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sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

Wolfy: I have been living my kinky side since I was a little child. I remember I was intrigued by the kidnappings I saw in some movies or even by the mummification part in “The Mummy”. My first kinky though I remember it was from the kindergarten. I used to get into trouble just to get punished by the teacher (even if it wasn’t in a sexual way). Later on, I knew it was called BDSM and so, I started to get more and more involved into the scene until I found my old Mater with whom I spent two years. Right now I have my actual Owner and boyfriend and I couldn’t be happier. We’re are slowly learning more and more about BDSM and our main goal is to reach the 24/7.

: Whats especially important for you there?

Wolfy: In the BDSM, what it’s important for me, it’s that even we have the kinky part very deep into our relationship, we mix that with feelings. For me, it’s an essential part to feel something for my Owner and I think we can reach a deeper submission this way. It’s also important to be true to ourselves and so, all my near relatives know what kind of life I live and that my boyfriend is my Master. I think we need to normalize BDSM to vanilla people as it is just another way to live and nothing to be ashamed of. 1

: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Wolfy: My three favorite fetishes are bondage (from mummification to shibari), puppy play and cum control but outside my limits I like almost everything. Recently I have been experiencing a little bit more with chastity and electro and it was a great experience. I really like also rubber and leather as I am a big fan of bdsm gear although I don’t own much of it. From wax to water sports there is really a wide range of things I love to do. I am that kind of guy that enjoys giving up control and making the other person enjoy and do whatever he wants to do. I get off on making the other person get off. It is a turn on for me to know that he is doing what he wants. The only two things I wouldn’t want to try would be scat and blood play. Apart from those two things I am pretty much open to explore all the things that the dom wants to do with me.

: What kind of guys do you like?

Wolfy: In a physical aspect I usually don’t have a kind of guy but maybe my biggest turn on it’s men with beard. I like men to look very manly and who are confident with themselves. I also tend to like men with beautiful eyes and voice. In a more mental aspect, I like men who are very active, intelligent and who are willing to learn new things. Nice and kind guys are a must for me. Lastly, in the sexual aspect, and this is the only thing I really ask for in a guy, it’ that he really enjoys BDSM in all of its ways. I couldn’t have a vanilla relationship as the kinky part is so big in me that I am afraid it wouldn’t last a lot until I get bored.

: What was your hottest experience until now?

Wolfy: It comes to my mind two experiences I remember them being the hottest ones. The first one it was a session I had with my Owner. He had me more than 40 days in chastity (it was my first experience with a cb) and I was horny as hell. Then, one night he tied me inside our cage in all fours 2 with a hook inside my ass connected with a chain to my collar. After spending some time in this predicament position, he removed the hook and inserted an electro plug and attached some rubber loop bands to me head and base of my cock. I was already dripping precum since this was my first experience with electro and I was so willing to try it. With the electro on, and with my boyfriend edging me, he started dripping wax on me. To end the scene he jerked me off until I came while he turned on the electro to make some post orgasm torture and left me there tied up in that quite stressful position while he started jacking off as he was hearing my moanings only to came on to me. It was an amazing experience! The other experience was my first time into the BDSM scene. I arranged a two days session with a Master which had an enormous dungeon. I pretty much experienced a lot of things those two days. Shibari, mummification, piss play, dog training, wax, cbt, spanking, etc. As you can imagine this was a pretty intense experience for a beginner in BDSM but I loved it.

: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

Wolfy: There are a lot! I want to try everything at least one time to know what it feels like.For example I would really love being machine fucked while my Master is milking my cock. I would also love to increase the amount of time I spend tied up. I usually jerk off with the idea of being tied down or mummified so much time that I need to be catheterized in case I need to pee. Then I have more serious phantasies like for example pretend to be kidnapped by my Master and don’t know what he is going to do to me. Or being left alone in sensory deprivation without knowing when my boyfriend is going to come home. I also phantasize about Total Power Exchange but I know it is a really serious fetish so step by step I kind of tease about the idea of doing it.

First time Wolfy tries electro powered by XTube

You can find Wolfy on Tumblr and Recon.

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