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Ravage | 1976 | 174 cm | 78 kg | Washington DC

I demand chastity of my subs, and even lock up myself occasionally.

How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

I was doing self-bondage in my teens, although I never had gay sex until I was 25. I grew up in a conservative military family and didn’t know any gay people – and kept sleeping with girls thinking I’d “grow out” of my feelings for dudes. But my older brother played baseball in high school and there was something about a jockstrap that really tuned me on. About the time I graduated college and joined the military myself, “America Online” chatrooms were the way to meet other gay guys. The few I met I could usually convince to be tied up during sex, but it wasn’t until a couple of years later and discovering the site “GearFetish” that I really came to terms with my kinky side. That really opened the floodgates for me.

Whats especially important for you there?

Gear was my first real kink interest, and remains a big one to this day. But oddly it’s mostly gear that I didn’t use for its intended purpose already. I grew up surfing so never saw neoprene as a fetish material. I grew up playing lacrosse so never saw that gear sexually (although football all gear turns me on!). I ride sportbikes but the full leathers aren’t a big turn-on. I’ve spent my career in the military so the uniform stuff doesn’t do it for me – but I’m happy to don it for those that it does. These days my “gear” is the aforementioned football stuff, rubber of all kinds, the requisite leather outfits that any kinkster over 30 has, and jockstraps. That first piece of gear that started it all for me. Heh.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

My biggest turn-ons are pup lay, rubber, and chastity. I was a pup at my first MAL in the early 2000’s. There were only like a half-dozen of us pups – 10 at the most, and even most of the kink veterans there were giving us puzzled looks as we wrassled on the lobby floor of the Washington Plaza Hotel. It was maybe a month later that a hot young Navy kid hit me up on Recon and asked me if I could possibly train him as a pup. He was my first collared pup – I’ve had several since – but from then on I found my “right fit” as a pup handler. As far as rubber, it’s just a hot material and looks good on everybody. I’m really quite pleased the the latest generation of young kinksters have really taken a liking to it! And then there’s chastity. Haha. I demand it of my subs, and even lock up myself occasionally. It keeps my boys and pups constantly yearning for my cock and gives them the discipline they need. As for myself, locking up has me hitting the gym much more frequently to burn off pent-up sexual energy and makes for a much greater ravage of my sub’s holes when I unlock to feed them!

What kind of guys do you like?

Younger generally, and I like to get them relatively inexperienced as I love being the one to introduce them to this world. Conversely, I’ve had many a sub I’d only played with a couple times on a work trip or something come back to me years later saying they now had a ton of experience – but it was never as good as their first time with me! So yeah, I have a lot of repeat subs that I never collared that I still get to play with occasionally. And I love that. Eager, driven, energetic, and smart are really what I look for. The bondage and fucking are great – but I really like to have a connection with my subs.

What was your hottest experience until now?

There’s been so many that it’s hard to pick one! But I guess my biggest turn on is hearing a sub moan with pleasure. Or desperation. Yeah, the latter is even better. So I guess one of my hottest scenes was where I had three pups in chastity for an MAL weekend and up in the room for a session I fitted them all with strap-on dildos (admittedly I had to borrow one of them). The biggest-dildo’d pup I also stuck a remote electro butt plug up his ass. They’re all mitted, hooded, locked, and desperately horny, and I instruct them to kinda do the centipede thing and line up with two pups getting a dildo up their ass and the pup closest to me getting my throbbing cock down his throat. The last pup in line has the electro plug in so when I say “mush pup!” he starts thrusting harder/faster than ever before to keep from increasing the painful jolts shooting into his ass (ok, a strap is around his nuts too – it needs two connections). Plus he’s pushing the entire chain forward – dildos thrusting deeper into the pus while my cock goes further down lead pup’s throat as there’s the bed behind me and there’s nowhere for me to go. The desperate moaning from the three pups – all whose chastity devices were dripping with precum the entire scene – had me shoot one of the biggest and most satisfying loads of my life down the lucky pup’s throat before me. As for them? They stayed locked. A good pup is a locked pup.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

I’m totally typecast as a Dom/Pup Handler, and it’s honestly really what I do best. I can’t think of any scene I’ve yearned having as a Dom because I think I’ve managed to put together most anything I’ve ever wanted! I guess my one fantasy would be to have the tables turned just once. To have a stable of hot young rubberized pups for a kink event weekend (MAL, IML, CLAW, whatever) – and I’d be the one locked all weekend taking care of all their horny needs. Trying to fall asleep all frustrated, locked in my cage while the pups all sleep soundly around me, their cum completely expended from their bodies. That role reversal would be hot. But as the question says, I’m pretty sure I’d only want to experience that once!

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