Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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I find a lot of cathartic release in being beaten and having pain inflicted upon me

In our society, pain is mostly connected with something negative. BDSM is full of paradox. For some pain can be kind of tenderness, for others even something positive and helpful. One of these guys is Pup Ember, an American pain slut who started to love pain at a very young age. Pup Ember 2000 | […]

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Little Miss Oakleigh – A love for gender play or for humiliation and exposure?

It seems to be still a taboo also for a lot of kinksters but the femboys and lingerie lovers are more and more visible on social media. They are coming more and more out of the closet. But there are different motivations to wear female cloths. Some like the gender play, others the humiliation and […]

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Piggy Dirty Play – the sense of doing something many others do not want to do

To be a pig and play dirty is not really everyones cup to tea. But there are many guys who loves the humiliation but also the “forbidden” thing they are doing if they play with excrement. Lets talk with my guest today about his dirty desires and needs. BoundPissPigRy 1993 | 188 cm | 109 […]

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Potholing … or the growing need of a greedy cunt

Everyone starts out small. For Assplay that is not only to be taken quite literally when it comes to size. It also lets one assume and implies that it’s all about practice. Today we talk with Harvyap about his ass-career. Harvyap 1993 | 180 cm | 72 kgRennes (FR) Hi Harvyap. France is world-famous for […]

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Windel … Ja, aber mit Style!

Windeln erobern die Fetischwelt und nicht immer müssen sie im Zusammenhang mit Age-Play stehen. Ab und zu gehts auch nur um das gute Gefühl Windeln zu tragen. Dann aber mit Style, so wie es uns unser heutiger Gast vormacht. dprstyle 1986 | 176 cm | 68 kgBerlin (DE) Hallo Dprstyle. Nach den Doggos, die plötzlich […]

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Diapers…yeah, but with style, please!

Diapers are conquering the fetish world. And they don’t always gotta be in connection to age play. Sometimes it’s just about the comfy good feeling of wearing diapers. But then with style please, how our guest today presents. dprstyle 1986 | 176 cm | 68 kgBerlin (DE) Hello Dprsyle. After the doggos that suddenly appeared […]

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Empecé en el porno kink para dar publicidad a mi trabajo como escort.

Alex Faux 2000 | 173 cm | 60 kgPlymouth (UK) Alex Faux on Twitter Los jovencitos monos siempre están buenísimos, y más si son unos cabroncetes kinky. Hoy tengo a uno conmigo. Un chico joven, agradable y dulce, pero también un viejo zorro astuto. Alex Faux está haciendo porno normal, porno fetichista, trabajando como acompañante […]

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Teens in Chastity: I don’t deserve the pleasure that comes with a dick

People have asked us for a follow-up of our article we’ve written 1.5 years ago about young boys who love to be in chastity. It seems that it has a special attraction to get insights why young people in their most sexual period in life love to be restricted in living it. Jacob 2001 | […]

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A young Russian human & gay rights activist doing kinky cam shows

I’m definitely not a cybersex guy, but I do understand that people like cam action and chats with others. And with the pandemic naturally this kind of thing has become even more popular lately. A short time ago though I was surfing on Chaturbate, and stumbled upon a real nice-looking Russian boy doing a great […]

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The Attraction of Total Power Exchange

Power exchange is something which restricts some but others find their freedom by losing their liberties. Today we’re talking with Harry, a young British looking for total power exchange (TPE), that means to loose all his liberties and to get told and ordered everything in life. Let’s see what his motivation is and let us […]

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To me, being a slave is showing that I am a lesser being to those alphas/Masters

Today we’re exploring the nature of a slave with a British boi who started with sessions but he has also had experiences as 24/7 in young years. slaveboytom 1995 | 165 cm | 65 kgLondon (UK) Hi boy. You call yourself a slave. In the kink world there are so many different kind of slaves […]

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Master Dominic about Sex Workers and the Pandemic

The economical impact of the Covid pandemic is often a topic in the news and most goverments are trying to help big companies as good as they can. But often they forget about self employed and even more about people working in the sex industry. Today I’m talking with Master Dominic, a pro dom in […]

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