Monday, June 21, 2021
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Twink Spy in Prison (4)

Chapter 4: Bad Surprise It was time to sleep. All the cells have been locked down for the night. Twink Spy lays down on his bunk. Everything is quiet. The only thing to be heard is the occasional squeaking of a prisoner’s bench, and a few lonely snores. He fades into sleep. A little while […]

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Twink Spy in Prison (3)

Chapter 3: Aftercare After the brutal whipping, Bob shouted the prisoners back to their cells. Twink Spy barely made it on his own. He had to stop a few times to gather enough strength to continue walking. He laid down on his belly, not daring to put pressure on the wounds on his back. He […]

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Twink Spy in Prison (2)

Chapter 2: The Punishment It wasn’t too long until the officers rushed in to stop the boy. “You’re a fuckin nuisance, you know that! Who makes a fuss on the first day of imprisonment?! I should twist your arm and break it! ” Bob continued to put pressure on twink spy’s joints, painfully and definitely […]

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Twink Spy in Prison (1)

Meke2Tamago a kinky illustrator fromTokyo (JP) Hi Make2Tamago. Long time without talking. Today we present the first chapter of your kinky story “Twink Spy in Prison”. What was your motivation to illustrate a story about prison? What is for you the special attraction of it? Since my childhood I was fascinated of spy stories and […]

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Twink Spy en prisión (1)

Meke2Tamago ilustrador kinky deTokyo (JP) Hola Make2Tamago. Cuánto tiempo sin hablar. Hoy presentamos el primer capítulo de tu historia kinky “Twink spy en prisión”. ¿Cuál fue tu motivación para ilustrar una historia sobre la prisión? ¿Cuál es para ti el atractivo especial de la misma? Desde mi niñez me fascinaron las historias de espías y, […]

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Twink Spy im Knast (1)

Meke2Tamago ein kinky illustrator ausTokyo (JP) Hallo Make2Tamago. Lange Zeit nicht geredet. Heute präsentieren wir das erste Kapitel deiner perversen Geschichte “Twink Spy im Gefängnis”. Was war deine Motivation, eine Geschichte über das Gefängnis zu illustrieren? Was ist für dich der besondere Reiz daran? Ich war bereits seit meiner Kindheit von Spionagegeschichten fasziniert, und um […]

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