A “My Fetish Life” interview with newboiontheblock (28).

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5’7″ / 170cm



sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

You: I started many years back and have been doing it on and off since. It started when my good friend took me to a nude club. It was Men only and all you were allowed to wear was your shoes. It was an eye opener. From there, I tried other things. Some on my own and some with company.

sadOsam: Whats especially important for you there?

You: Prior to the nude club, I had never ventured out of the ordinary. Ordinary being drinking at the bar on Saturday, going to the club, dancing till 3am them head to Chinatown for supper. The nude club experience came after I told my friend I’d like to do something out of My ordinary every year. The club was filled with different types of men. Bears, twinks, jocks, daddies. They were young and mature, with different body types. I started getting drunk. I saw a couple of jocks fucking by the speakers so I started kissing my friend. Then we started touching each other. Soon a crowd formed around us. I sat down and started sucking my friend off. Random guys started leaning in for kisses while running their hands over my body. Some even stuck their cocks in my face and I gladly gobbled them down. I had never been in such a situation before and it was thrilling beyond believe. This continued until my friend came over me. We left after but I can never forget the scene.

sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

You: I do enjoy a little of everything. Voyeurism, exhibition, humiliation, spitting, sniffing, licking, body worship,toys. I tried fisting but that scared me. I very much like being the Sub. It comes naturally to me when it comes to sex. I love being ordered around and fulfilling the Doms needs and desires. I feel eager to please and for them to tell me I did a good job. At the moment, I am training myself for anal orgasm and pumping my nipples daily. I love nipple play.

sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

You: On paper, I like guys that are bigger than me. Meatier, beefier, chunkier and thicker. Bears and daddies. Muscle bears are a particular favourite. I love a guy with some gut. They just look and feel so sensual. Hairy, dominant, masculine and a total Alpha. I’m also happy with chubs,Cubs, otters. However, in person, I’ll be with who I have the best chemistry with. That means, even if you don’t fit the above description, I’d still be with you. Personally, chemistry trumps it all. My friend who took me to the nude club is sort of a Cub. My favourite fuck buddy (the person responsible for my other experiences) was a muscle bear. Basically,  he fit the bill to a T and the chemistry was so good. However, he was in an open relationship so all I could get was the sex. My Master now is far from the muscle bear, bear, daddy, thick, meaty, hairy, chunky type I go for but our chemistry cannot be denied. I also naturally feel submissive around him and just want to please him. He brings out this kinky, submissive side in me.

sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

You: All of the experiences that I have classified under ‘Out of My Ordinary’ are hot to me. They happened at a different time in my life and each one brought me much excitement. One particular favourite is with the muscle bear fuck buddy. Our sessions usually start off with him letting me know when I can come over (ordering me). I’d clean myself up in advance and make my way to his place. He lived on a council estate in a somewhat dodgy looking part of South London. I’d make my way to his apartment where the door will be left ajar. I’d enter, close the door, remove every piece of clothing, get onto all fours and crawl to the adjoining room where he would be sitting on a chair, naked save for his cock ring, dick at full mast. I’d wait for him to grant me permission to enter. Usually it starts with his feet. I’d have to lick it real good and suck at his toes. Then he’d spit on me as I make my way up his thick strong legs. I would be allowed to start on his hefty balls but never his thick cock until he is satisfied with my worship. I’d sometimes be allowed to kiss and sniff his crotch, sticking my face into his musky crotch, but never to suck it just yet. He’d pull me up to my feet, inspect me from head to toe. He could tell when I had too much carbs that week but he always seem satisfied with my body. He’d spit on me again and always throughout the entire session. Sometimes on me and sometimes in my mouth. Then he’d stick his pits in my face and order me to get a good drag of his stink. It was so powerful and erotic. The smell of his sweat mixed with the spitting and his dominance always drove me wild. I’d lick and grunt my way through both his pits, taking big lungs full of his musk. Then I get to nurse on his nipples. His nipples, are thick and juicy like large erasers on top of large pencils. The stick out so perfectly I always wondered whether they show through all his shirts. After his nipples, he’d finally allow me to taste his dick. That was always one of the best parts. That thick tool would give me some serious jaw pain but it’s worth it. About 7.5 inches and really thick. After sucking and licking and sniffing some more, he’d move me to the couch so he could have a taste of my ass. He always enjoyed eating it and his tongue just goes right in. He’d slap my ass, spit some more and speak to me in his gruff voice. “Yeah. Look at that ass” *lick* “Fuck. I’m going to fuck you so hard after this.” After that, he’d start slow. Just the head. Then he’ll push in slowly so I can feel every inch enter me. Once I get to the base, he goes rough. He fucks like there is no tomorrow. Sometimes in missionary, sometimes standing, legs on his shoulder, or even to the side. Then it’s my turn to work. Reverse cowgirl was our favourite so he always let me do it. We’d take a hit of poppers and continue banging. He always insisted on cumming together so I would have to work my way to the edge so we could jump off together. By this time, we’d both be drenched in sweat. His sweaty manly scent all over me. Drove me wild. When we came, it was like an explosion. Always so good and so explosive. Our sessions went on to include toys and water sports.

sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

You: if I could experience anything, it would be one of the following: 1. To be a top with a 10 inch erect dick. 2. To be a top with a 2 inch erect dick. 3. To be a versatile muscle bear. 4. To be a versatile chub. 5. To be a bottom with a 10 inch erect dick. 6. To be a bodybuilder with a 10 inch erect dick (Top). 7. To be a bodybuilder with a 2 inch erect dick (bottom). And always with thick juicy nipples that no shirt can hide. I have a thing to opposites. Big but small. Small but big. Something about the opposite ends of the spectrum just gets me going.

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