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Rubbex | 1989 | 188 cm | 75 kg | Faulquemont (FR)

After 10 years of living as a Vanilla couple and living in shame of my desires and the frustration of not being able to be who I really am, we decided to leave us.

Rubbex on Tumblr.

How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

Rubbex: Before having this relationship Master/slave 24/7, I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for 10 years. I told him my fantasies and my desires, but he was 100% closed to all fetishism and excusively monogamous. Over the years I was more and more frustrated, I began to fill this gap by talking to Masters on websites, I masturbated, having obtainted the relief I left the conversation, I was becoming a “fantasy”, a “fake”.

Then I wanted to have more, so I registered on a website of “cashmaster” and started to serve Masters over the internet with my money. It was easier than to see Masters in real life. After 10 years of living as a couple living in shame of my desires and the frustration of not being able to be who I really am, we decided to separate.

That’s when I could start really living my “kinky side”, at the age of 27. When meeting my Master, “Murdock Sadick”. Since then I discovered a lot of sensations, some I long dreamed of, and now I’m in my place, I live as a slave at home with him 24/7 for a year and a half now.

Whats especially important for you there?

What is important is safety, hygiene and trust, these elements must be present in all aspects of BDSM practices.

In BDSM there are risky practices like suspension, breath control, mummification, storage, and many others…. My point of view on certain practices: To define a “safeword” with his Master is “vital”. Without that, each “stop” or “I can not do it anymore” can be misinterpreted.

Drinking urine : I have nothing against that. But it should not be abused, urine is the result of bodily waste, drinking this waste makes your kidneys work even more, so you risk to damage your kidneys if you drink it too often.

Breath control: That one must be very safe, and must be at least two people. Never do it alone. Too many accidents have already occurred. The Master must be very attentive and vigilant, and keep things under watch and control.

Bondage: Also requires some knowledge, points to avoid, arteries not to compress etc… Specific equipment for suspensions.

Also, many people are unaware that with a simple unprotected oral sex one can have STDs/STIs. All it takes is a simple micro opening in the mouth, and this can be due to a brushing of the teeth, just before the sexual practice and the pre seminal to have a risk. Not to mention herpes, syphilis… My Master does not practice without a condom, the same for dildos, he is often gloved and disinfects his equipment. Furthermore he works in the hospital, and that reassures me all the more. A healthy slave is a successful slave.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Yes very much, latex. I find that wearing latex has something sensual, artistic. The material puts your form, lines and curves in value. And Latex is suitable for all people (corpulent or fine, large or small, young or mature, Master or slaves). When I put on my jumpsuit it’s with a lot of excitement, I find it exciting how my original skin gives way to latex, smooth, uniform and flawless, I become a thing, an object. I love this feeling….

What kind of guys do you like?

Physically I like several types of guys: I like skinny, muscular, and muscular dry. For the behavior I will seem a little cliche, but I like the guys who have confidence in them, who impose by their presence. The charismatic and tolerant leader, constantly improving, questioning when it is necessary, sharing knowledge, humorous, protective, understanding, responsible, strict, tender at times, with a small dose of arrogance and machismo. Conversely I also like guys more shy, discreet, and less charismatic but where I am very sensitive are those who are righteous, just, and have wisdom.

What was your hottest experience until now?

I did not have one hot experience, but several. The forced tattoo, the collar of belonging that I never remove, sleep in a cage and eat in a bowl. All these things make me belittled to slave rendering, which is inked in me.

At the beginning of our Master / Slave relationship, my Master put a chain and padlock around my neck, but I had to remove it for showering, sporting and working, as time went on, the need to have a sign of belonging permanently on me became stronger and stronger. Master ordered a personalized padlock with my slave name engraved on it, then decided that I should wear it 24/7. I was happy. We are a few months away from our relationship and have doubts about the seriousness of our relationship.

To have a Master is good, but to live with him, and base all my life on him is another pair of sleeve we can not engage on a whim. When I expressed my doubts to my Master, he immediately took matters into his own hands, and from one day to the next he decided to make me a tattoo of belonging. It showed me with a single decision he was skewing my doubts, he did not give me a choice. It’s nice to feel that you’re lead, and to see that he’s ready to move on to me becoming his property. It’s also showing his seriousness and investment. It was my first tattoo, he called a friend tattoo artist, and chained me on the table, it was worthy of the greatest fantasies that I dared to dream.

But Master does not stop to enslave me more and more. He sets up more rules and restrictions. I now eat all my meals from a bowl for example. I wear a second necklace, this one in leather, and have to wear it as soon as I come back to the apartment, and sometimes when we go out to see my friends or the restaurant.

When I go to bed I must either leave my leather collar or be chained with my irons… I love spending the night like that, I think I sleep better ; )

We buy our big gear together too. The first cage I had to spend nights in and it was not really comfortable, I had stiffness, the cage was too small and the leather padding was not thick enough. Later we received a new bed with a large and beautiful cage just below. That is now my new bed, I sleep much better, and I feel good and in my place.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

I am a slave who is also sensitive to psychology (behavior, expressions used, manipulation, gaze games …) My fantasy is to practice storage while being hypnotized by sounds in repetition. Like a brainwashing. The fact of replacing your authentic and free thoughts with artificial ones to maintain and condition yourself to the rank of slave, to see yourself as an object, fascinates me. It’s an idea that excites me, but it’s a shame too. In my opinion it would be the last rampart (broken) of freedom. And everything is under the control of the Master (thoughts, ideas, feelings, expressions, behavior, influence, perception, imagination …) I do not know how I would react to this kind of session, but I think I’m not very receptive to hypnosis.

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