A “My Fetish Life” interview with Tyler (27) from the UK.





155cm / 5ft 1inch

45kg / 7.12 stone

Sheffield (UK)

sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you come to that?

Tyler: I’ve mostly been living my kinky side out in my bedroom on my own, I mainly got interested in kink at an early age seeing videos online, I’ve recently got more into Pup play which i think its very fun, Recently I attended my first Pup social in Manchester called Kennel Klub were human pups can meet in a safe space with like minded people, I was really nervos as this was my first meet up of its kind but the other Human Pups made me feel welcome & i will be definitely attending more events like it when i can, Most of my kinky side is that i’m mostly inexperienced in most of the kinks out there but i’m willing to try anything.


sadOsam: Whats especially important for you there?

Tyler: The most important thing to me is that any kink i undertake for the first time is played in a safe manner with trust and respect, when it comes to me undertaking anything involving kink i like to do my research online and self learning the safe code of practise, Even if that involves me doing self play.

sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Tyler: I’ve got no special sexual & fetish preferences as i’m a novice in the world of kink, I’m versatile but really do prefer the bottom/sub role as i do love my ass pounded hard or filled with big toys, I’ve recently bought a few big anal toys as I really want to stretch to be able to take a fist, I also like eltro play, I’m very ticklish in places all over my body.


sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

Tyler: I tend to like slim build guys aged 18 to 28, Asian, Emo, Twinks are also my type of guys the type of guys you see on Homoemo, Boy Crush ,Helix Studios, I tend to get turned on by alot of there models and I follow most of them on Twitter.

Cute guys in glasses are also one of my favourite.

sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

Tyler: One of the hottest experience I can remember happened a few years a go with this guy i got talking to on recon, we’ve been talking on/off for a while before a day came free that we could meet on,  Early one Sunday morning i drove around 45 mins from where I live to his house outside Leeds in West Yorkshire, On my arrival he greatened me at the door once inside he made me strip naked, then placed Leg & wrist restraints on me then placed a collar with lead around my neck, Making me lick his boots before walking me up the stairs to his Dudgeon in the Attic,

After we got in to the attic space there was a cage in the corner of the room where he place me while he was setting some things up, by this time he had me blindfolded,

A few moments later I was lead to a sex sling, Sir strapped me down so I could’t move, I could feel his thick dick pound my tight ass, Sir then got his Fuck Mashine out, digging out the Huge dildo out of the collection attaching it to the mashine, Inserting it in to my ass at a slow speed until i was loose enough to take more, Faster & faster the mashine went i was rocking backwards & forwards on the sling, When the mashine was on full speed it was pounding my ass at 300 reps per min, This was the first half of the session that i had with sir lasting for around 3 hours before we stopped for lunch.

Sitting in sir’s living room naked still in the restrains while we eat food.

He then dropped his pants and forced me to rim his ass farting at the same time making me take the stench of his ass, out session came to the end in the bath room where he took a dump in a bowl and making me eat the contents, i was snuggling to do this as i couldn’t do this so Sir smeared it all over my body, leaving me in the bath tub blindfolded he face fucked me until his load shot letting some pee go at the same time.

Then it all came to an end this was some what of my first proper kink experience with some one i could trust & respect my limits and we tried other things but this is most of i could remember.


sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

Tyler:  Theres a lot of things & dreams experiences that i want to do or even try,

I want to try more Watersports (Piss Play) , Get more in to Fisting and exploring on what my ass can take,  Mostly of all being single i would like to find an Kinky boyfriend who is willing and open minded like me so we can work on my kinks together.

You can find Tyler on Twitter and also on xtube.



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