Mostly Top at home, and sub when I’m traveling




Paris (FR)



sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

SkinLatex: I’ve made long studies and my parents were quite poor, so I didn’t get money to develop my kinky side before I had my first job, twenty years ago… So a lot of frustration, but of course I was greedy to experience as soon as I could. One of my first was rubber… and then I began attend the Mecs En Caoutchouc (French rubber association) meetings in Paris. It has been great to meet interesting guy who help me to find my balance.

And I met in 97 a young American guy who came for one year in Paris to study French… Eventually he stayed and we stayed together until he passed away in 2014. He has been very supportive and it has been great to construct a couple and a way of living well balance between couple, work, friends and fetishism.

Now I’ve got a lot to reconstruct but that’s life and I always do my best to make it interesting.

sadOsam: Whats especially important for you there?

SkinLatex: It’s a part of me. At the beginning, I’ve tried to close my eyes to the facts… But I soon understood I won’t be able to add more frustration and I had to assume it.

I like the fact people need to make an effort to dress up in fetish gear. That quickly gives a better atmosphere as guys come in different mindset. Of course, in big events you can see some “princesses”… they seem to be too proud, but in fact they are often shy and lacking self-confidence… We have all been young one day!

When playing, I like when the sub loses the control, when he just lets it go and enjoys it… At that moment, he can’t cheat, he is just himself …

sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

SkinLatex: I’m a curious and open-minded guy, so I’m always up to discover something new… That has driven me through the year.

My main fetishes are rubber, skingear, punk, leather, but also military, sport, … And sometimes I like to mix up.

In terms of practices, the mandatory are bondage and domination… the others are options : SM, piss, fist, mummification ,electro, head shaving, …  I’ve learnt a lot about all kind of practices and they are just tools for me to enjoy the game. So I never know by advance what I’m going to do, I try and I adjust and adapt accordingly.

After that, I’m engineer, I’ve been taught to find solutions, not to stop on issues. So when I play, I can be very creative in order to go up to the end of my ideas. When you look at the pictures it can seem crazy, but it’s just the result of a progressive game.

sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

SkinLatex: It’s difficult to describe. I need a sparkle somewhere. I need to be excited by the guy, but I like guys to be able to have a discussion with the needed cultural basis.

I’m more into younger guys, as they are more often curious and open-minded like me. And I like a lot to help them to construct themselves and to find their own balance. Age is not important for me, but I don’t want to feel the guy could be my father…

When guys are too cute, and they know about it, they can become very dull… a bit too much “princesses”.  I prefer the shy guy with this little sparkle in the eye, even if he’s not the cutest, because I know, when he will be confident, he will be the kinkiest.

And I’ve got issues with fat guys. I’m sorry, that’s getting me down. The story is a bit too long to explain why…

sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

SkinLatex: Hummm… well, there has been a lot… hard to select one on top of it…

There’s this guy I’ve already played with. He arrived at my place at 2pm and get blindfolded really fast. I shaved his head letting just a Mohawk, bleached it, then colored it in green. I had a task to do, so I let him with loud music in the rubber sleep sack for 45 minutes, then we played more, I made him eat in a bowl, played with needles, dress him up in punk/skin gear, … Then I took off the blindfold and told him we’re going to have drink in a bar. We went out of the flat, took the stairs (there’s a mirror in the elevator) and get in the street… He didn’t know what time it was (10pm… we played 8 hours), what he was looking like, how was his hair, … He was just completely out of time.

A lot of guys look with amazement the “red ball”. Some even asked me to do it… In fact, it’s so oppressive they all said stop before it was done.  Funniest thing is, if ever you meet the guy who was inside, you would never imagine he has done that… angel face !

sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

SkinLatex: Well, I’ve done a lot as Top… sometimes I dream I can find someone to dominate me as well as I would have done… But we are all different and that’s part of the game.

As a Top, I will explore more and I’m sure I will have a lot more creativity, so I just let things go.

But my dream is maybe to find the good young slave to explore it with. Someone I can have a nice diner with or going out to see an exhibition, but when I say his slave name he’s on his knees at my feet ready to do whatever I ask him.  And then, when I say his first name, he’s up and back to the cute and proper guy.


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