touch to my anus and then the wet softness of Master’s skilled tongue at my opening. I am already half way to heaven. Soon every dart and lick of my anal opening and my insides frazzles, thrills and excites me like the first drop on a roller coaster.

To me there is only one thing more intimate between boy and Master than having (this) my most personal place so fondled and explored. I also live for his kiss. I have orgasmed simply from one of those so incredulously special kisses in which I feel so breathlessly invaded by his tongue. I could orgasm this very minute but I breathe and discipline myself even in my completely bound, blindfolded and helpless state. What I am hoping for is the wonder of being invaded by his beautiful, long thick and hard cock. Being bred makes me happier than anything in my young life.

Even though I am nearly helpless, my body still strains toward his darting and penetrating tongue. Master lifts my bottom and I am literally made to ride his wondrous searching tongue as I am already half out of my mind in joy and rapture. He is amused at how shameless and desperate my actions are, even as I strain from each arm and leg. As is Master’s custom, he asks me if I want his cock. He asks as a gentleman and Sir as he wants to make it clear that he is NOT taking advantage of his boy while so helplessly bound!

Master does love to hear me beg and even plead for his cock. I am no longer ashamed to be so honest, so blunt and so completely forthright. I sound like a desperate whore in such need and in such want and I accept that what he says is what I am and have become. He calls me his “boy slut” and many other naughty words that actually are compliments to me. I feel him press against my anus and I am so willing and needy that I forget all of the discomfort and difficulty that I will go through until he is fully inside me.

He warns his “bitch” that I must be ready. I feel strangely but warmly feline as I await my fate as the mare who is about to be bred by the great male stallion. My soft smoothly shaven body and the licks to my anal lips have made me feel so soft and even quite feminine. As masculine as I usually am, moments like this remind me that I am like a man’s wife or his concubine. I am a submissive, a two, a “b”, a true bottom and the collared passive “girl” in this love making dance. Few wives will take a man in their ass less all the way to their man’s balls into the depths of their anus. I will do so with the enthusiasm of the ultimate whore. It is my purpose and the ultimate reason I am his.

I try not to, but I cannot help but cry out during his entry. It hurts simply because he is just so huge. Though well lubricated by his tongue and saliva, it is a feat in itself to get his huge mushroom shaped cock head just beyond my opening and inside me. There is such strain and difficulty just to get his huge cockhead beyond my sphincter. I breathe deeply in desperation trying to relax my opening. My enthusiasm is still peaking though in spite of the sharp initial pain. My body is already rocking onto him and I find myself responding in turn. Though I am helplessly and so fully suspended, I am cooperating by riding and rocking as best as I can in my plight while thrilling in the electricity of riding along his huge member.

In but a few long hard strokes I am pierced so efficiently that his balls and pelvis are soon pounding my ass. I am on my way to the place that I have trained so hard for. It takes great focus and relaxation to take all nine of his thick bulbously headed cock. His pleasure is always mine. I love how Master enjoys using his boy for his pleasure but in the spirit of every true and dedicated submissive boy, this is just one of the many highlights and pinnacles of genuine boyhood.

I lust and squeal as I receive each hard, firm, deeply searching and furious stroke. I am being played like a set of drums or an orchestral instrument as the sounds and cries emanating from my mouth fill the dungeon and echo from the walls. Master’s cock is way past my prostate and stops only with hard slaps of his huge balls to my ass. I am in the stars now and I am also in boy heaven. Master continues to fuck me almost angrily and I am tearing up from the combination of emotion, passionate pain, raw lust, and the wonder of being so completely loved.

In this state I always lose track of the time. Time is not important at all because I savor each of his hard fierce thrusts. I have been fucked by Master for hours at a time and I have no trouble remaining focused and responsive at all times. He is so incredulous and so magical and my enthusiasm could not be any greater or more natural. This is the truest of roles as a boy. Master is finding great pleasure fucking his boy so hard and so thoroughly! Every muscle in my body strains from the intensity and power of being so thoroughly skewered and impaled by his colossal, enormous, pulsing and throbbing hard nine inch missile. I feel like his cock will come out of my mouth because I am so overwhelmed by the incredulous reality that he is so thoroughly filling all of my insides.

The intensity of his domination is supreme and my helplessness and powerlessness has my body quivering and shaking. There is a dull pain and yet a steady aura of electric like pleasure as my body has no control yet is focused on the glory of my function and circumstance. Each powerful and mind blowing thrust rocks me and shakes me from my head to my toes. I am tense and rigid yet in an ultimate state of focus and joy as I relish my place as his. Stroke after powerful stroke finds depths within my insides that seem beyond incredulousness yet I am so thrilled and moved by his skill and power. As I hear my Master’s grunts and groans intensify my happiness surges to heights I cannot comprehend.

It goes on and on and after perhaps as much as an hour I hear my Master’s groans rise in pitch and intensity. When Master becomes more near my excitement surges into pure delight and rapture. His moans and grunts now eclipse my wails and I am almost crying in the joy that is my ultimate bliss and delight. I know he is near and I so desperately want his cum to fill my insides. As I hear his deep groans and guttural howling I know I have done my good work. As he then moans wildly I cannot help but cry like a girl in my happiness. I am ashamed at my response but feeling the gushes of my Master’s hot sperm shooting into my deepest places touches my emotions like no other. The exultation and wonder of being bred by my Master IS my purpose as a boy. I would orgasm intensely and in pure ecstasy if only he would let me. My insides are filling full of his breeding fluids and my heart is filled with wonder and joy for my pure devotion to him.

Master pauses while deeply inside me after a dozen or so final deep thrusts as his last drops of cum flow from his massive member into my depths. When he withdraws I whimper feeling lost and still in need. I am soon lowered and released from my bindings and given a deep kiss. Master takes hold of my rigid and still ever so hard cock and milks me. Almost instantaneously he causes me to orgasm and explode as I helplessly eject my wildly ejaculating fluids after but a few seconds of his attentions. He has me clean his cum covered fingers with my lips, mouth and tongue and then he plants a kiss so deep on my lips that I am breathless in my joy. His tongue searches my mouth as he sucks my own cum into his own greedy and dominatingly delicious mouth.

I am quivering and literally shaking in the intensity of our coupling and when he sits on a bench and sits me in his lap facing him. I feel him work his cock back into my ass and I thrill at his incredulous virility. He kisses me as I begin to ride him when he once again takes my cock into his hand. I helplessly explode in mind blowing orgasm again only this time the effect of having his nine inches so deeply inside me makes my body react like a nuclear explosion. He knows how powerful an anal orgasm can be and I feel so blessed! I am stunned in wonder and joy. I am so happy and thrilled to be his and he so often is willing to allow me the joys of my works. I don’t know if he loves me or not but I certainly know how I feel about him. His deep kisses continue to satiate me and our bond. I know in my heart how he feels about his boy.

My role as his boy and his submissive is such complete perfection to me. I have no regrets at all about my devotion and about my all-embracing surrender. Being HIS is both my purpose and my passion. Only joy fills my heart on this Saturday afternoon knowing that there are well over 24 hours left in our weekend together. Going back to my dorm at college is fortunately still far away. I already cannot wait until fall break to be able to spend a promised ten full days with him as “his”. I will get an hour to study today but I would so rather study our videos! Master says I am such a good learner and expects my grades in college to be as good as my grades from him!

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