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gimpb0i | 1987 | 172 cm | 70 kg | New York City (U.S.)

I swung in that sling for a long time until SIR let out a large grunt, and I felt his body and cock pulsating as he cummed

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How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

gimpb0i: I have been exploring my kinky side since I have been sexually active. I lost my virginity strapped to a sling hanging in a dark dungeon. During summer of junior year of college, I was collared and served as a 24/7 live in slave for 2 full months. I lived out my fantasy but realized it was a lifestyle I could not sustain. However, during this time I gained invaluable experience in how to serve as a proper slave. I thank my Master for his training and the time he spent on me. To this day, he is the only one I have called Master.

Whats especially important for you there?

Comfort is the most important thing to me. I only reach my full potential when I feel comfortable with whoever I play. Trust and communication are key to that. Once we feel comfortable with each other, I can look a SIR in his eye as he collars me. Once I am collared, my body and mind belong to him.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Rubber is my main interest. I love the feel and look of it. It gets me deep into my sub-space because it completely objectifies me. When I am completely wrapped in rubber, I transform from a human being to a rubber slave/drone whose only purpose is to serve my SIR. The more layers of rubber (or even leather) I am wrapped in, the deeper into my sub-space I go. To me hoods are important because when I pull a hood on, who I am is completely irrelevant. I of course also enjoy all the other things being a sub entails. Bondage, storage, chastity, CBT, impact, nipple pumping/clamping, anal play, and just hanging out on my knees next to a SIR.

What kind of guys do you like?

I like guys that are completely dominant when I’m collared, but when the collar comes off, we can speak to each other as equals and friends. Aesthetically, I enjoy all ages, colors, and sizes. Experienced is strongly preferred, but I’m always happy to show a newer sub the ropes.

What was your hottest experience until now?

Even with the countless hours of serving SIRs, shackled in darkness, getting my behind used, my body helplessly tied as I take paddles; still nothing compares to when I lost my virginity. All these years later and I still remember everything vividly. After a long time of communicating, I finally drew the courage to meet a SIR and serve him in his dungeon. I arrived, and immediately was told to kneel. He shoved his large dick into my mouth and I gave oral for the first time. Looking back, it was pretty mediocre, as I couldn’t get it very deep. Shortly I was told to strip, and I was naked for the first time in front of someone. A thick leather collar was padlocked around my neck. After showing me around the house, he led me outdoors to the backyard. He unlocked the thick paddock of the doors and revealed a dark staircase that led into the dungeon. It was not a large space, but it was filled with all sorts of furniture and gear that would make me drool today. A saint andrews cross on one wall, another wall was filled with leather straps, harnesses, shackles, and impact tools of all kinds. A fuck bench filled a corner, a wardrobe of insertables another. My naked self was given a tour of everything. The fuck bench was brought out. I climbed onto it as indicated, and soon found my legs and arms immobile. A gag was shoved into my mouth. “Say red light if you need me to stop.” My balls were tied up tight. A beat began playing, it sounded like the music from porn from the 70s. My ass was paddled. The warm sensation began getting more intense. The paddling stopped, a lubed leather gloved finger penetrated my hole. I had used dildos before this, so something being inserted into me was not a foreign feeling. Two fingers penetrated into me, stretching out my hole. His hard cock began pushing into me. I moaned loudly as it slowly filled me. Soon it was all the way in, slowly sliding in and out of me. As quick as it began it was over.

I was unshackled, SIR was still hard, he had not cum yet. Clothspins were placed on my foreskin. The fuck bench was pushed into a corner, and the sling unraveled from the ceiling. “Up” he said, indicating to the sling. I climbed up, and found my legs strapped in tight. My arms were placed above my head and I found myself unable to move them. Again, SIR’s hard cock slid into me, the sling began to swing. I could feel SIR’s cock poking me hard every time he went balls deep. I was in too much ecstasy to care. I swung in that sling for a long time until SIR let out a large grunt, and I felt his body and cock pulsating as he cummed. He went to clean up and left me alone hanging in the sling.  🙂

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

I would like to be in chastity for a full year. My current record is about 6 weeks. I got engaged in long-term chastity fairly recently. I don’t think I have the mindset for an extended time in chastity, which would make this goal all the more interesting.

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