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F0reverUnde4d | 1995 | 173 cm | 44 kg | Kentucky (U.S.)

I wasn’t even comfortable enough to come to terms with being gay until after I was out of high school.

F0reverUnde4d on Twitter.

How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

F0reverUnde4d: I’ve been doing this kind of thing for just over four years now. It started out as me wandering onto Tumblr a couple of weeks shy of my 19th birthday. I already had friends who were doing similar things and were dabbling in the world of nude photography on there. So naturally I started looking around and seeing other people taking pictures and posting them. So naturally, I got the bug to do it.

My first couple of pictures were terrible, to be honest. They were just me doing strip tease pictures. It somehow turned to me putting on a pair of thigh highs one day. And everything kind of just took off from there. I did more pictures and worked on my poses. I kept getting followers and it just blew up one day. I was getting attention from other people all over the site. I was also featured a couple of times on other blogs and I think that’s what I’m most proud about in the time that I’ve been doing this. I was eventually posting on Reddit as well. And before I knew it, my blog had 7,000 followers just shy of a year on Tumblr. It was an amazing feeling knowing that I had gotten so big and was one of the top blogs for that stuff in just short of a year.

But as Icarus flew too high and fell out of the sky, I was getting too cocky and not being cautious enough. In March of 2016, my original blog was removed from Tumblr. I restarted a month later with the blog I have now, F0reverUnde4d-Official. And I’ve grown the wiser since. This blog is a lot more conscious of tags and warnings. Since then, I’ve gathered back 4,750 followers and I’m still going strong. I’ve become much busier in my normal life, but I’ve started trying to make a more steady return back to Tumblr. I have also since started posting on Twitter too and I’ve also got videos on PornHub as well (same name)! And I’m hoping that after reading this article, You’ll decide to give me a follow!

Whats especially important for you there?

Growing up, I was in a fairly conservative household, So I was never exposed to things unless I looked into it myself. I wasn’t even comfortable enough to come to terms with being gay until after I was out of high school. So I missed out on that self discovery aspect of my teen years. So doing this stuff for my blog has been amazing and I’ve discovered so much about myself that I never even would have thought of in high school.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

In terms of special sexual preferences, I’m not a very kinky person. The femboy thing is about the extent of what I’ve done. Some of my favorite things, and more popular things, I’ve done on Tumblr include neko boy (cat boy) and a maid. Something about putting a tail plug in and cat ears on is just so hot and gets other people hot. I have things that I’d be willing to try and see if I like (rope play is something I’m looking into trying next), but I want to wait until I have a partner to do it. Why do it by yourself though, am I right?

What kind of guys do you like?

I like guys like myself. Twink guys, slim build, maybe another femboy? Ideally I’d like a boyfriend who I can make content with so I can explore more into the fetish side of things.

What was your hottest experience until now?

The hottest experience I’ve had so far is actually one of my most depressing too. So I apologize for getting a bit melodramatic here. I was house sitting for my sister one night. I had a guy who I was super into come over. I was super into him and I thought he was into me. So I invited him over. Things were a bit slow at first, but we ended up having rough sex for over an hour (super vivid, I know). It was the most amazing time I’ve had with a guy and he never talked to me again after. It was bullshit too because we had talked for months. But you live and learn. Sometimes the best fucks are the ones who got away from you.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

In all reality, there’s not much more that I want to try other than just exploring myself in general. More kink play and, of course, sharing it with everyone who cares to see my bare ass in thigh high socks, cat ears, and cat tails!

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